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Robert Kubica

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Robert Kubica

Birthdate:  December 7, 1984
Nationality:  Polish

A Formula 1 driver.

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Formula 1 Race History
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Formula 1 Race History

DateGrand PrixConstructorGridFinishPoints
August 6, 2006HungarianSauber-BMW9Disqualified0
August 27, 2006TurkishSauber-BMW8120
September 10, 2006ItalianSauber-BMW636
October 1, 2006ChineseSauber-BMW9130
October 8, 2006JapaneseSauber-BMW1290
October 22, 2006BrazilianSauber-BMW990
March 18, 2007AustralianBMW5Retired0
April 8, 2007MalaysianBMW7180
April 15, 2007BahrainBMW663
May 13, 2007SpanishBMW545
May 27, 2007MonacoBMW854
June 10, 2007CanadianBMW8Retired0
July 1, 2007FrenchBMW445
July 8, 2007BritishBMW445
July 22, 2007EuropeanBMW572
August 5, 2007HungarianBMW754
August 26, 2007TurkishBMW581
September 9, 2007ItalianBMW654
September 16, 2007BelgianBMW1490
September 30, 2007JapaneseBMW972
October 7, 2007ChineseBMW9Retired0
October 21, 2007BrazilianBMW754
March 16, 2008AustralianBMW Sauber2Retired0
March 23, 2008MalaysianBMW Sauber428
April 6, 2008BahrainBMW Sauber136
April 27, 2008SpanishBMW Sauber445
May 11, 2008TurkishBMW Sauber545
May 25, 2008MonacoBMW Sauber528
June 8, 2008CanadianBMW Sauber2WIN10
June 22, 2008FrenchBMW Sauber554
July 6, 2008BritishBMW Sauber10Retired0
July 20, 2008GermanBMW Sauber772
August 3, 2008HungarianBMW Sauber481
August 24, 2008EuropeanBMW Sauber336
September 7, 2008BelgianBMW Sauber863
September 14, 2008ItalianBMW Sauber1136
September 28, 2008SingaporeBMW Sauber4110
October 12, 2008JapaneseBMW Sauber628
October 19, 2008ChineseBMW Sauber1163
November 2, 2008BrazilianBMW Sauber13110
March 29, 2009AustralianBMW Sauber4140
April 5, 2009MalaysianBMW Sauber6Retired0
April 19, 2009ChineseBMW Sauber17130
April 26, 2009BahrainBMW Sauber13180
May 10, 2009SpanishBMW Sauber10110
May 24, 2009MonacoBMW Sauber17Retired0
June 27, 2009TurkishBMW Sauber1072
June 21, 2009BritishBMW Sauber12130
July 12, 2009GermanBMW Sauber16140
July 26, 2009HungarianBMW Sauber18130
August 23, 2009EuropeanBMW Sauber1081
August 30, 2009BelgianBMW Sauber545
September 13, 2009ItalianBMW Sauber13Retired0
September 27, 2009SingaporeBMW Sauber781
October 4, 2009JapaneseBMW Sauber990
October 18, 2009BrazilianBMW Sauber828
November 1, 2009Abu DhabiBMW Sauber7100

Article Index

June 5, 2007Kubica Confident Ahead Of Montreal GPAnthony Fontanelle
June 6, 2007BMW Sauber's Kubica No Regrets For Villeneuve's AbsenceAnthony Fontanelle
June 10, 2007Automobilismo, Formula 1: grave incidente a KubicaWikinotizieWikinotizie
June 13, 2007BMW Sauber's Kubica Hopes To Race At IndyAnthony Fontanelle
June 14, 2007BMW Sauber Team Boss Hopes Kubica Can Race At US Grand PrixAnthony Fontanelle
June 14, 2007BMW's Theissen On Kubica's Crash, Indy RaceAnthony Fontanelle
June 14, 2007Kubica Ready To Race At IndyAnthony Fontanelle
June 16, 2007Kubica Out, Vettel In For U.S. Grand PrixAnthony Fontanelle
June 18, 2007Kubica's Comeback Blocked By DoctorsAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007Kubica Expected To Be Back, Heidfeld Continues Hectic ScheduleAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007Kubica Survives 75-G ImpactAnthony Fontanelle
June 21, 2007Kubica To Return To BMW Sauber's SeatAnthony Fontanelle
June 22, 2007Kubica Can't Wait To RaceAnthony Fontanelle
June 26, 2007Kubica: Bored With Doing NothingAnthony Fontanelle
June 30, 2007Kubica To Start in FranceAnthony Fontanelle
July 3, 2007Kubica In, Heidfeld Possibly OutAnthony Fontanelle
July 4, 2007Kubica Makes Form-Perfect ComebackAnthony Fontanelle
June 8, 2008Robert Kubica wins 2008 Canadian Grand PrixWikinews
February 6, 2011F1 Driver Kubica Injured In CrashVOA Breaking News
February 6, 2011Genua: Schwerer Rallye-Unfall von Formel-1-Pilot Robert KubicaWikinews
February 14, 2011F1 Driver Kubica’s Condition WorsensVOA Breaking News
February 16, 2011F1's Lotus Renault Names Heidfeld To Replace Injured KubicaVOA Breaking News
September 9, 2012Robert Kubica wins a rally on his first competitive returnMatt Hubbard
October 16, 2013Robert Kubica will drive a Citroen DS3 WRC in Wales Rally GBMatt Hubbard

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