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Bubba Nissen

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Bubba Nissen

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series/
Busch Late Model Sportsman Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

February 20, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesEastern 150Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway2Running170/0$3,150
March 28, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesDogwood 500Martinsville Speedway18Running109/0$640
April 18, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesBusch 200South Boston Speedway7Running146/0$650
May 2, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesSpring 200Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway9138/0$800
June 26, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesRoses Stores 200South Boston Speedway12Running127/0
July 24, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesLowe's 200South Boston Speedway6Running150/0
September 11, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesHarvest 150Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway9Running138/0
October 31, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesCardinal 250Martinsville Speedway29Out ()76/0
February 19, 1983Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesGoody's 300Daytona International SpeedwayPontiac95Metro2720Running103/0$2,930
March 5, 1983Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesCoca-Cola 200North Carolina Motor SpeedwayPontiac951819Out (Accident)106/0$550
February 25, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesWrangler Jeans 150Richmond Fairgrounds RacewayPontiac95Nissen Racing713Running124/0$450
March 3, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesKomfort Koach 200North Carolina Motor SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing1919Running106/0$550
March 11, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesMountain Dew 400Hickory Motor SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing1422Out (Oil Leak)97/0$210
May 5, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesHampton Chevrolet 200Langley SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing35Running155/0$750
May 13, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesRed Carpet NASCAR 200The Milwaukee MilePontiac95Nissen Racing523Running0$950
May 19, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesBudweiser 200Dover Downs International SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing117Running146/0$1,700
June 2, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesBusch 200South Boston SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing1411Running130/0$700
June 9, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesBenny Yount Chevrolet-Plymouth 200Hickory Motor SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing128Running142/0$850
June 16, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesL.D. Swain & Son 200Orange County SpeedwayPontiac95Amadila Auto Parts1020Out (Oil Leak)103/0$470
August 11, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesBusch Country 200Langley SpeedwayPontiac95Nissen Racing421Out (Rear End)0$215
September 8, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesMiller Time 150Richmond Fairgrounds RacewayPontiac95Amelia Auto Parts820Out (Steering)103/0$655
October 28, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesCardinal 500 ClassicMartinsville SpeedwayPontiac95Thalia Auto Parts1419Out (Engine)0$870

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