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Index of Publications: 1917

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Index of Publications: 1917

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1917 Publications Index Subsections: Patents

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Books - Periodicals - January - April - July - October
There are 19,860 pages in 30 documents in this index.  Go to the Index of Publications Main Page for notes about this content.

BooksDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
1917Automobile Engineering
A General Reference Work for Repair Men, Chauffeurs, and Owners; Covering the Construction, Care, and Repair of Pleasure Cars, Commercial Cars, and Motorcycles, with Especial Attention to Ignition, Starting, and Lighting Systems, Garage Design and Equipment, Welding, and Other Repair Methods
American Technical Society
Topic Page - 947 pages in 2/5 volumes
1917Automobile Year Book
Automobile Department of McClure's Magazine
Topic Page - 235 pages
1917The Ford Motor Car and Truck and Tractor Attachments
Their Construction, Care and Operation
Harold P. Manly
Topic Page - 255 pages
1917"Fours" to "Twelves"
Lucius French, National Motor Vehicle Company

- 5.7MB - 11 pages
1917Henry Ford's Own Story
Henry Ford's Own Story: How a Farmer Boy Rose to the Power That Goes With Many Millions, Yet Never Lost Touch With Humanity
Henry Ford, as told to Rose Wilder Lane
Topic Page - 184 pages
1917Keeping Up With Your Motor Car
A. Frederick Collins for D. Appleton and Company

Topic Page
- 7.0MB - 206 pages
1917The Model T Ford Car: Its Construction, Operation and Repair
Victor W. Page, M.E.
Topic Page - 288 pages
1917Official Automobile Blue Book 1917, Volume 2: New England, Eastern Canada and Maritime Provinces
"Standard Road Guide of America"
The Automobile Blue Book Publishing Co.
Topic Page - 930 pages
1917Story of the Automobile
Its History and Development From 1760 to 1917
H.L. Barber
Topic Page - 250 pages
1917Text Book on Motor Car Engineering Volume 2: Design
Alexander Graham Clark for D. Van Nostrand Company

Topic Page
- 13.6MB - 389 pages
PeriodicalsDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
Compilation: 1917American Motorist
- 279,118KB - 870 pages
Compilation: First Half 1917The AutomobileTopic Page - 165MB - 845 pages
Compilation: Fourth Quarter 1917The Automobile and Automotive IndustriesTopic Page - 272MB - 1,445 pages
Compilation: February-July 1917Automobile Journal Volume 43
- 119MB - 675 pages
Compilation: February 1917-July 1917The Commercial Vehicle Volume 16
- 219MB - 1,135 pages
Compilation: 1917
publication dates
American Garage & Auto Dealer Volume 8
American Garage & Auto Dealer, Inc.

- 142MB - 560 pages
Compilation: June-November 1917List of Motor Vehicle Registrations and Licenses
State Highway Department of Pennsylvania

Topic Page
- 880 pages
Compilation: March 1917 to August 1917Motor Record Volume 1
Ferguson Publishing Co., Inc.

- 60.6MB - 260 pages
Compilation: September 1917 to December 1917Motor Record Volume 2
Ferguson Publishing Co., Inc.

- 40.2MB - 210 pages
Compilation: January-March 1917Motor World Volume 50
PDF Scan Version 1 - 218MB - 1,065 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 213MB - 1,065 pages
Compilation: April-June 1917Motor World Volume 51
- 112MB - 850 pages
Compilation: October-December 1917Motor World Volume 53
PDF Scan Version 1 - 285MB - 1,090 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 266MB - 1,120 pages
Compilation: First Quarter 1917Motorcycle Illustrated Volume 13, Part 1
- 104MB - 650 pages
Compilation: Third Quarter 1917Motorcycle and Bicycle Illustrated Volume 13, Part 3
- 110MB - 710 pages
JanuaryDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
January 1917Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 74.3MB - 760 pages
AprilDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
April 1917Automobile Trade Directory Volume 15, Issue 2
- 94.8MB - 925 pages
April 1917Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 78.0MB - 770 pages
JulyDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
July 1917Automobile Trade Directory Volume 15, Issue 3
- 86.7MB - 920 pages
July 1917Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 73.3MB - 760 pages
OctoberDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
October 1917Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 74.5MB - 755 pages

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