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Vehicle Model Index

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Vehicle Model Index

Full Indices
Vehicle Marques
Vehicle Models
Vehicle Subcategories (Subject Pages)
Buses Buses of all sizes, including 15-passenger vans.
Emergency Services Vehicles Police cars, fire trucks, rescue apparatus, private security vehicles, and ambulances.
Military Vehicles used by the military whether purpose-built or adapted from civilian vehicles.
Motorcycles Two- and three-wheeled open vehicles.
Recreational Vehicles Campers, caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, and tour buses.
Trucking Trucks and the trucking industry.
Page Sections
Vehicle Models (Full List)
The vehicles.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.  These are the machines that changed the world.

Generally, to get listed on this page, a vehicle must be self-propelled and hold at least one human being.  Or at least be designed to be that way in the case of concept vehicles.

Vehicle Models (Full List)

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BMW 3 Series
318i - 320d - 320i - 323i - 325i - 325xi - 328Ci - 328i - 330i - 330xi - 335i - 340i

BMW 5 Series
520d - 525i - 528e - 528i - 530i - 530xd - 533i - 530xi - 535d

Chrysler 300-Letter Series
1955 C-300 - 1956 300B - 1957 300C - 1958 300D - 1960 300F - 1962 300H - 1965 300L - 1970 300-Hurst - 2005-____ 300C - 300 (non-letter)

Ferrari 250
250 GT - 250 GT Berlinetta - 250 GT California Spyder - 250 GTB - 250 GTE - 250 GTO - 250 LM - 250 Monza - 250 Testa Rossa - 250 TR 61 Spyder Fantuzzi

03 (Lynk & Co car)
012 (Tyrrell race car)
019 (Tyrrell race car)
021C (Ford concept car)
037 (Lancia race car)
1 (Chaparral race car)
1 Series (BMW car line)
1.6EL (Acura car)
1.7EL (Acura car)
10 (Renault car)
11 CV (Citroën car)
12F (Crosslé race car)
16F (Crosslé race car)
18 (Lotus race car)
18 (Renault car)
18-272 (MAN truck)
18/80 (MG car)
100 (Audi car)
100 (Austin-Healey car)
100 (Rover car)
102 (MCI bus)
105 (Laurin & Klement car)
106 (Peugeot car)
107 (Peugeot car)
108 (Peugeot car)
108SD (Freightliner truck)
110 (Packard car)
114SD (Freightliner truck)
116d (BMW car)
120 (Packard car)
122S (Volvo car)
124L (Scania truck)
125 (Acme truck)
126C2 (Ferrari race car)
128i (BMW car)
131 (Fiat car)
135i (BMW car)
150 (Chevrolet car)
158 (Alfa Romeo race car)
159 (Alfa Romeo car)
164 (Alfa Romeo car)
166MM (Ferrari car)
1000 (Pontiac car)
1000 Century Series (American LaFrance fire truck)
1100 (Austin-Healey car)
1100 (International Harvester truck)
1100 (MG car)
1100 (Morris car)
1100 (Vanden Plas car)
1190RX (Erik Buell Racing motorcycle)
1200 (International Harvester truck)
1201 (Packard car)
1300 (International Harvester truck)
1300 (MG car)
1512 (Tata bus)
1618 (Tata truck)
1800 (BMW car)
1800E (Volvo car)
1800ES (Volvo car)
1900 (Opel car)
190E (Mercedes-Benz car)
1500 (Ram truck)
1854 (International truck)
10212 (MAN truck)
2 (Mazda car)
2 Series (BMW car line)
2A/2D/2E (Chaparral race cars)
2CV (Citroën)
2Five (E-Z-Go LSV)
2+2 (Pontiac car)
2.4-litre (Jaguar car)
2.5TL (Acura car)
20-L (Acme truck)
21 (Renault car)
22 (Lotus race car)
25 (Rover car)
25CV (Abadal car)
29 (Lotus race car)
200 (Audi car)
200 (Chrysler car)
200 (Mercedes-Benz car)
200E (Mercedes-Benz car)
200SX (Datsun car)
202 (Cisitalia car)
203 (Peugeot car)
206 (Peugeot car)
206 GT (Dino car)
207 (Peugeot car)
208 (Peugeot car)
210 (Chevrolet car)
210 (Datsun car)
210 (Peterbilt truck)
220 (Peterbilt truck)
220SE (Mercedes-Benz car)
230CE (Mercedes-Benz car)
230E (Mercedes-Benz car)
230G (Mercedes-Benz truck)
230i (BMW car)
240 (Volvo car)
240SX (Nissan car)
240Z (Datsun car)
244X (Cross Lander truck)
250 (Mercedes-Benz car)
250E (Mercedes-Benz car)
250F (Maserati race car)
268 (Hino truck)
275 GTB (Ferrari car)
280SL (Mercedes-Benz car)
280Z (Datsun car)
280ZX (Datsun car)
288 GTO (Ferrari car)
2000 (Alfa Romeo car)
2000 (BMW car)
2000 (Pontiac car)
2000GT (Toyota car)
2002 (BMW car)
2008 (Peugeot SUV)

3 (Mazda car)
3 (Qoros car)
3 Wheeler (Morgan car)
3.2TL (Acura car)
3.4-litre (Jaguar car)
3/15 (BMW car)
3CC (Volvo concept car)
30 (Acme truck)
3000 (Austin-Healey car)
3000GT (Mitsubishi car)
300CE (Mercedes-Benz car)
300D (Mercedes-Benz car)
300E (Mercedes-Benz car)
300GE (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
300Sc (Mercedes-Benz car)
300SE (Mercedes-Benz car)
300SD (Mercedes-Benz car)
300SDL (Mercedes-Benz car)
300SEL (Mercedes-Benz car)
300SL (Mercedes-Benz car)
300SLR (Mercedes-Benz car)
300TD (Mercedes-Benz car)
300ZX (Nissan car)
307 (Peugeot car)
308 (Peugeot car)
308 GT Rainbow (Ferrari concept car)
308 GTS (Ferrari car)
3100 (Chevrolet truck)
312B (Ferrari race car)
312T2 (Ferrari race car)
3200 (Chevrolet truck)
323 (Mercedes-Benz truck)
330 (Dodge car)
330 TRI/LM Testa Rossa (Ferrari car)
330P (Ferrari race car)
333SP (Ferrari race car)
338 (Hino truck)
340 Mexico (Ferrari car)
346 (Acme truck)
348 (Ferrari car)
350 EXC (KTM motorcycle)
3500 (Maserati car)
350GT (Lamborghini car)
350Z (Nissan car)
356SL (Porsche race car)
356 Speedster (Porsche car)
356 (Porsche car)
356B (Porsche car)
356C (Porsche car)
360 (Subaru car)
360 Modena (Ferrari car)
3600 (Chevrolet truck)
365 (Peterbilt truck)
365GT (Ferrari car)
365GTB/4 Daytona/365GTS/4 Daytona (Ferrari car)
367 (Peterbilt truck)
380SEC (Mercedes-Benz car)
380SEL (Mercedes-Benz car)
380SL (Mercedes-Benz car)
3700 (International bus chassis)
375 Plus (Ferrari car)
378 (Peterbilt truck)
3800 (International bus chassis)
384 (Peterbilt truck)
386 (Peterbilt truck)
387 (Peterbilt truck)
388 (Peterbilt truck)
389 (Peterbilt truck)
4 Series (BMW car line)
4¼ Litre (Bentley car)
4½ Litre/4½ Litre Supercharged (Bentley car)
4C (Alfa Romeo car)
4Runner (Toyota pickup truck)
40 (Acme truck)
40-LFW (NABI bus)
40L (Acme truck)
45A (Yugo car)
48-6L (Star LSV)
49 (Lotus race car)
400 (Dodge car)
403 (Peugeot car)
404 (Peugeot car)
405 (Peugeot car)
410 Superamerica (Ferrari car)
412 (Ferrari car)
416 (NABI bus)
420 (Jaguar car)
428R Mustang (Roush car)
430 (Ferrari car)
435i (BMW car)
442 (Oldsmobile car)
450 EXC (KTM motorcycle)
450 SL (Mercedes-Benz car)
456 (Ferrari car)
458 Italia (Ferrari car)
458 Speciale (Ferrari car)
465 (Volvo truck)
4000 (GMC truck)
4090 (unknown truck)
4300 (International truck)
4700 (International truck)
4900 (International truck)
4900 (Western Star truck)
5 (Mazda car)
5 (Renault car)
56 (Acme truck)
56 (Lotus race car)
57 (Maybach car)
500 (Fiat car)
500 EXC (KTM motorcycle)
500E (Mercedes-Benz car)
500K (Mercedes-Benz car)
500SEC (Mercedes-Benz car)
500SEL (Mercedes-Benz car)
500SL (Mercedes-Benz car)
501 (BMW car)
503 (BMW car)
504 (Peugeot car)
505 (Peugeot car)
507 (BMW car)
508 (Peugeot car)
510 (Datsun car)
512 BB (Ferrari car)
530 EXC (KTM motorcycle)
540K (Mercedes-Benz car)
560SEL (Mercedes-Benz car)
550 (Porsche car)
567 (Peterbilt truck)
579 (Peterbilt truck)
575 GTC (Ferrari race car)
575M Superamerica (Ferrari car)
587 (Peterbilt truck)
595 (Abarth car)
599 GTB Fiorano (Ferrari car)
599 GTO (Ferrari car)
599 SA Aperta (Ferrari car)
5000 (Audi car)
5000 GT (Maserati car)
5008 (Peugeot car)

6 (Mazda car)
6 (MG car)
6 Series (BMW car line)
6c 2500 (Alfa Romeo car)
6c 3000 (Alfa Romeo car)
6CM (Maserati car)
60 (Acme truck)
60L (Acme truck)
62 (Maybach car)
66 (Oldsmobile car)
69 (Lotus race car)
600 (Dodge car)
600SL (Mercedes-Benz car)
607 (Peugeot car)
609D (Mercedes-Benz truck)
612 Scaglietti (Ferrari car)
620 (Datsun Truck)
625 (Ferrari race car)
626 (Mazda car)
650S (McLaren car)
690 Enduro R (KTM motorcycle)
6000 (Pontiac car)
7 (Austin car)
7 (Lotus car)
7 Series (BMW car line)
70-B (Willys-Knight car)
77 (Willys car)
710 (Datsun car)
720 (Datsun truck)
720S (McLaren car)
730i (BMW car)
740 (Volvo car)
740i/740iL (BMW car)
745i (BMW car)
749 (Ducati motorcycle)
750iL (BMW car)
760i (BMW car)
765LT (McLaren car)
787B (Mazda race car)
7300 (International truck)
7400 (International truck)
7500 (International truck)
75710 (BelAZ/БелАЗ truck)
8 (Hudson car)
8 (Renault car)
8-120 (Auburn car)
8C 2300 (Alfa Romeo race car)
8C 2900 Mille Miglia (Alfa Romeo car)
8C 2900B (Alfa Romeo car)
8C Competizione (Alfa Romeo car)
82K (March race car)
83C (March race car)
88 (Oldsmobile car)
88C (March race car)
88C/88CV (Toyota race car)
89P (March race car)
810 (Cord car)
812 (Cord car)
818 (Mazda car)
832 (March race car)
850 (Volvo car)
850i (BMW car)
852 (Auburn car)
853 (Horch car)
875 (Bond minicar)
8000 (Enfield car)
8600 (International truck)
92X (Saab car)
93 (Saab car)
94X (Saab car)
95 (Saab car)
97X (Saab crossover)
90 (Acme truck)
90L (Acme truck)
99 (Saab car)
98 (Oldsmobile car)
900 (International Harvester truck)
900 (Saab car)
900NCR (Ducati motorcycle)
905 (Peugeot)
908/2 (Porsche race car)
908/3 (Porsche race car)
908RC (Peugeot concept car)
911 (Mercedes-Benz truck)
911 (Porsche car)
912 (Porsche car)
911 GT1 (Porsche car)
917/917K/917LH (Porsche race car)
918 Spyder (Porsche car)
919 Hybrid (Porsche race car)
924 (Porsche car)
928 (Porsche car)
929 (Mazda car)
930 (Porsche car)
935 (Porsche race car)
936 (Porsche race car)
940 (Volvo car)
944 (Porsche car)
956 (Porsche race car)
959 (Porsche car)
960 (Porsche car)
960 (Volvo car)
962 (Porsche race car)
9000 (Saab car)
9500 (Sterling truck)
9700 (Volvo bus)

A-100 (Dodge van and truck)
A-BAT (Toyota concept truck)
A-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
A-Line (Sterling truck line)
A1 (Audi car)
A112 (Autobianchi car)
A140 (Mercedes-Benz car)
A2 (Audi car)
A3 (Audi car)
A4 (Audi car)
A5 (Audi car)
A6 (Audi car)
A6 (Maserati car)
A8 (Audi car)
A45 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
A250 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
Acabion (Concept car)
Acadia (GMC SUV)
Accent (Hyundai car)
Acclaim (Plymouth car)
Accord (Honda car)
Ace (AC car)
Ace (Studebaker truck)
Achieva (Oldsmobile car)
Acterra (Sterling truck)
Actros (Mercedes-Benz truck)
Actyon (SsangYong SUV)
Adam (Opel/Vauxhall car)
Admiral (Holiday Rambler RV)
Adventurer (DeSoto car)
Adventurer (Winnebago RV)
Aerio (Suzuki car)
Aero (SSC car)
Aero (Willys car)
Aero 8 (Morgan car)
Aero-X (Saab concept car)
Aerocar (Aerocar International roadable aircraft)
Aeromate (UMC van)
Aeromaster (Utilimaster van)
AeroSeven (Caterham concept car)
Aerostar (Ford van)
Aerotech (Oldsmobile concept car)
Aerovette (Chevrolet concept car)
Agera (Koenigsegg car)
Agility (Kymco scooter)
Airflow (Chrysler car)
Airflyte (Nash car)
Airphibian (Fulton flying car)
Alero (Oldsmobile car)
Alfetta (Alfa Romeo car)
Alfieri (Maserari car)
All American (Blue Bird bus)

Allanté (Cadillac car)
Allegro (Austin)
Allegro Bay (Tiffin RV)
Allegro Bus (Tiffin RV)
Allemano (Abarth car)
Alliance (Renault car)
allroad (Audi concept car)
allroad quattro (Audi car)
Allstar (Starcraft bus)
Allure (Country Coach RV)
Altima (Nissan car)
Alumascape (Holiday Rambler RV)
Amanti (Kia car)
Amarok (Volkswagen truck)
Ambassador (AMC car)
Ambassador (Hindustan car)
Ambassador (Holiday Rambler RV)
Ambassador (Nash car)
Rambler American
American Dream (Fleetwood RV)
American Eagle (Fleetwood RV)
American Heritage (Fleetwood RV)
American Tradition (Fleetwood RV)
Americar (Willys car)
AMG GLC 43 (Mercedes-Benz car)
AMG GT (Mercedes-Benz car)
AMG Vision Gran Turismo (Mercedes-Benz car)
Amigo (Isuzu truck)
Ampera (Opel/Vauxhall car)
Amphi4WD (earthwheels vehicle conversion)
AmTran (International bus)
AMX (AMC car)
Anglia ( car)
Anthem (Entegra RV)
Anvil (Tomberlin LSV)
Apache (Chevrolet truck)
Apollo (Gumpert car)
Appia (Lancia car)
Aprilia (Lancia car)
Arabella (Lloyd car)
Ardea (Lancia car)
Aries (Dodge car)
Armada (Nissan SUV)
Arnage (Bentley car)
Arrow (Plymouth car)
ARX-01g (HPD race car)
Ascender (Isuzu SUV)
Ascent (Subaru SUV)

Aspen (Chrysler SUV)
Aspen (Dodge car)
Aspire (Entegra motorhome)
Aspire (Ford car)
Astra (Chevrolet/Opel/Vauxhall car)
Astral (Studebaker car)
Astre (Pontiac car)
Astro (Chevrolet van)
ASV-4 (Mazda concept car)
Atlantic (Chrysler concept car)
Atlantic (Fisker car)
Atom (Ariel car)
ATS (Cadillac car)
Aura (Saturn car)
Aurelia (Lancia car)
Auris (Toyota car)
Aurora (Cadillac concept car)
Aurora (Oldsmobile car)
Autocrat (Oldsmobile car)
Avalanche (Chevrolet truck)
Avalon (Toyota car)
Avanti (Studebaker car)
Avanti II (Avanti car)
Avenger (Dodge car)
Avensis (Toyota)
Aventador (Lamborghini car)
Aveo (Chevrolet car)
Aviator (Lincoln SUV)
AVX (Avanti concept car)
Axela (Mazda car)
Axess (ElDorado National bus)
Axiom (Isuzu SUV)
Axor (Mercedes-Benz truck)
Aygo (Toyota car)
Azera (Hyundai car)
Aztek (Pontiac SUV)
Azure (Bentley car)
Azure (StarTrans bus)

B-44 (Oldsmobile car)
B-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
B-Series (Mazda truck line)
B2 (Freightliner bus chassis)
B3 (Alipna car)
B6 (Alipna car)
B9 Tribeca (Subaru SUV)
B10 (Alipna car)
B12/69 EV (Drayson Racing race car)
B21 (Chevron race car)
B23 (Chevron race car)
B31 (Chevron race car)
B39 (Chevron race car)
B63-620 Widestar (Brabus SUV)
B200 (Dodge van)
B220 (Mercedes-Benz car)
B700 (Ford bus chassis)
B800 (Ford bus chassis)
B2500 (Mazda truck)
B4000 (Mazda truck)
Baja (Subaru pickup car)
Banshee (Pontiac concept car)
BAR005 (British American Racing race car)
Barchetta (Fiat car)
Barracuda (Plymouth car)
bbX (Scion concept car)
BE (IC bus)
Beamer (Eton)
Bearcat (Stutz car)

Beat (Chevrolet car)
Beat (Honda car)
Beetle (Volkswagen car)
Bel Air (Chevrolet car)
Belvedere (Plymouth car)
Bengal (Buick concept car)
Beretta (Chevrolet car)
Berkshire (Forest River RV)
Berlinetta (Puritalia car)
Big Country (Heartland RV)
Big Horn (Heartland RV)
Big Six (Studebaker car)
Biscayne (Chevrolet car)
Blackwood (Lincoln truck)
BladeGlider (Nissan concept car)
Blast (Buell motorcycle)
Blazer (Chevrolet SUV)
Blitz (Opel truck)
Blue Will (Hyundai concept car)
Boardwalk (Victory motorcycle)
Bobcat (Mercury car)
Bolide (Arnolt-Bristol car)

Bolt (Chevrolet car)
Bonneville (Pontiac car)
Bonneville (Triumph motorcycle)
Bontino (Brixxon car)
Borrego (Kia SUV)
Bounder (Fleetwood RV)
Bounder Classic (Fleetwood RV)
Boxster (Porsche car)
Bravada (Oldsmobile SUV)
Breeze (Plymouth car)
Breeze (Polaris LSV)
Brio (Honda car)
Brivido (Giugiaro car)
Bronco (Ford SUV)
Brooklands (Bentley car)
BRZ (Subaru car)
BT29 (Brabham race car)
BT30 (Brabham race car)
BT46 (Brabham race car)
BT-50 (Mazda truck)
Bug (Buick race car)
Bullit (Brabus car)
Business Class M2 (Freightliner truck)

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
C220 - C230 - C240 - C250 - C280 - C320 - C55 AMG - C63 AMG

C-10 (Chevrolet truck)
C-20 (Chevrolet truck)
C-27 (A.C.F. Brill bus)
C-31 (A.C.F. Brill bus)
C-38 (A.C.F. Brill bus)
C-44 (A.C.F. Brill bus)
C-60 (Chevrolet bus)
C-600 (Ford truck)
C-HR (Toyota crossover)
C-Max (Ford MPV)
C-X17 (Jaguar concept SUV)
C-X75 (Jaguar concept car)
C1 (Citroën car)
C3 (Citroën car)
C4 (Zink race car)
C4 Cactus (Citroën car)
C4 Grand Picasso (Citroën MPV)
C5 (Zink race car)
C8 (Spyker car)
C9 (BYD bus)
C9 (Sauber race car)
C10 (Chevrolet truck)
C12 (Callaway car)
C12 (Spyker car)
C20 (Chevrolet truck)
C30 (Chevrolet truck)
C30 (Volvo car)
C35 (New Flyer bus)
C40 (New Flyer bus)
C70 (Volvo car)
C300 (Mercedes-Benz car)
C500 (Kenworth truck)
C600 (Dodge)
C613 (Chevrolet)
C1500 (Chevrolet/GMC truck)
C2500 (GMC truck)
C3500 (Chevrolet/GMC truck)
C4500 (Chevrolet/GMC truck)
C5500 (Chevrolet/GMC truck)
CA770 (Hongqi limousine)
Caballero (GMC car)
Cabrio (Volkswagen car)
Cabriolet (Audi car)
Cabriolet (Volkswagen car)
Caddy (Volkswagen van)
Calais (Cadillac car)
Calais (Oldsmobile car)
Caliber (Dodge car)
Caliber (Heartland RV)
California (Ferrari car)
Californian (Jawa motorcycle)
Chevrolet Camaro
Cambridge (Plymouth car)
Cameo (Chevrolet truck)
Camper (Volkswagen/Westfalia RV)
Camry (Toyota car)
Candidate/Candidate II (StarTrans bus)
Canso (Acadian car)
Canter (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
Canyon (GMC truck)
Canyon Trail (Gulf Stream RV)
Capella (Mazda car)
Capri (Ford/Lincoln/Mercury car)
Caprice (Chevrolet car)
Caprice Classic (Chevrolet car)
Caprice Estate (Chevrolet car)
Captiva (Chevrolet SUV)
Captur (Renault) car
Caravan (Dodge van)
Caravelle (Dodge car)
Cardinal (Forest River RV)
Caribbean (Gulf Stream RV)
Caribbean (Packard car)
Carlton (Vauxhall car)
Carnival (Kia van)
Carrera GT (Porsche car)
Cascada (Opel/Vauxhall car)
Cascadia (Freightliner truck)
Castrol Rocket (Triumph land speed record motorcycle)
Catalina (Pontiac car)
Catera (Cadillac car)
Cavalier (Chevrolet car)
Cayenne (Porsche SUV)
Cayman (Porsche car)
CB200T (Honda motorcycle)
CB300 Kary Van (Dodge van)
CB750/CB750F (Honda motorcycle)
CB1100 (Honda motorcycle)
CBR1000RR (Honda motorcycle)
CBR600 F4/CBR600RR (Honda motorcycle)
CBX (Honda motorcycle)
CC (Crosley car)
CC (Volkswagen car)
CC100 (Aston Martin concept car)
CCX (Koenigsegg car)
CD (Bitter car)
CD (Crosley car)
CE (IC bus)
Cedar Creek (Forest River RV)
cee'd (Kia car)

Celebrity (Chevrolet car)
Celica (Toyota)
Centurion (Buick car)
Century (Buick car)
Century (Freightliner truck)
Cerbera (TVR car)
Cervo (Maruti car)
CF600 (Mack firetruck)
Challenger (Damon RV)
Dodge Challenger
Champ (Studebaker pickup truck)
Champion (Studebaker car)
Charger (Dodge car)
Charleston (Forest River RV)
Charly (All-Cars car)
Chaser (Toyota car)
Chateau (Thor RV)
Chateau Citation (Thor RV)
Cherokee (Jeep SUV)
Cherry (Nissan car)
Chevrolet Chevelle
Chevette (Chevrolet car)
ChevyVan (Chevrolet van)
Cheyenne (Chevrolet concept truck)
Chiron (Bugatti car)
CHU (Mack truck)
Ciel (Cadillac concept car)
Cien (Cadillac concept car)
Ciera (Oldsmobile car)
Cimarron (Cadillac car)
Cinquecento (Fiat car)
Cirrus (Chrysler car)
Citan (Mercedes-Benz van)
Citation (Chevrolet car)
Citation (Edsel car)
CitiCar (MIT concept car)
Citigo (Škoda car)
City (Honda car)
City (Th!nk car)
City (Zeitgeist electric bicycle)
City-Coupé (Smart car)
Cityliner (Neoplan bus)
Civic (Honda car)
CJ (Willys/Jeep vehicle line)
CJ-2A (Willys SUV)
CJ-3A (Jeep SUV)
CJ-5 (Jeep SUV)
CJ-6 (Jeep SUV)
CJ-7 (Jeep SUV)
CJ-8 (Jeep SUV)
CL-244 (Crosslander utility vehicle)
CL-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
CL90 (Honda motorcycle)
CL350 (Honda motorcycle)
CL450 (Honda motorcycle)
CLA 45 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLA 180 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLA 250 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLA-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
Clarity (Honda car)
Classic (Chevrolet car)
Classic (Rambler car)
Classic American Trolley (StarTrans bus)
Clio (Renault car)
Clio Sport (Renault car)
Clipper (Packard car)
CLK-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
CLK 320 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLK 500 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLK DTM (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLK63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLS63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLS 350 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLS 500 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLS 550 (Mercedes-Benz car)
CLS-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
Clubman (Mini car)
Clubvan (Mini car)
CO Series (Chrysler car line)
Cobalt (Chevrolet car)
Cobra (Shelby car)
Cobra Daytona Coupe (Shelby car)
Colony Park (Mercury car)
Colorado (Chevrolet truck)
Colorado (Dutchmen RV)
Colt (Plymouth car)
Columbia (Freightliner truck)
Comanche (Jeep truck)
Comet (Hyosung motorcycle)
Comet (Mercury car)
Comet (Pangea bus)
Commander (Jeep SUV)
Commander (Studebaker car)
Commander (Triple E RV)
Commando (Howe fire truck)
Commando (Norton motorcycle)
Commemorative Bobber (Knievel motorcycle)
Commodore (Hudson car)
Compass (Jeep crossover)
Concept Car (Dodge concept car)
Concept Coupe (Volvo concept car)
Concept CS (BMW concept car)
Concept-CT (Mitsubishi concept car)
Concept Estate (Volvo concept car)
Concept One (Volkswagen concept car)
Concept_One (Rimac car)
Concept XC Coupe (Volvo concept car)
Concord (AMC car)
Concorde (Chrysler car)
Concours (Chevrolet car)
Concours (Kawasaki motorcycle)
Conquest (Chrysler car)
Constellation (Western Star truck)
Consul (Ford car)
Continental (Bentley car)
Continental (Lincoln car)
Continental Mark VI (Lincoln car)
Continental GT (Bentley car)
Continental GT (Royal Enfield motorcycle)
Contour (Ford car)
Conventional (Blue Bird bus)
Conventional (Thomas Built bus)
Cooper (Austin/Mini/Morris car)
Copperhead (Dodge concept car)
Copen (Daihatsu car)
Cordia (Mitsubishi car)
Cordoba (Seat car)
Cornerstone (Entegra RV)
Corniche (Rolls Royce car)

Corolla (Toyota car)
Corona (Toyota car)
Coronado (DeSoto car)
Coronado (Freightliner truck)
Coronet (Dodge car)
Corsa (Vauxhall car)
Corsair (Edsel car)
Corsica (Chevrolet car)
Cortina (Lotus car)
Corvair (Chevrolet car)
Chevrolet Corvette
Cosmopolitan (Lincoln car)
Cougar (Mercury car)
Cougar II (Ford car)
Countach (Lamborghini car)
Country Sedan (Ford car)
Country Squire (Ford car)
Countryman (Mini car)
Coupé (Audi car)
Coupé (Maserati car)
Coupe deVille (Cadillac car)
Coupe Express (Studebaker truck)
Courier (Elva car)
Courier (Ford truck)
CR-V (Honda SUV)
CR-X (Honda car)
CR-Z (Honda car)
Cressida (Toyota car)
Cresta (Vauxhall car)
Crestline (Ford car)
Cross Country (Coachmen RV)
Cross Country (Victory motorcycle)
Cross GT (Kia concept car)
Cross Roads (Victory motorcycle)
CrossBlue (Volkswagen concept car)
Crossfire (Chrysler car)
CrossPolo (Volkswagen car)
Crown/Crown Coupe (Imperial car)
Crown (Toyota car)
Crown Majesta (Toyota car)
Crown Victoria (Ford car)
Cruiser (Studebaker car)
Cruze (Chevrolet car)
CS-500 (GMC truck)
CT-70 (Honda motorcycle)
CT-90 (Honda motorcycle)
CT6 (Cadillac car)
CT200h (Lexus car)
CT600 (Dodge)
CT660 (Caterpillar)
CTS (Cadillac car)
Cube (Nissan car)
Cuore (Daihatsu car)
Cupra GT (Seat car)
Curve (Saturn concept car)
Curved Dash (Oldsmobile car)
Custom/Custom 300 (Ford car)
Customline (Ford car)
Custom Contender (Pierce fire/rescue truck)
Custom Cruiser (Oldsmobile car)
Custom Eight (Hudson car)
Custom Suburban (Plymouth car)
Cutlass (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Calais (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Ciera (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Cruiser (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Salon (Oldsmobile car)
Cutlass Supreme (Oldsmobile car)
CV9 (Landwind car)
CX-5 (Mazda SUV)
Mazda CX-7
CX-9 (Mazda SUV)
CXN613 (Mack truck)
CXT (International truck)
CXU (Mack truck)
Cybertruck (Tesla concept truck)
Cyclone (Cadillac concept car)
Cyclone (Heartland RV)
Cyclone (Mercury car)
Cypress (Newmar RV)

D-Type (Jaguar race car)
D100 (Dodge truck)
D150 (Dodge truck)
D600 (Dodge truck)
D2000 (International Harvester)
D4005 (MCI bus)
D4505 (MCI bus)
D50 (Dodge truck)
Dagger GT (TranStar Racing car)
Dakota (Dodge truck)
Dany (Belumbury car)
Darrin (Kaiser car)
Dart (Dodge car)
Dash (Pierce fire truck)
Dauphine (Renault car)
Daytona (Dodge car)
Daytona (Studebaker car)
Daytona/Daytona 675 (Triumph motorcycle)
Daytona Coupe (Shelby car)
DB2 (Aston Martin car)
DB2 (Swift race car)
DB4 (Aston Martin car)
DB5 (Aston Martin car)
DB7 (Aston Martin car)
DB9 (Aston Martin car)
DBS (Aston Martin car)
DBS Superleggera (Aston Martin car)
DC600 (Dodge)

DE (Collins/Corbeil/Mid Bus bus)
De Luxe (Plymouth car)
Defender/Defender 90 (Land Rover SUV)
Del Ray (Chevrolet car)
Delta (Lancia car)
Delta 88 (Oldsmobile car)
Delta Custom (Oldsmobile car)
DeltaWing (Nissan race car)
DeLuxe (Chevrolet car)
DeLuxe (Plymouth car)
Demio (Mazda car)
Demon (Dodge car)
Dendro (Dodge concept car)
DeVille (Cadillac car)
DH (Collins/Corbeil/Mid Bus bus)
Diablo (Lamborghini car)
Diamante (Mitsubishi car)
Dictator (Studebaker car)
Diplomat (Dodge car)
Diplomat (Monaco RV)
Discovery (Fleetwood RV)
Discovery/Discovery Sport (Land Rover RV)
Djet (Matra car)
DM (Mack truck line)
DM600 (Mack truck)

DMC-12/DMC-EV (DeLorean car)
Domani (Honda car)
Dominator (Alkane truck)
Double Six (Daimler car)
Dragon (Kaiser car)
DRZ400 (Suzuki motorcycle)
DS (Citroën car)
DS (Zero motorcycles)
DS3 (Citroën car)
DS4 (Citroën car)
DS5 (Citroën car)
DS420 (Daimler car)
DSA4000 (GMC)
DSV4000 (GMC)
DT360 (Yamaha motorcycle)
DTS (Cadillac car)
Duetto (Alfa Romeo car)
Durango (Dodge SUV)
DuraStar (International truck)
Duster (Dacia SUV)
Duster (Plymouth car)
DW12 (Dallara race car)
Dynamic 88 (Oldsmobile car)
Dynaquest (Dynamax RV)
Dynasty (Dodge car)

Ford Econoline/E-Series
E-150 - E-250 - E-350 - E-450

E (Mini car)
E-Class (Chrysler car)
E-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
e-Co-Motion (Volkswagen concept van)
E-Guard (Mercedes-Benz car)
e-Go (2050 Motors car)
E-Mobile (Concept car)
E-Series (Ford van line)
E-Tracer (X-Tracer Team Switzerland car)
E-type (Jaguar car)
e6 (BYD car)
e6 (GEM LSV)
E12 (Studebaker truck)
E63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
E250 (Mercedes-Benz car)
E220 (Mercedes-Benz car)
E280 (Mercedes-Benz car)
E320 (Mercedes-Benz car)
E350 (Mercedes-Benz car)
E500 (Mercedes-Benz car)
E4500 (MCI bus)
E5500 (GMC)
E6500 (GMC)
Eagle (AAR race car)
Eagle (AMC car)
Eagle (Cushman scooter)
Eagle IV (Military truck)
EB110 (Bugatti car)
eBUS-12 (BYD bus)
Echo (Toyota car)
Eclipse (Mitsubishi car)
EcoCarrier E2 (EcoCraft car)
EcoSport (Ford car)
Ecostar (Ford van)
Edge (Ford SUV)
EG4500 (GMC)
Egoista (Lamborghini car)
EH (Holden car)
Eifel (Ford car)
Eight (Hudson car)
Eight (Packard car)
Eight-90 (Nash car)
El Camino (Chevrolet pickup car)

Elan (Lotus car)
Elantra (Hyundai car)
Eldorado (Cadillac car)
Eldorado (Moto Guzzi motorcycle)
Electra (Buick car)
Electra Glide (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Electrica (Jet Industries car)
Element (Honda SUV)
Elettra (Solaris car)
Elf (Riley car)
Elise (Lotus car)
Elite (DoubleTree RV)
Elite (Ford car)
Elite (Lotus car)
Elkridge (Heartland RV)
Ellipse (Itasca RV)
Elmiraj (Cadillac concept car)
EM4500 (GMC)
Empress (Triple E RV)
Enclave (Buick SUV)
Encore (Buick SUV)
Encounter (Coachmen RV)
Endeavor (Mitsubishi SUV)
Endura (Gulf Stream RV)
Enforcer (Pierce fire truck)
Entourage (Hyundai van)
ENV (motorcycle)
Envoy (GMC SUV)
Enyaq iV (Škoda car)
Enzo (Ferrari car)
Eos (Volkswagen car)
Equator (Suzuki truck)
Equinox (Chevrolet SUV)
Equus (Hyundai car)
ES (Lexus car line)
ES250 (Lexus car)
ES300 (Lexus car)
ES330 (Lexus car)
ES350 (Lexus car)
Escalade (Cadillac SUV)
Escape (Ford SUV)

Escort (Ford car)
Espada (Lamborghini car)
Esprit (Lotus car)
Essex (Newmar RV)
Essex (Paige car)
Essex the Challenger (Hudson car)
Estafette (Renault van)
Estate (Buick car)
Esteem (Suzuki car)
Etherea (Infiniti concept car)
Eva GT (Morgan concept car)
Evel Commemorative Bobber (Knievel motorcycle)
Evoque (Land Rover SUV)
Evora (Lotus car)
Evos (Ford concept car)
EX (Infiniti concept crossover)
EX30 (Infiniti crossover)
EX35 (Infiniti crossover)
Excel (Hyundai car)
Excel (Pleasure-Way RV)
Executive (Packard car)
Excursion (Ford SUV)
Exige (Lotus car)
EXP 9 F (Bentley concept SUV)
Expedition (Ford SUV)
Explorer (Ford SUV)
Explorer Sport Trac (Ford pickup truck)
Expo (Mitsubishi MPV)
Express (Chevrolet van)
EZ Rider II (ElDorado National bus)
EZ10 (EasyMile bus)

F-1 (Ford truck)
F-85 (Oldsmobile car)
F-100 (Ford truck)
F-150 (Ford truck)
F-210 (International Harvester truck)
F-250 (Ford truck)
F-350 (Ford truck)
F-450 (Ford truck)
F-550 (Ford truck)
F-650 (Ford truck)
F-750 (Ford truck)
F-Series (Ford trucks)
F-Pace (Jaguar SUV)
F-Type (Jaguar car)
F0 (BYD car)
F1 (McLaren car)
F1.06 (Sauber race car)
F3 (BYD car)
F4 (MV Agusta motorcycle)
F5 (BYD car)
F6 (BYD car)
F10 (Ferrari race car)
F12 (Volvo truck)
F12berlinetta (Ferrari truck)
F40 (Ferrari car)
F50 (Ferrari car)
F60America (Ferrari car)
F149 California (Ferrari car)
F150th Italia (Ferrari race car)
F355 (Ferrari car)
F430 (Ferrari car)
F750 GS (BMW motorcycle)
F850 GS (BMW motorcycle)
F2005 (Ferrari race car)
Fairlady Z (Nissan car)
Fairlane (Ford car)
Fairmont (Ford car)

Falcon (Ford car)
Falcon 45 (BCI bus)
FC-150 (Jeep truck)
FCHV-adv (Toyota SUV)
FCX (Honda car)
FCX Clarity (Honda car)
FE 3-X (Oldsmobile/Hurst concept car)
FE160 (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
FE180 (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
FE 570S (Husaberg motorcycle)
FEC52 (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
FEC72 (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
FEC92 (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
Festiva (Ford car)
FF (Ferrari car)
FGB72 (Mitsubishi Fuso truck)
Fiero (Pontiac car)
Fiesta (Ford car)
Fifth Avenue (Dutchmen RV)
Figo (Ford car)
Fire Arrow (Plymouth car)
Pontiac Firebird
Firebird II (General Motors concept car)
Firebolt (Buell motorcycle)
Fireflite (DeSoto car)
Firenza (Oldsmobile car)
Firepower (Chrysler concept car)
Fit (Honda car)
Five Hundred (Ford car)
FJ Cruiser (Toyota truck)
FJ-8A (AM General truck)
FJR1300 (Yamaha motorcycle)
FL (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Flagstaff (Forest River RV)
Flair (Fleetwood RV)
Flaminia (Lancia car)
FLD (Freightliner truck)
Fleetwood (Cadillac car)

Flex (Ford SUV)
FLH (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Flying Spur (Bentley car)
FM 7 (Volvo truck)
Focus (Ford car)
Forenza (Suzuki car)
Forester (Forest River RV)
Forester (Subaru car)
ForJoy (Smart car)
fortwo (Smart car)
Four Winds (Thor RV)
Four Winds Siesta (Thor RV)
Fox (Audi car)
Foxhound LPPV (military vehicle)
FR-S (Scion car)
FR500C (Ford race car)
FR500GT (Ford race car)
Free (Luis car)
Freedom (Liberty bus)
Freedom Elite (Thor RV)
Freelander (Land Rover SUV)
Freelander 2 (Land Rover SUV)
Freestar (Ford van)
Freestyle (Ford vehicle)
Frontier (Nissan truck)
FS 570 (Husaberg motorcycle)
FS-65 (Thomas Built bus)
FT-1 (Toyota car)
FTX (Toyota concept truck)
Fuego (Renault car)
Fulvia (Lancia car)
Furia (Ghezzi-Brian motorcycle)
Furtive (Exagon car)
Fury (Plymouth car)
Fusion (Ford car)
Futurliner (General Motors vehicle)
FX (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
FX35 (Infiniti SUV)
FX45 (Infiniti SUV)
FX50 (Infiniti SUV)
FXX (Ferrari car)

G (Acme truck)
G.T. 350 (Shelby car)
G.T. 500 (Shelby car)
G-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
G2X (Daewoo car)
G3 (Pontiac car)
G5 (Girardin bus)
G5 (Pontiac car)
G6 (Pontiac car)
G8 (Pontiac car)
G10 (Chevrolet van)
G12 (Greyp cycle)
G20 (Infiniti car)
G30 (Chevrolet van)
G35 (Infiniti car)
G37 (Infiniti car)
G63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz truck)
G350 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
G500 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
G4500 (MCI bus)
Galant (Mitsubishi car)
Galant Fortis (Mitsubishi car)
Galaxie (Ford car)
Gallardo (Lamborghini car)
GarageCoach (ShowHauler RV)
GAZ-21 Volga (GAZ car)
Gemma (Suzuki scooter)
Genesis (International bus)
Genesis Coupe/Genesis Sedan (Hyundai car)
Georgetown (Forest River RV)

Getz (Hyundai car)
Ghibli (Maserati car)
Ghost (Rolls Royce car)
Gigi (Fornasari concept car)
Giulia (Alfa Romeo car)
Giulia Sprint (Alfa Romeo car)
Giulietta (Alfa Romeo car)
GL (Subaru car)
GL-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GL8 (Buick van)
GL63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GL450 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GL500 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GL550 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GLA 45 AMG (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GLA 200 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GLA-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GLB-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
Gladiator (Jeep truck)
Gladiator (Spartan firetruck)
Gladius (Suzuki motorcycle)
GLC (Mazda car)
GLE-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GLK-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
GLK350 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GLS 580 (Mercedes-Benz SUV)
GLS-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
Gold Wing (Honda motorcycle)
Golden Hawk (Studebaker car)
Golden Rocket 88(Oldsmobile car)
Golden Spirit(Zimmer car)
Golf (Volkswagen car)
GPW (Ford military vehicle)
GR-1 (Ford concept car)
Grace (Hyundai van)
Gran Fury (Plymouth car)
Gran Sport (Buick car)
Gran Torino (Ford car)
Gran Turismo Hawk (Studebaker car)
Granada (Ford car)
Grand Am (Pontiac car)
Grand Bantam (Collins bus)
Grand Caravan (Dodge van)
Grand Cherokee (Jeep SUV)
Grand Guide (Mid Bus)
Grand Junction (Dutchmen RV)
Grand Le Mans (Pontiac car)
Grand Marquis (Mercury car)
Grand Prix (Pontiac car)
Grand Safari (Pontiac car)
Grand Sport (Dynamax RV)
Grand Ville (Pontiac car)
Grand Vitara (Suzuki SUV)
Grand Voyager (Plymouth/Chrysler van)

Grande Parisienne (Pontiac car)
Grande Punto (Fiat car)
Grandeur (Hyundai)
GranCabrio (Maserati car)
GranTurismo (Maserati car)
Gremlin (AMC car)
Greyhawk (Jayco RV)
Grifo (Iso car)
Gripz (Nissan concept car)
GS (Lexus car line)
GS 1000 (Suzuki motorcycle)
GS300 (Lexus car)
GS400 (Lexus car)
GS430 (Lexus car)
GSX-R (Suzuki motorcycle)
GSX-R/4 (Suzuki concept car)
GSX1300R (Suzuki motorcycle)
GSX-S1000 (Suzuki motorcycle)
GT (Ford car)
GT (Monica car)
GT (McLaren car)
GT (Opel car)
GT (Saker car)
GT-One (Toyota race car)
GT-R (Nissan car)
GT4 Stinger (Kia concept car)
GT6 (Triumph car)
GT12 (Sbarro car)
GT40 (Ford race car)
GT86 (Toyota car)
GT90 (Ford concept car)
GT350 (Shelby car)
GT500 (Shelby car)
GTI (Volkswagen car)
Pontiac GTO
GTX (Plymouth car)
GU (Mack truck)
Guarà (De Tomaso car)
GX 460 (Lexus SUV)

H1 (Hummer SUV)
H2 (Hummer SUV)
H3 (Hummer SUV)
H3-45 (Prevost bus)
Hai (Monteverdi car)
Hammer (Victory motorcycle)
Handi-Bus (GMC van)
Hard-Ball (Victory motorcycle)
Hardbody Truck (Nissan truck)
Hawk (Studebaker car)

Hayabusa (Suzuki motorcycle)
HCD-7 (Hyundai concept car)
HCD-8 (Hyundai concept car)
HCD9 Talus (Hyundai concept car)
Henry J (Kaiser-Frazer car)
Herald (Triumph car)
Heritage Softail (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
HHR (Chevrolet car)
High-Ball (Victory motorcycle)
Highlander (Toyota SUV)
Hilux (Toyota SUV)
HMMWV (military truck)
HND-9 (Hyundai concept car)
HND-4 Blue Will (Hyundai concept car)
Hombre (Isuzu truck)
Horizon (Plymouth car)

Hornet (AMC car)
Hornet (Hudson car)
Hornet (Wolseley car)
Hotshot (Crosley car)
Howler (Chrysler concept car)
HR-V (Honda SUV)
HS 250h (Lexus car)
HS5 (Hongqi SUV)
HSC (Acura concept car)
Huayra (Pagani car)
Humberette (Humber car)
Hunter (Fornasari conceot SUV)
Huracán (Lamborghini car)
Hurricane (E-One fire apparatus)
Hurst/Olds (Oldsmobile/Hurst car)
HX (Hummer concept truck)
Hydrogen 7 (BMW car)

i (REVA car)
I-Mark (Isuzu car)
I-MiEV (Mitsubishi car)
i-Road (Toyota car)
i3 (BMW car)
i8 (BMW car)
i10 (Hyundai car)
i20 (Hyundai car)
i30 (Hyundai car)
I30 (Infiniti car)
i290 (Isuzu pickup truck)
Ibis (2050 Motors car)
Ibiza (Seat car)
IC-37 (A.C.F. Brill bus)
IC-41 (A.C.F. Brill bus)
Iceni (Trident concept car)
IDx (Nissan concept car)

Imaj (Cadillac concept car)
Impala (Chevrolet car)
Impel (Pierce fire truck)
Impreza (Subaru car)
Impulse (Isuzu car)
Independence (Chevrolet car)
Insight (Honda car)
Insignia (Vauxhall car)
Integra (Acura car)
Interstate (Airstream motorhome)
Intrado (Hyundai concept car)
Intrepid (Dodge car)

Intrigue (Country Coach RV)
Intrigue (Oldsmobile car)
Intruder (Damon RV)
Ion (Saturn car)
Ioniq (Hyundai car)
Ionis (Suzuki concept car)
iQ (Scion car)
Iron Knight (Volvo truck)
IS250 (Lexus car)
IS300 (Lexus car)
IS300h (Lexus car)
IS350 (Lexus car)
IS430 (Lexus concept car)
Isata (Dynamax RV)
Isetta (BMW car)
Italia (Ferrari car)
iV-4 (Suzuki SUV)
ix25 (Hyundai SUV)
ix35 (Hyundai SUV)

J2 (Allard car)
J38S (Winnebago commercial vehicle)
J2000 (Pontiac car)
J4500 (MCI bus)
J4500C (MCI bus)
Jackpot (Victory motorcycle)
Jaclyn (Sbarro car)

Jalpa (Lamborghini car)
Jamboree (Fleetwood RV)
Jamboree Sport (Fleetwood RV)
Janus (Zündapp minicar)
Javelin (AMC car)
Jazz (Honda car)
JC 70-6 (Jincheng scooter)
Jeepster (Jeep SUV)
Jeepster (Willys SUV)

Jetmobile (concept car)
Jetta (Volkswagen car)
Jimmy (GMC SUV)
Jimny (Suzuki SUV)
John Cooper Works (Mini car)
Journey (Dodge SUV)
Judge (Victory motorcycle)
Juke (Nissan SUV)

K (Lyonheart car)
K-2 (International Harvester truck)
K/5 Blazer (Chevrolet SUV)
K9 (BYD bus)
K10 (Chevrolet truck)
K20 (Chevrolettruck)
K100 (BMW motorcycle)
K300 (Kenworth truck)
K900 (Kia car)
K1500 (Chevrolet/GMC pickup truck)
K1590 (GMC)
K2500 (Chevrolet/GMC pickup truck)
K2590 (GMC)
K3500 (Chevrolet/GMC pickup truck)

Ka (Ford car)
Kahuna (Dodge concept car)
Kalina (Lada car)
Karma (Fisker car)
Karmann Ghia (Volkswagen car)
Kayoola (Kiira bus)
KE10 (Chevrolet)
Khamsin (Maserati car)
Kicks (Nissan CUV)
King Midget (Midget Motors car)
Kingpin (Victory motorcycle)
KingQuad (Suzuki ATV)
Kingsley (Gulf Stream RV)
Kingswood (Chevrolet car)
Kizashi (Suzuki car)

KLX250 (Kawasaki motorcycle)
KM1500 (GMC)
Knight (Monaco RV)
Kountry Aire (Newmar RV)
Kountry Star (Newmar RV)
KR175 (Messerschmitt car)
KR200 (Messerschmitt car)
KR201 (Messerschmitt car)
KS 600 (Zündapp motorcycle)
KS10 (Chevrolet)
Kuga (Ford SUV)
Kurierwagen (Volkswagen car)
Kyalami (Maserati car)
KZ900 (Kawasaki motorcycle)

L-29 (Cord car)
L-Line (Sterling truck line)
L3 (BYD car)
L36 (Oldsmobile car)
L40 (New Flyer bus)
L200 (Mitsubishi truck)
L200 (Saturn car)
L600 (Dodge)
Lacrosse (Buick)
LaFerrari (Ferrari car)
Lagonda (Aston Martin car)
Laguna (Renault car)
Lance (Pierce fire truck)
Lancer (Dodge car)
Lancer (Mitsubishi car)
Land Cruiser (Studebaker car)
Land Cruiser (Toyota SUV)
Landmark (Heartland RV)
Lanos (Daewoo car)
Lark (Studebaker car)
Laser (Chrysler/Plymouth car)
Laurentian (Pontiac car)
LC500 (Lexus car)
LE (Infiniti concept car)
Le Baron (Chrysler car)
Le Baron (Imperial car)

Le Mans (Pontiac car)
Le Mirage (Prevost bus)
Leaf (Nissan car)
Legacy (Airstream RV)
Legacy (Subaru car)
Legend (Acura car)
Leon (Seat car)
LeSabre (General Motors concept car/Buick car)
LEU (Mack truck)
Levante (Maserati crossover)
Levorg (Subaru concept car)
Lexington (Forest River RV)
Lexor (Pleasure-Way RV)
LF-C/LF-LA/LF-NX (Lexus concept car)
LFS (Nova bus)
LHS (Chrysler car)
Liberty (Jeep SUV)
Liberty (Pal-V flying car)
LiFe (Wheego car)
Light Car (Technische Universität Ilmenau car)
Light Four (Studebaker car)
Light Six (Studebaker car)
Lightning (BSA motorcycle)
Lightning (Buell motorcycle)
Lightning GT (Lightning car)
Limited (Buick car)
Limited (Excel RV)
Lina (Eindhoven University of Technology car)
Linwood (Paige car)
Lite (Dutchmen RV)
LMP01 (Panoz race car)

LoadStar (International Harvester truck)
Logan (Dacia car)
Lolyne (East Lancs bus)
LoneStar (International truck)
Loremo (Concept Car)
Lower Forty (Jeep concept truck)
LR2 (Land Rover SUV)
LR3 (Land Rover SUV)
LS (BMW car)
LS (Lincoln car)
LS 400 (Lexus car)
LS 430 (Lexus car)
LS 460 (Lexus car)
LS 460 L (Lexus car)
LTD (Ford car)
LTD Crown Victoria (Ford car)
LTL9000 (Ford truck)
Lucerne (Buick car)
Lumina (Chevrolet car)
Lumina APV (Chevrolet van)
LUV (Chevrolet pickup truck)
LX 470 (Lexus SUV)
Lynx (Mercury car)

Mercedes-Benz ML-Class
ML320 - ML350 - ML500

M (Maccar truck chassis)
M-21 Volga (GAZ car)
M-ATV (Oshkosh military truck)
M-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
M Coupe (BMW car)
M1 (BMW car)
M2 (Freightliner truck)
M3 (BMW car)
M2 (BMW car)
M4 (BMW car)
M5 (BMW car)
M6 (BMW car)
M6 (BYD car)
M8B/M8C (McLaren race car)
M12 (McLaren race car)
M26 (Military truck)
M30 (Infiniti car)
M35 (Infiniti car)
M38 (Military truck)
M45 (Infiniti car)
M45 (Lagonda car)
M80 (Dodge concept truck)
M135i (BMW car)
M151 (U.S. Army vehicle)
M235i (BMW car)
M379 (Rondeau race car)
M613 (Chevrolet)
M400 (Noble car)
M600 (Noble car)
M800 (International Harvester truck)
M373 (U.S. Army trailer)
M884 (U.S. Army pickup truck)
M915 (U.S. Army tractor truck)
M916 (U.S. Army tractor truck)
M917 (U.S. Army dump truck)
M918 (U.S. Army bituminous distributor truck)
M919 (U.S. Army concrete mixer truck)
M920 (U.S. Army tractor truck)
M934 (U.S. Army heavy truck)
M935 (U.S. Army heavy truck)
M966 (U.S. Army small 4x4)
M967 (U.S. Army bulk tanker trailer)
M969 (U.S. Army tanker trailer)
M970 (U.S. Army tanker trailer)
M977 (U.S. Army heavy cargo truck)
M978 (U.S. Army heavy tanker truck)
M983 (U.S. Army tractor truck)
M984 (U.S. Army wrecker truck)
M985 (U.S. Army cargo truck w/crane)
M996 (U.S. Army ambulance)
M997 (U.S. Army ambulance)
M998 (U.S. Army personnel truck)
M1000 (U.S. Army heavy truck)
M1008 (U.S. Army pickup truck)
M1025 (U.S. Army heavy truck)
M1026 (U.S. Army heavy truck)
M1028 (U.S. Army pickup truck)
M1035 (U.S. Army ambulance)
M1036 (U.S. Army truck)
M1037 (U.S. Army truck)
M1038 (U.S. Army personnel truck)
M1042 (U.S. Army heavy truck)
M1043 (U.S. Army truck)
M1044 (U.S. Army truck)
M1045 (U.S. Army truck)
M1046 (U.S. Army ambulance)
M1062 (U.S. Army tanker trailer)
M1097 (U.S. Army truck)
Macan (Porsche car)
Maestro (MG car)
Magna (Honda motorcycle)
Magnum (Dodge car)
Makai (Suzuki concept car)
Mako (Gulf Stream RV)
Mako Shark (Chevrolet concept car)
Malibu (Chevrolet car)
Mallard (Fleetwood RV)
Manhattan (Kaiser car)
Manta (Opel car)
Manx (Meyers car)
Marathon (Prevost bus)
Marauder (Mercury car)
Marcopolo (Dina bus)
Marina (Austin-Healey car)
Mariner (Mercury SUV)
Mark II (Toyota car)
Mark LT (Lincoln car)
Mark VI (Lincoln car)
Mark VII (Jaguar car)
Mark VII (Lincoln car)
Mark X (Lincoln concept car)
Marlin (Rambler/AMC car)
Marquis (Mercury car)
Master (Chevrolet car)
Master (Renault van)
Master Six (Pontiac car)
Matador (AMC car)
Matiz (Daewoo car)
Matrix (Eton motorcycle)
Matrix (Hyundai car)
Matrix (Toyota car)
Maverick (Ford car)
Maxi (Austin car)
Maxima (Nissan car)

MB II (Girardin bus)
MDX (Acura SUV)
ME Four-Twelve (Chrysler concept car)
Meadowbrook (Ddoge car)
Mégane (Renault car)
Megastar II (Ford concept car)
Megawind (Elgin street sweeper)
Melbourne (Jayco RV)
Meteor (Mercury car)
Metris (Mercedes-Benz van)
Metro (Chevrolet/Geo car)
Metro (MG/Aston Martin car)
Metro Star (Spartan firetruck)
Metropolitan (A.C.F. Brill bus)
Metropolitan (Nash car)
MF4 (Wiesmann car)
MF5 (Wiesmann car)
MF150QT-2 (Motofino scooter)
MFSAB (StarTrans bus)
MG3 (MG car)
MG6 (MG car)
MGA (MG car)
MGB (MG car)
MGC (MG car)
MH900e (Ducati motorcycle)
Miata (Mazda car)
Micra (Nissan car)
Micro Bird (Blue Bird bus)
Microbus (Volkswagen van)
Microbus Concept (Volkswagen concept van)
Midget (MG)
Mignon (Praga car)
Mii (Seat car)
Milan (Mercury car)
Millenia (Mazda car)
Mini (Morris car)
Mini Ram Van (Dodge van)
Minor (Morris car)
Minotour (Thomas Built bus)
Mirada (Coachmen RV)
Mirage (Mitsubishi car)
Mirai (Toyota car)
MiTo (Alfa Romeo car)
Mito (Cagiva motorcycle)
Miura (Lamborghini car)
Mk 11A (Merlyn race car)
MkIII (Riley & Scott race car)
Mk III (Titan race car)
Mk10 (Genie race car)
MK9 (Martini race car)
MKS (Lincoln car)
MKT (Lincoln concept car)
MKX (Lincoln car)
MKZ (Lincoln car)
Mobile Suite (DoubleTree RV)
Model 3 (Tesla car)
Model 10 (Buick car)
Model 25 (Maxwell car)
Model 25 (Studebaker car)
Model 30 (Cadillac car)
Model 31 (Rambler car)
Model 32 (Marmon car)
Model 34 (Marmon car)
Model 35 (Buick car)
Model 35 (Thomas car)
Model 40 (Elmore car)
Model 60 (Buick race car)
Model 210 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 220 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 337 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 352 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 365 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 367 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 378 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 384 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 386 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 387 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 388 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 389 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 567 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 579 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 587 (Peterbilt truck)
Model 721 Highlander (Cushman scooter)
Model 89M (Mercury car)
Model A (Cadillac car)
Model A (Ford car)
Model B (Chrysler car)
Model B (Ford car)
Model BB (Ford truck)
Model C (Buick car)
Model C (Cadillac car)
Model C (Ford car)
Model D (Cadillac car)
Model EG (Studebaker car)
Model EH (Studebaker car)
Model J (Duesenberg car)
Model K (Cadillac car)
Model K/Model KB (Lincoln car)
Model S (Oldsmobile car)
Model S (Tesla car)
Model SH (Studebaker car)
Model SJ (Duesenberg car)
Model T (Ford car)
Model X (Tesla car)

Moduvan (Wheeled Coach ambulance)
Mojave (Kia concept truck)
Moke (Austin)
Monaco (Dodge)
Monarch (Mercury car)
Monarch (Monaco RV)
Mondeo (Ford car)
Mondial (Ferrari car)
Monster 1200 (Ducati motorcycle)
Montana/Montana SV6 (Pontiac van)
Montclair (Mercury car)
Chevolet Monte Carlo
Montego (Mercury car)
Montero (Mitsubishi SUV)
Montero Sport (Mitsubishi SUV)
Montreal (Alfa Romeo car)
Monza (Opel car)
MotorCoach (ShowHauler RV)
Motorette (Pierce car)
Mountain Aire (Newmar RV)
Mountaineer (Mercury SUV)
MP3 (Piaggio scooter)
MP4-12C (McLaren car)
MP4-25 (McLaren race car)
MP4-27 (McLaren race car)
MPV (Mazda vehicle)
MR2 (Toyota car)
MR2 Spyder (Toyota car)
MR7 (Macon race car)
MRU (Mack truck)
MT-09 (Yamaha motorcycle)
MT45 (Freightliner truck)
Muli (Reform truck)
Mulsanne (Bentley car)
Multistrada (Ducati motorcycle)
Multivan (Volkswagen van)
Murano (Nissan crossover)
Ford Mustang
Mustang Mach-E (Ford crossover)
MV-1 (AM General car)
MVP-EF (Thomas Built bus)
MX-3 (Mazda car)
MX-5 Miata (Mazda car)
MX-6 (Mazda car)
MXT (Mastretta car)
Mystique (Mercury car)

Nagare (Mazda concept car)
Nano (Tata minicar)
Nautilus (Lincoln SUV)
Navara (Nissan truck)
Navigator (Lincoln SUV)
NC700 (Honda motorcycle)
NE8J (Hino truck)
Neon (Dodge/Plymouth car)

New Beetle (Volkswagen car)
New Yorker (Chrysler car)
Newport (Chrysler car)
Next Two (Renault car)
Night Rod Special (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Niken (Yamaha motorcycle)
Ninety-Eight (Oldsmobile car)
Ninja (Kawasaki motorcycle)
Niro (Kia concept car)
Nitro (Dodge SUV)
Nomad (Chevrolet car)
Norge (Moto Guzzi motorcycle)
Norseman (Chrysler concept car)

Northstar LMP (Cadillac race car)
Note (Nissan car)
Nova (Chevrolet car)
Nova LFS (Nova bus)
Novus Drive (Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz bus)
NPR (Isuzu truck chassis)
NQR (Isuzu truck/bus chassis)
NSX (Honda/Acura car)
NV (Nissan van series)
NV200/NV200T (Nissan van series)
NV1500 (Nissan van)
NV2500 (Nissan van)
NX (Lexus SUV line)
NX1600/NX2000 (Nissan car)

Oasis (Isuzu van)
Octavia (Škoda car)
Odyssey (Honda van)
Olympian (Leyland bus)
Omega (Oldsmobile car)

Omni (Dodge car)
One (Mini car)
One-77 (Aston Martin car)
One-Ten (Packard car)
One-Twenty (Packard car)
OneCAT (Tata car)
Onyx (Peugeot concept car)

Optima (Kia car)
Optra (Suzuki/Chevrolet car)
Outback (Subaru car)
Outlander (Mitsubishi SUV)
Outlander Sport (Mitsubishi SUV)
Outlook (Saturn SUV)

P1 (McLaren car)
P10 (Chevrolet)
P20 (Chevrolet)
P30 (Chevrolet)
P50 (Peel minicar)
P100 (Ford truck)
P300 (Dodge)
P375 (Dodge)
P1800 (Volvo car)
P1900 (Volvo car)
Pace Arrow (Fleetwood RV)
Paceman (Mini car)
Pacer (AMC car)
Pacer (Edsel car)
Pacific Ridge (Komfort RV)
Pacifica (Chrysler car)
Pajero Junior (Mitsubishi SUV)
Palio (Fiat car)
Panamera (Porsche car)
Panda (Fiat car)
Panel Cruiser (Chrysler car)
Pantera (De Tomaso car)
Paratransit (MTS bus)
Parcour (Giugiaro car)
Parisienne (Pontiac car)
Park Avenue (Buick car)
Park Lane (Mercury car)
Parsifal (Benz car)

Passat (Volkswagen car)
Passport (Honda SUV)
Patent Motorwagen (Benz car)
Pathfinder (Coachmen RV)
Pathfinder (Nissan SUV)
Patriot (Jeep SUV)
PayStar (International truck)
PD4107 (GMC bus)
Pegasus (QLink scooter)
Persona (Proton car)
Phaeton (Chrysler car)
Phaeton (Tiffin motorhome)
Phaeton (Volkswagen car)
Phantom (Gillig bus)
Phantom (Johnson kit car)
Phantom/Phantom II (Rolls Royce car)
Phantom Corsair (concept car)
Phase 0 (Lambretta scooter)
Phazer (Yamaha motorcycle)
Picanto (Kia car)
Piccolo (Praga car)
Piccolo (Ruppe & Sohn car)
Pickup Truck (Toyota truck)
Pilot (Honda SUV)
Pinto (Ford car)
Pivo (Nissan concept car)
Plaza (Plymouth car)
Playboy (Jordan car)
Plus 4 (Morgan car)
Plus 8 (Morgan car)
PN2 (Eton)
pod (Toyota concept car)
Polara (Dodge car)
Police Interceptor (Ford car/SUV)
Polo (Volkswagen car)
Post Office Truck
Power Wagon (Dodge truck)
Prairie Schooner (Gulf Stream RV)
Predator (KME truck)
Predicta (Ford concept car)
Predictor (Packard concept car)

Prelude (Honda car)
Premacy (Mazda MPV)
Premier (Eagle car)
Premiere (Lincoln car)
President (StarTrans bus)
President (Studebaker car)
Primera (Nissan car)
Princess (Austin/Leyland car)
Prius (Toyota car)
Prizm (Geo/Chevrolet car)
Probe (Ford)
ProMaster (Ram van)
Pronto Spyder (Chrysler concept car)
ProStar (International truck)
Protegé (Mazda car)
Providence (Fleetwood RV)
Provo (Kia concept car)
Prowler (Plymouth car)
PT Cruiser (Chrysler car)
PT-125 (Plymouth truck)
Pulsar (Nissan car)
Pulse (autocycle)
Punto (Fiat car)
Pursuit (Georgie Boy RV)

Q-4 (Maxwell car)
Q1 (Audi SUV)
Q5 (Audi SUV)
Q7 (Audi SUV)
Q45 (Infiniti car)

Q50 (Infiniti car)
Q80 (Infiniti car)
Qashqai (Nissan car)
Qin (BYD car)
Quantum (Volkswagen car)
Quattro (Audi car)
Quattroporte (Maserati car)

Quest (Nissan van)
Quest (Starcraft bus)
QUICC! (Duracar car)
QX4 (Infiniti SUV)
QX30(Infiniti SUV)
QX50(Infiniti SUV)
QX56(Infiniti SUV)
QX60(Infiniti SUV)
QX70(Infiniti SUV)

R-1 (Winfield race car)
R nineT (BMW motorcycle)
R-172 (International Harvester truck)
R-Class (Mercedes-Benz SUV line)
R.S. 01 (RenaultSport concept car)
R-type Continental (Bentley car)
R1 (Roding car)
R8 (Audi car)
R10 (Audi race car)
R29 (Renault race car)
R100S (BMW motorcycle)
R390 GT1 (Nissan race car)
R900 (BMW motorcycle)
R1200GS (BMW motorcycle)
RA272 (Honda race car)
Rabbit (Volkswagen car)
Raceabout (Mercer car)
Racer (Daewoo car)
Ractis (Toyota car)
Raider (Mitsubishi pickup truck)
Rainier (Buick SUV)
Ram (Dodge truck)
Ram Van/Ram Wagon (Dodge van)
Rambler (Nash car)
Rampage (Dodge truck)
Ranchero (Ford pickup car)
Range Rover (Land Rover SUV)
Range Rover Evoque (Land Rover SUV)
Range Rover Sport (Land Rover SUV)
Range Rover Velar (Land Rover SUV)
Ranger (Ford truck)
Rapide (Aston Martin car)
RAV4 (Toyota SUV)
Razor (Dodge concept car)
RC F (Lexus car)
RC211V (Honda race motorcycle)
RC213V (Honda race motorcycle)
RCZ (Peugeot car)

RD350 YPVS (Yamaha motorcycle)
RDX (Acura SUV)
RE (IC bus)
Reach (Utilimaster van)
Reatta (Buick car)
Rebel (Rambler/AMC car)
Reeper (Oreion ATV)
Reflex (Ford concept car)
Regal (Buick car)
Regera (Koenigsegg car)
Reliant (Plymouth car)
Rendezvous (Buick crossover)
Renegade (Jeep SUV)
Reno (Suzuki car)
Rev (Pontiac concept car)
REVAi (REVA car)
Revolution (Fleetwood RV)
Revolution III (Lada car)
RF192 (International Harvester)
Rialta (Winnebago RV)
Ridgeback (Big Dog motorcycle)
Ridgeline (Honda truck)
Rio (Kia car)
Riviera (Buick car)
RL (Acura car)
RL (Mack truck line)
RLX (Acura car)
Ro80 (NSU car)
Road King (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Road Runner (Plymouth car)
Road Star (Yamaha motorcycle)
Road Warrior (Heartland RV)
Roadmaster (Buick car)
Roadster (Bonning car)
Roadster (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Roadster (Tesla car)
Roadster R1 (Roding car)
Rocket III (Triumph motorcycle)
Rocketman (Mini car)
Rockport (Forest River RV)
Rockwood (Forest River RV)
Rocsta (Asia Motors truck)
Rodedawg (Off road truck)

Rodeo (Isuzu SUV)
Rodius (SsangYong van)
Rogue (Nissan SUV)
Rondak (Trans Tech bus)
Rondo (Kia SUV)
Roomster (Škoda car)
Rotary Jet 80 (Yamaha moped)
Routan (Volkswagen van)
Roxor (Mahindra ATV)
Royal (Chrysler car)
Royal (Dodge car)
RP40 (Royale race car)
RR99 (Fornasari car)
RS 01 (Renault race car)
RS4 (Audi car)
RS5 (Audi car)
RS6 (Audi car)
RS7 (Audi car)
RS500 (Honda motorcycle)
RSC (Toyota concept car)
RS Q3 (Audi crossover)
RSX (Acura car)
RT1 (Ralt race car)
RT5 (Ralt race car)
RTS-08 (TMC bus)
RV-125K (Suzuki motorcycle)
RX-7 (Mazda car)
RX-8 (Mazda car)
RX (Lexus SUV line)
RX300 (Lexus SUV)
RX330 (Lexus SUV)
RX350 (Lexus SUV)
RX400h (Lexus SUV)
RX440h (Lexus SUV)
RX450h (Lexus SUV)

Mercedes-Benz S-Class
S430 - S500 - S600 - S63 AMG - S65 AMG

Saturn S-Series
SC - SC1 - SC2 - SL1 - SL2 - SW1 - SW2

S (Zero motorcycles)
S-10 (Chevrolet truck)
S-55 (Mercury car)
S-MAX (Ford MPV)
S-Type (Jaguar car)
S1 (Audi car)
S1 (Saleen car)
S2 (Bentley car)
S2 (Freightliner truck)
S3 (Audi car)
S4 (Audi car)
S5 (Audi car)
S6 (Audi car)
S6 (BYD car)
S7 (Saleen car)
57 (Sunbeam motorcycle)
S8 (Audi car)
S18 (Elite car)
S40 (Volvo car)
S60 (Volvo car)
S70 (Volvo car)
S80 (Volvo car)
S90 (Honda motorcycle)
S90 (Volvo car)
S280 (Mercedes-Benz car)
S281 (Saleen car)
S302 (Saleen car)
S417 (Setra bus)
S600 (Dodge bus)
S660 (Honda car)
S1000RR (BMW motorcycle)
S2000 (Honda car)
S5500 (GMC)
S6500 (GMC)
SA07 (Super Aguri race car)
SA4000 (GMC)
Saber (Pierce fire/rescue truck)
Sable (Mercury car)
Saf-T-Liner (Thomas Built bus)
Safari (GMC van)
Safari (Pontiac car)
Safari (Volkswagen car)
Sagitar (Volkswagen car)
Salem (Forest River RV)
Salient (Stephens car)
Samurai (Suzuki SUV)
Sana (Yugo car)
Sandero (Dacia car)
Sandpiper (Forest River RV)
Santa Fe (Hyundai SUV)
Satellite (Plymouth car)
Savana (GMC van)
Savoy (Plymouth car)
SC (Bitter car)
SC (Lexus car line)
SC (Saturn car)
SC 400 (Lexus car)
SC 430 (Lexus car)
SC/Rambler (Rambler car)
SC1 (Saturn car)
SC2 (Saturn car)
Scamp (Plymouth pickup car)
Scenic (Renault car)
Scirocco (Volkswagen car)
Scoupe (Hyundai car)
Scout (Indian motorcycle)
Scout (International Harvester SUV)
Scout II (International Harvester SUV)
SE662 (Chevrolet)
Seahawk (Gulf Stream RV)

Sebring (Chrysler car)
Sedan deVille (Cadillac car)
Sedona (Gulf Stream RV)
Sedona (Kia van)
Select Suite (DoubleTree RV)
Senator (StarTrans bus)
Sensible Six (Oakland car)
Sentra (Nissan car)
Sentinel Series (StarTrans bus)
Sephia (Kia car)
Sequel (Chevrolet concept SUV)
Sequoia (GMC RV)
Sequoia (Toyota SUV)
Serena (Nissan van)
Sergio (Pininfarina concept car)
Series I (Land Rover SUV)
Series 6-28 (Pontiac car)
Series 6-29 (Pontiac car)
Series 10 (Cadillac car)
Series 60 (Cadillac car)
Series 61 (Cadillac car)
Series 62 (Cadillac car)
Series 75 (Cadillac car)
Series 90 (Buick car)
Series 90 (Cadillac car)
Series 303 (LaSalle car)
Series 340 (LaSalle car)
Series 341 (Cadillac car)
Series 353 (Cadillac car)
Series 452 (Cadillac car)
Series 603 (Pontiac car)
Series B (Hupmobile car)
Seven (Lotus car)
Seville (Cadillac car)
SH (Collins/Corbeil/Mid Bus bus)
Shadow (Dodge car)
Shadow (Honda motorcycle)
Sharan (Volkswagen MPV)
Shiver (Aprilia motorcycle)
Siber (GAZ car)
Sidewinder (Dodge concept truck)
Sienna (Toyota van)
Sierra (Ford car)
Sierra (Forest River RV)
Sierra (GMC truck)
Sierra (Monteverdi car)
Sightseer (Winnebago RV)
Signature (Dutchmen RV)
Silhouette (Oldsmobile van)
Silver Cloud (Rolls Royce car)
Silver Cloud II (Rolls Royce car)
Silver Ghost (Rolls Royce car)
Silver Hawk (Studebaker car)
Silver Shadow (Rolls Royce car)
Silver Spur (Rolls Royce car)
Silver Wing (Honda motorcycle)
Silver Wraith (Rolls Royce car)
Silverado (Chevrolet truck)
Silvia (Nissan car)
Sirius (Star EV low speed electric vehicle)
Sixteen (Cadillac concept car)
Sky (Saturn car)
SkyCar (Parajet airplane-car)
Skyhawk (Buick car)
Skylark (Buick car)
Skyline (Prince/Nissan car)
SL (Collins/Corbeil/Mid Bus bus)
SL-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
SL1 (Saturn car)
SL2 (Saturn car)
SL63 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
SL320 (Mercedes-Benz car)
SL500 (Mercedes-Benz car)
SL550 (Mercedes-Benz car)
SL600 (Mercedes-Benz car)
Sled, The (Big Bear Choppers motorcycle)
Slingshot (Polaris 3 wheeler)
SLK-Class (Mercedes-Benz car line)
SLK 55 AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
SLR McLaren (Mercedes-Benz car)
SLS AMG (Mercedes-Benz car)
Softail (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Solara (Toyota car)
Solitaire (Cadillac concept car)
Solo (Electra Meccanica car)
Solstice (Pontiac car)
Somerset (Buick car)
Sonata (Hyundai car)
Sonett (Saab car)
Sonic (Chevrolet car)
Sonoma (GMC pickup truck)
Sorento (Kia SUV)
Sorvino (Liberty Coach RV)
Soul (Kia car)
Southwind (Fleetwood RV)
Sovereign (Daimler/Jaguar car)
SP1 (Morgan car)
SP250 (Daimler car)
Spano (GTA car)
Spark (Chevrolet car)
Special (Buick car)
Special Deluxe (Buick car)
Special DeLuxe (Plymouth car)
Spectra (Kia car)
Speed 20 (Alvis car)
Speed Six (Bentley car)
Speed Wagon (REO truck)
Speedi (EH Line car)
Speedster (Porsche car)
Speedster (Studebaker car)
Spiano (Mazda car)
Spider (Alfa Romeo car)
Spider (Fiat car)
Spider Veloce (Alfa Romeo car)
Spirit (AMC car)
Spirit (Indian motorcycle)
Spirit (Dodge car)
Spitfire (Triumph car)
Sport Suburban (Plymouth car)

Sportage (Kia SUV)
SportKa (Ford car)
Sportster (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Sportvan (Chevrolet van)
Sport Wagon (Buick car)
Sprint (GMC pickup car)
Sprinter (Mercedes-Benz/Freightliner/Dodge van)
Sprinter (Toyota car)
Sprite (Austin-Healey car)
Spyder (Can Am motorcycle)
Spyder (Sears scooter)
Spyder F1-350A (Spy Racing quad bike)
SQ5 (Audi crossover)
SR3 (Radical race car)
SRT-4 (Dodge car)
SRX (Cadillac car)
SS (Chevrolet car)
SS100 (Jaguar car)
SSR (Chevrolet truck)
Stanza (Nissan car)
Star Chief (Pontiac car)
Starfire (Oldsmobile car)
Starion (Mitsubishi car)
Starlet (Toyota car)
Starlite (Starcraft bus)
Starquest (Starcraft bus)
Statesman (Nash car)
Stealth (Dodge car)
Steed (Great Wall truck)
Stella (Subaru car)
Stella (Genuine scooter)
Stellina (Autobianchi car)
Stinger (Kia car)
Storm (Fleetwood RV)
Storm (Geo car)
Stratos (Lancia car)
Stratus (Dodge car)
Street Racer (EH Line electric bicycle)
Street Triple (Triumph motorcycle)
Street Twin (Triumph motorcycle)
Streetfighter (Scorpion motorcycle)
StreetKa (Ford car)
STS (Cadillac car)
Sturdibus (U.S. Bus bus)
Styleline (Chevrolet car)
Stylemaster (Chevrolet car)
Su Rui (BYD car)
Suburban (Chevrolet/GMC SUV)
Summit (Columbia LSV)
Sunbird (Pontiac car)
Suncruiser (Itasca RV)
Sundance (Dodge car)
Sunfire (Pontiac car)
Sunova (Itasca RV)
Sunrise (Itasca RV)
Sunrunner (Pontiac SUV)
Sunseeker (Forest River RV)
Sunset (Fisker concept car)
Sunstar (Itasca RV)
Super (Buick car)
Super 8 (Packard car)
Super 88 (Oldsmobile car)
Super Bantam (Collins bus)
Super Bee (Dodge car)
Super Deluxe (Ford car)
Super Eagle (Cushman scooter)
Super Eight (Packard car)
Super Guide (Mid Bus)
Super-Liner (Mack truck)
Super Nova (Gulf Stream RV)
Super Six (Hudson car)
Super Sports (Morgan car)
Superbird (Plymouth car)
Superb (Škoda car)
Supra (Toyota car)
SUT (Phoenix truck)
SV-1 (Bricklin car)
SV4000 (GMC)
SW1 (Saturn car)
SW2 (Saturn car)
SWC (Bendix concept car)
Swift (Suzuki/Maruti car)
SX4 (Suzuki car)

T-5 (Ford car)
T.27 (Car)
T-37 (Pontiac car)
T17E1 (U.S. military armored car)
T51 (Cooper race car)
T55 (Cooper race car)
T60 (Berkeley car)
T70 (Lola race car)
T88 (Lola race car)
T100 (Toyota pickup truck)
T150 (Talbot Lago car)
T192 (Lola race car)
T270/T271 (Kenworth truck)
T290 (Lola race car)
T332 (Lola race car)
T370 (Kenworth truck)
T440 (Kenworth truck)
T460 (Lola race car)
T470 (Kenworth truck)
T586 (Lola race car)
T600 (Kenworth truck)
T660 (Kenworth truck)
T680 (Kenworth truck)
T700 (Kenworth truck)
T800 (Kenworth truck)
T880 (Kenworth truck)
T2000 (Kenworth truck)
Tachyon Speed (RAESR concept car)
Tacoma (Toyota truck)
Tahoe (Chevrolet car)
Taiga (Lada SUV)
Taimar (TVR car)
Talon (Eagle car)
Tang (BYD SUV)
Taurus (Ford car)
Taxicol (Exid minibus)
Taycan (Porsche car)
TC (Chrysler car)
tC (Scion car)
TC/2000 (Blue Bird bus)
TD (Mack truck)
TD (MG car)

Technospace (Citroën concept car)
Telluride (Kia SUV)
Tempest (Pontiac car)
Tempo (Ford car)
Tercel (Toyota car)
Terra (Fleetwood RV)
Terra Transport (Spirit bus)
Terra4 (GMC concept truck)
Terracan (Hyundai SUV)
Terracross (GMC SUV)
Terrain (GMC SUV)
Terranaut (Nissan concept truck)
TerraPro Cabover (Mack truck)
Terraza (Buick van)
Terzo Millennio (Lamborghini concept car)
Teryx4 (Kawasaki ATV)
Testarossa (Ferrari car)
Tg500 (FMR car)
Thing (Volkswagen car)
Thirty (Packard car)
Thunderbird (Ford car)
Thunderbird (Triumph motorcycle)
Thunderbolt (Ford car)
Tiago (Tata car)
Tiburon (Hyundai car)
Tiffany (Classic Motor Carriages kit car)
Tiger (Sunbeam car)
Tiger 800 (Triumph motorcycle)
Tiguan (Volkswagen SUV)
Tioga Montara (Fleetwood RV)
Tioga Ranger (Fleetwood RV)
Tipo 33 (Alfa Romeo race car)
Tipo 151 (Maserati car)
Tipo S-74 (Fiat car)
Titan (Chevrolet truck)
Titan (Nissan truck)
Titan II (Glaval bus)
TL (Acura car)
TLX (Acura car)
Tomahawk (Dodge concept motorcycle)
Topaz (Mercury car)
Topaz (Triple E RV)
TopKick (GMC truck)
Torino (Ford car)
Toro (Fiat truck)
Toronado (Oldsmobile car)
Torpedo (Tucker car)
Torrent (Pontiac SUV)
Torrey Pine (Newmar RV)
ToterCoach (ShowHauler RV)
Touareg (Volkswagen SUV)
Tour (Winnebago RV)
Tourneo Connect (Ford van)
Tourneo Courier (Ford van)
Tourneo Custom (Ford van)
Town and Country (Chrysler van)
Town Car (Lincoln car)
TownAce (Toyota van)
Townsman (Chevrolet car)
TR3 (Triumph car)
TR6 (Triumph car)
TR7 (Triumph car)
Trabant (VEB Sachsenring car)
Tracer (Mercury car)

Tracker (Geo/Chevrolet SUV)
Traction Avant (Citroën car)
Tradesman (Dodge van)
Trail Tamer (Coleman ATV)
TrailBlazer (Chevrolet SUV)
Trans Am (Pontiac car)
Trans Sport (Pontiac van)
Transit (Ford van)
Transit Connect (Ford van)
Transporter (Volkswagen van)
TranStar (International truck)
Transtar (Studebaker truck)
Travelall (International Harvester SUV)
Traveler (American car)
Traveller (Peugeot van)
Travelette (International Harvester truck)
Traverse (Chevrolet crossover)
Trek (Monaco RV)
Trekker (Volkswagen car)
Tribeca (Subaru SUV)
Tribute (Mazda SUV)
Trip (Holiday Rambler RV)
Trooper (Isuzu SUV)
TS010 (Toyota race car)
Tsunami (Forest River RV)
TSX (Acura car)
TT (Audi car)
Tucson (Hyundai SUV)
Tundra (Toyota truck)
Turbo R (Bentley car)
Turismo (Plymouth car)
Turismo (SsangYong truck)
Turnpike Cruiser (Mercury car)
Tuscan (TVR car)
Twelve (Packard car)
Twin'Run (Renault concept car)
Twingo (Renault car)
Twizy (Renault car)
TX (Howmet car)
TXN (Englon car)
Tycoon (Hamann Motorsport crossover)
Typ-1 (Aptera car)
Type 1 (Volkswagen car)
Type 2 (Volkswagen van)
Type 3 (Volkswagen car)
Type 35 (Bugatti car)
Type 41 (Bugatti car)
Type 50 (Bugatti car)
Type 53 (Cadillac car)
Type 57/Type 57S Atlantic (Bugatti car)
Type 82E (Military car)
Type 101 (Bugatti car)
Type 135 (Delahaye car)
Type 181 (Volkswagen car)
Type 542 (Porsche car)
Type C (Auto Union car)
Type D (Auto Union car)
Type D (Connaught car)
Type I (Volkswagen car)
Typhoon (GMC truck)

U6 (Luxgen car)
UD1800 (UD truck)
UD2000 (UD truck)
UD2300 (UD truck)

UD2600 (UD truck)
UD3300 (UD truck)
Ulster (Aston Martin car)
Ultrastar (Starcraft bus)
Ultra Van (Ultra Coach RV)
Ulysses (Buell motorcycle)
Underslung (American car)
Unimog (Mercedes-Benz military truck)

Uno III (BPG motorcycle)
up! (Volkswagen car)
Uplander (Chevrolet van)
Urban Racer (Tank motorcycle)
Urus (Lamborghini SUV)
Ute (Holden pickup car)

V (Orion bus)
V-16 (Cadillac car)
V-63 (Cadillac car)
V-Class (Mercedes-Benz vehicle line)
V-Rod (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
V Star (Star motorcycle)
V3 (CFMOTO motorcycle)
V5 (CFMOTO motorcycle)
V8 Vantage/V12 Vantage (Aston Martin car)
V12 Zagato (Aston Martin car)
V40 (Volvo car)
V50 (Volvo car)
V60 (Volvo car)
V70 (Volvo car)
Valiant (Plymouth car)
Valkyrie (Honda motorcycle)
Van (Toyota van)
Vanagon (Volkswagen van)
Vandura (GMC van)
Vanguard (UCS car)
Vanquish (Aston Martin car)
Vega (Chevrolet car)
Vegas (Victory motorcycle)
VehiCROSS (Isuzu SUV)
Velar (Land Rover SUV)
Velite (Buick concept car)

VelociRaptor (Hennessey car)
Velocity (Pierce fire truck)
Veloster (Hyundai car)
Veneno (Lamborghini car)
Venom GT (Hennessey car)
Ventura (Pontiac car)
Venture (Chevrolet van)
Venue (Hyundai car)
Venza (Toyota crossover)
Veracruz (Hyundai SUV)
Verano (Buick car)
Verona (Suzuki car)
Versa (Nissan car)
Versailles (Lincoln car)
Verve (Ford concept car)
Veyron (Bugatti car)
VFR800 (Honda motorcycle)
Viaggio (Dina bus)
Pontiac Vibe
VII (Orion bus)
Victory(Crosley car)
Vigor (Acura car)
Villager (Edsel car)
Villager (Mercury van)
Viper (Dodge car)
Virage (Aston Martin car)

Vision (Blue Bird bus)
Vision (Eagle car)
Vision (Mack truck)
Vision (Victory motorcycle)
Vista (Winnebago RV)
Vista Cruiser (Oldsmobile car)
Vitara (Suzuki SUV)
Vito (Mercedes-Benz van)
Viva (Vauxhall car)
Vivaro (Vauxhall car)
Viziv (Subaru concept car)
Vizon (Cadillac concept SUV)
VJM05 (Force India race car)
VMAX (Yamaha motorcycle)
Vmotion 2.0 (Nissan concept car)
VN (Volvo truck)
VNL (Volvo truck)
VNM (Volvo truck)
VN900D (Kawasaki motorcycle)
Volante (Aston Martin car)
Volaré (Plymouth car)
Volga Siber (GAZ car)
Volt (Chevrolet car)
Volunteer(Ward bus)
Voyage (Cadillac concept car)
Voyage (Winnebago RV)
Voyager (Plymouth/Chrysler van)
VR (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
Vtrux (Via truck)
Vue (Saturn SUV)
Vulcan (Kawasaki motorcycle line)
VXR8 (Vauxhall)

Jaguar XJ
XJ6 - XJ8 - XJ12 - XJL - XJR - XJS
Jaguar XF

W25 (Mercedes-Benz race car)
W42 (Workhorse chassis)
W46 (Workhorse chassis)
W196 (Mercedes-Benz race car)
W900 (Kenworth truck)
Wagonaire (Studebaker car)
Wagoneer (Jeep truck)
Warlock (Dodge truck)
Wasp (Marmon race car)
WF-120V (Wildfire LSV)
WF-650-C (Wildfire car)
WFH50 (Wildfire scooter)
Whip (Wheego)
Widestar (Brabus SUV)
Wienermobile (Advertising vehicle)
Wild Cargo (Excel RV)
Wildcat (Buick car)
Wildwood (Forest River RV)
Wind (Renault concept car)
Windsor (Chrysler car)
Windstar (Ford minivan)
Winslow (Excel RV)
WL (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
WorkStar (International truck)
Wraith (Rolls Royce car)
Wrangler (Jeep SUV)
WRX (Subaru car)
WS (Mack truck line)
WSC-95 (Porsche race car)

X-Bow (KTM car)
X-Trail (Nissan SUV)
X-Type (Jaguar car)
X1/9 (Fiat/Bertone car)
X3 (Prevost bus)
xA (Scion car)
xB (Scion car)
XC Coupe (Volvo concept car)
XC60 (Volvo SUV)
XC70 (Volvo SUV)
XC90 (Volvo SUV)
xD (Scion car)
XD3 (Alpina SUV)
Xebra (Zap car)
XF 380 (DAF truck)
XG350 (Hyundai car)
XG500 (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
XG750 (Harley-Davidson motorcycle)
XJ220 (Jaguar car)
XK (Jaguar car)
XK 120 (Jaguar car)
XK 140 (Jaguar car)
XK-E (Jaguar car)
XKR/XKR-S (Jaguar car)
XL Sport (Volkswagen concept car)
XL-7 (Suzuki SUV)
XL1 (Volkswagen car)
XLII (Prevost bus)
XLR (Cadillac car)
XM (Citroën car)
XM (Mercury concept car)
XN35 (New Flyer bus)
XN40 (New Flyer bus)
XN60 (New Flyer bus)
XP-755 Mako Shark (Chevrolet concept car)
Xpeditor (Autocar truck)
Xpert (Autocar truck)
Xsara (Citroën car)
Xspotter (Autocar truck)
Xterra (Nissan SUV)
Xtra Raptor (Cagiva motorcycle)
XT4 (Cadillac crossover)
XTS (Cadillac car)
XUV (Studebaker SUV)
XV (Subaru SUV)
XV CrossTrek (Subaru SUV)
XY150ZK (The Auto Moto scooter)

Yaris (Toyota car)
YCC (Volvo concept car)
Yellowstone (Gulf Stream RV)
Yeti (Škoda car)
Yukon (GMC SUV)
YF200R1 (Yamaha racing motorcycle)
YZR-M1 (Yamaha racing motorcycle)
Z1 (BMW car)
Z102 (Pegaso car)
Z103 (Pegaso car)
Z3 (BMW car)
Z4 (BMW car)
Z8 (BMW car)
Z600 (Honda car)
Zafira (Opel/Vauxhall car)ZDX (Acura crossover)
Ze-0 (Nice car)
Zele (Zagato minicar)
ZEOD RC (Nissan race car)
Zephyr (Lincoln/Mercury car)
Zest (Etud Intégral concept car)
Zip Van (Studebaker van)
Zoe (Renault car)
Zonda (Pagani car)
Zuma (Yamaha scooter)
ZX40ST (Miles LSV)
ZZ-R 1100 (Kawasaki motorcycle)

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