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Ford Model C

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Model C

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Wikipedia: Ford Model C

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A car produced by Ford for model years 1904-1905.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Ford Model C page on 6 July 2020, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The Ford Model C is an automobile that was produced by Ford Motor Company. Introduced in 1904, it was a revision of the Model A with a more modern appearance. It had a slightly more powerful engine and 6 in (150 mm) longer wheelbase. Built at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, it was the entry-level car in the Ford model lineup, slotting below the upscale Model B. Production ended in 1905 with 800 cars made; it was replaced by the derivative Model F.

Both Models A and C were produced at the same time, but the Model A could also be bought with a Model C engine, an option called the AC. The Model C engine was an opposed twin giving 8 hp (6 kW) at first and 10 hp (7 kW) by 1905, with a claimed top speed of 38 mph (61 km/h). The Model C two-seater was marketed as a 'Doctor's Car' and sold for $850, compared to the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout at US$650, Western's Gale Model A at US$500, and the Success at a low US$250. It offered a four-seater option for an additional $100. The top also cost extra: rubber $30, leather $50.

Although the Model C had a protruding front "box" like a modern car, unlike the flat-front Model A, this was purely ornamental — the engine remained under the seat (the gas tank was under the hood).

The Model C was the first vehicle to be built at Ford Motor Company of Canada.


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August 1961Four in a Row and How They Go: Ford Model "A" "B" "C" 1928-1934
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