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Index of Publications: 1918

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Index of Publications: 1918

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Books - Periodicals - January - April - July
There are 14,684 pages in 23 documents in this index. Go to the Index of Publications Main Page for notes about this content.

BooksDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
1918The Automobile Handbook
A Manual of Practical Information for Automobile Owners, Repair Men and Schools
L. Elliott Brookes & Harold P. Manly
Topic Page - 732 pages
1918Automobile Repairshop Short-Cuts
Motor World
Topic Page - 244 pages
1918Classroom Lecture Notes: Automotive Starting, Lighting and Ignition
R. C. Fryer
Topic Page - 210 pages
1918Hand Book of Automobiles
National Automobile Chamber of Commerce Incorporated

- 15.9MB - 252 pages
1918History of the Studebaker Corporation
Albert Russell Erskine

- 11.2MB - 97 pages
1918List of Books on Automobiles and Motorcycles
Arthur Reed Blessing

Topic Page
- 2.5MB - 79 pages
1918Putnam's Automobile Handbook The Care and Management of the Modern Motor-Car
H. Clifford Brokaw and Charles A. Starr

Topic Page
- 9.3MB - 348 pages
1918Questions and Answers Relating to Modern Automobile Design, Construction, Driving and Repair
Victor W. Pagé, M.E.
Topic Page - 701 pages
PeriodicalsDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
Compilation: 1918
publication dates
American Garage & Auto Dealer Volume 9
American Garage & Auto Dealer, Inc.

- 171MB - 745 pages
Compilation: First Half 1918Automotive IndustriesTopic Page - 286MB - 1,510 pages
Compilation: Second Half 1918Automotive IndustriesTopic Page - 178MB - 1,280 pages
Compilation: February-July 1918Automobile Journal Volume 65
PDF Scan Version 1 - 110MB - 695 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 69.0MB - 590 pages
Compilation: 1918Motor Record Volumes 3-4
Ferguson Publishing Co., Inc.

- 199MB - 725 pages
Compilation: 1918The Motor Truck

TMT Topic Page
- 52.6MB - 480 pages
Compilation: January-March 1918Motor World Volume 54
PDF Scan Version 1 - 261MB - 985 pages
PDF Scan Version 2 - 139MB - 825 pages
Compilation: April-June 1918Motor World Volume 55
- 132MB - 850 pages
Compilation: July-September 1918Motor World Volume 56
- 125MB - 755 pages
Compilation: October-December 1918Motor World Volume 57
- 97.1MB - 720 pages
April 1918Automobile Trade Directory Volume 16, Issue 2
- 65.8MB - 840 pages
October 1918Automobile Trade Directory Volume 16, Issue 4
- 83.5MB - 880 pages
JanuaryDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
January 1918Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 76.4MB - 775 pages
AprilDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
16 April 1918Crittenden v. Murphy
First Appellate District of California
Text - 1 page
JulyDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
July 1918Chilton Automobile Directory
Chilton Company

- 85.3MB - 780 pages

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