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Israel Jaitovich

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Stock Car Racing

Israel Jaitovich

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Race-by-Race Record

May 31, 2009Corona SeriesNMS San Luis PotosiAutódromo Potosino71Plata Motorsports25
June 14, 2009Corona SeriesNMS PueblaAutódromo Internacional Bernardo Obregón71Plata Motorsports21
June 28, 2009Corona SeriesGoodyear 200Nuevo Autódromo de Querétaro71Plata Motorsports21
July 19, 2009Corona SeriesGoodyear 150Autódromo Internacional Bernardo Obregón71Plata Motorsports28
August 2, 2009Corona SeriesNMS ZacatecasZacatecas, Mexico71Plata Motorsports10
August 16, 2009Corona SeriesNMS San Luis PotosiAutódromo Potosino71Plata Motorsports28
September 6, 2009Corona SeriesNMS PueblaAutódromo Miguel E. Abed71Plata Motorsports22
September 20, 2009Corona SeriesGoodyear 150Autódromo de Monterrey71Plata Motorsports22
October 11, 2009Corona SeriesNMS QueretaroNuevo Autódromo de Querétaro71Plata Motorsports30
November 8, 2009Corona SeriesNMS Tuxtla GutiérrezTuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico71Plata Motorsports26
November 22, 2009Corona SeriesPennzoil 200Nuevo Autódromo de Aguascalientes71Plata Motorsports26

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