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Patrick Lowe

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing

Patrick Lowe

Also known as Paddy Lowe.

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The Flying Lap, Episode 71: Monaco GP Preview with Patrick "Paddy" Lowe
May 22, 2012
Duration: 1:09:02
Patrick "Paddy" Lowe is a no-nonsense engineer who loves his motor racing...and who also happens to be Technical Director of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. I was privileged to work with Paddy when we were both at Williams in the early 1990s and was struck then by his disarmingly objective view of life. After I complained yet again about the steam pouring from the enormous cooling towers from a nearby (coal-to-electricity) energy station that dwarfed the Williams factory at Didcot, Paddy rebuked me with the simple words: "Why complain? That energy station is the most efficient in England. I admire it every morning as I drive into the car park..." The simple elegance of the 2012 McLaren MP4-27 echoes that philosophy. On a grid crammed full of strange, oddly-angled cars, the McLaren stands out as a victory for curves over (apparent) stark necessity. We'll be talking about Paddy's design criteria - and about life in general - in the build-up to F1's must-win, "Marquee" race - the 70th running of the Grand Prix de Monaco. On paper, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button head into the Principality as clear, obvious favourites....but then 2012 is turning out to be no ordinary F1 year. In addition - and fresh from the team's brilliant victory in the Spanish GP - Williams F1 Strategy Engineer, Mark Barnett, will be talking us through the Monaco GP from his perspective; and, courtesy of Hilton Honors, Lewis Hamilton will be introducing us to the driver's side of the most glamorous race of them all - PDW

This video is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License
Download The Flying Lap, Episode 71 at The Internet Archive

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