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Motor City 250

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Motor City 250

A NASCAR Grand National race held at the Michigan State Fairgrounds.

DateWinnerWinner's Make
12 August 1951Tommy ThompsonChrysler1951 Race Information & Results


Auto Racing: 250 Mile Stock Cars
Telenews Newsreel
Download Auto Racing: 250 Mile Stock Cars from The Internet Archive - 10.5MB - 2:45

Race Results

August 12, 1951
Average Speed:  57.588 mph
Margin of Victory:  37 seconds
Time of Race:  4:20:28
Lead Changes:  14
Cautions:  5

FinishStartDriverMakeCar #SponsorLapsStatusWinnings
15Tommy Thompson'51 Chrysler40250Running$5,000
213Joe Eubanks'50 Oldsmobile82Oates Motor Co.250Running$2,000
315Johnny Mantz'51 Nash98244Running$1,000
425Red Byron'50 Ford83Dantone Racing Stable241Running$600
538Paul Newkirk'51 Nash43241Running$500
647Jack Goodwin'51 Plymouth34239Running$400
722Lloyd Moore'51 Oldsmobile59239Running$300
820Ewell Weddle'50 Ford50236Running$200
930Curtis Turner'51 Oldsmobile41Eanes Motor Co.233Out (Overheating)$100
1045Erick Erickson'51 Pontiac1-XPacker233Running$100
1156Bill Majot'50 Chevrolet135233Running$50
1252Jim Fiebelkorn'51 Mercury10233Running$50
1344Lee Petty'51 Plymouth42Hodges Dodges233Running$50
1414Lou Figaro'51 Hudson33231Running$50
1532Bob Myers'51 Packard142St. Mary's230Out$50
1655Jim Paschal'50 Ford60228Out$25
172Tim Flock'51 Oldsmobile91Black Phantom228Out$125
1854Bob Jeffries'51 Lincoln67225Out$25
1943John McGinley'51 Hudson120224Out$25
208Bob Flock'51 Oldsmobile7Gray Ghost223Out$25
2135Les Snow'50 Oldsmobile151222Out$25
2233Iggy Katona'51 Ford38222Out$25
2339Dell Pearson'51 Oldsmobile88216Out$25
2441Bob Prince'50 Hudson85199Out$25
2534Bobby Myers'51 Hudson2199Out$25
2637Oda Greene'51 Hudson22173Out$25
2748John Barker'51 Studebaker48173Out$25
2846Ray Duhigg'51 Oldsmobile102167Out$25
2953Jack White'50 Oldsmobile65158Out$25
3027Danny Letner'51 Hudson36153Out (Overheating)$25
3151Walt FlandersFord140145Out$10
3210Billy Carden'50 Oldsmobile12142Out$10
331Marshall Teague'51 Hudson6FABULOUS136Out (Overheating)$10
3417George Seeger'51 Studebaker18George's Motors133Out$10
354Fonty Flock'51 Oldsmobile14Red Devil130Out (Crash)$10
3612Bob Greer'50 Oldsmobile75Connell Cadillac126Out (Crash)
3749Jack Smith'51 Plymouth44Dantone Racing Stable123Out (Crash)
3842Billy Myers'51 Plymouth198123Out (Crash)
3911Tony Suligoy'51 Packard777115Out (Crash)
4058Al Miller'51 Kaiser Henry J750115Out
4129Walt Sprague'50 Oldsmobile1113Out
423Gober Sosebee'50 Cadillac51West Peach Motors104Out (Tie Rod)
4318Bobby Booth'50 Oldsmobile133103Out
4431Tommy Melvin'50 Oldsmobile3292Out (Crash)
4516Bud Riley'51 Hudson889Out (Crash)
4623Ray Chase'51 Hudson28Oster-Barry89Out (Overheating)
4724Bill Blair'50 Oldsmobile41.588Out
4840Bill Holland'51 Cadillac175Connell Cadillac80Out (Crash)
4957Elmer Wilson'50 Buick3080Out
5021Frank Mundy'51 Studebaker2380Out (Crash)
5150Freddie Farmer'51 Nash9Tom's Grill77Out
529Jim Rathmann'50 Packard9076Out
5326Ed Benedict'51 Hudson11875Out (Overheating)
5428Hershel McGriff'51 Oldsmobile11Superior73Out (Crash)
5559Dick Rathman'51 Hudson2131Out (Overheating)
5636Johnny Wohlfiel'51 Nash7027Out
576Herb Thomas'51 Hudson92FABULOUS26Out (Overheating)
587Jesse James Taylor'51 Hudson3114Out (Overheating)
5919Pat Flaherty'51 Oldsmobile18813Out

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