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Mercury Marquis

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Vehicle Model

A car produced by Mercury.

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1979 Mercury Marquis Brougham 1979 Brougham
Lincoln-Mercury Public Relations Photograph
Lightweight materials, advanced electronics and sophisticated computer-assisted design techniques were used to build a host of state-of-the-art engineering features into the 1979 Marquis.  A new frame and suspension and steering systems make the car more nimble than its predecessor while maintaining the ride for which the Mercury nameplate has become known.  The car's sleek new body is an efficient, wind-tunnel tested design.  Although more than 800 pounds lighter and 17 inches shorter, the new Marquis has more interior room and luggage capacity than last year's model.  The optional 5.8-liter (351-CID) V-8 engine has standard electronic engine controls that use an onboard computer to control or monitor six functions to meet emission-control and fuel-economy standards while providing optimum driveability.
View photo of 1979 Mercury Marquis Brougham - 3.5MB
1979 Mercury Marquis Trunk 1979
Lincoln-Mercury Public Relations Photograph
STILL THE BIGGEST -- The cavernous deep-well trunk of the all-new 1979 Mercury Marquis still is the biggest of any domestic car.  With the introduction on the new Mini Spare as standard equipment in late October, this year's Marquis trunk provides 23.2 cubic feet of storage capacity -- 0.5 cubic feet more than the trunk of the 1978 Marquis and more than enough to stow all the luggage shown above.
October 27, 1978
View photo of 1979 Mercury Marquis Trunk - 3.3MB

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