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PPG Indy Car World Series

Open Wheel Racing

PPG Indy Car World Series
Racing Series

An American open-wheel racing series, the predecessor to the Indy Racing League and ChampCar.

Past Champions

1980Johnny Rutherford1980 Standings
1981Rick Mears1981 Standings
1982Rick Mears1982 Standings
1983Al Unser1983 Standings
1984Mario Andretti1984 Standings
1985Al Unser1985 Standings
1986Bobby Rahal1986 Standings
1987Bobby Rahal1987 Standings
1988Danny Sullivan1988 Standings
1989Emerson Fittipaldi1989 Standings
1990Al Unser, Jr.1990 Standings

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Collectible Cards

1980 Standings (Top 10)

1Johnny Rutherford4,723
2Bobby Unser3,714
3Tom Sneva2,930
4Rick Mears2,866
5Pancho Carter1,855
6Gordon Johncock1,572
7Bill Alsup1,214
8Al Unser1,153
9Gary Bettenhausen1,057
10Vern Schuppan806

1981 Standings (Top 10)

1Rick Mears304
2Bill Alsup177
3Pancho Carter168
4Gordon Johncock142
5Johnny Rutherford120
6Tony Bettenhausen107
7Bobby Unser99
8Tom Sneva96
9Bob Lazier92
10Al Unser90

1982 Standings (Top 10)

1Rick Mears294
2Bobby Rahal242
3Mario Andretti188
4Gordon Johncock186
5Tom Sneva144
6Kevin Cogan136
7Al Unser125
8Geoff Brabham110
9Roger Mears103
10Tony Bettenhausen80

1983 Standings (Top 10)

1Al Unser151
2Teo Fabi146
3Mario Andretti133
4Tom Sneva96
5Bobby Rahal94
6Rick Mears92
7Al Unser, Jr.89
8John Paul, Jr.84
9Chip Ganassi56
10Pancho Carter53

1984 Standings (Top 10)

1Mario Andretti176
2Tom Sneva163
3Bobby Rahal137
4Danny Sullivan110
5Rick Mears110
6Al Unser, Jr.103
7Michael Andretti102
8Geoff Brabham87
9Al Unser76
10Danny Ongais53

1985 Standings (Top 10)

1Al Unser151
2Al Unser, Jr.150
3Bobby Rahal134
4Danny Sullivan126
5Mario Andretti114
6Emerson Fittipaldi104
7Tom Sneva66
8Jacques Villeneuve54
9Michael Andretti53
10Rick Mears51

1986 Standings (Top 10)

1Bobby Rahal179
2Michael Andretti171
3Danny Sullivan147
4Al Unser, Jr.137
5Mario Andretti136
6Kevin Cogan115
7Emerson Fittipaldi103
8Rick Mears89
9Roberto Guerrero87
10Tom Sneva82

1987 Standings (Top 10)

1Bobby Rahal188
2Michael Andretti158
3Al Unser, Jr.107
4Roberto Guerrero106
5Rick Mears102
6Mario Andretti100
7Arie Luyendyk98
8Geoff Brabham90
9Danny Sullivan87
10Emerson Fittipaldi78

1988 Standings (Top 10)

1Danny Sullivan182
2Al Unser, Jr.149
3Bobby Rahal136
4Rick Mears129
5Mario Andretti126
6Michael Andretti119
7Emerson Fittipaldi105
8Raul Boesel89
9Derek Daly53
10Teo Fabi44

1989 Standings (Top 10)

1Emerson Fittipaldi196
2Rick Mears186
3Michael Andretti150
4Teo Fabi141
5Al Unser, Jr.136
6Mario Andretti110
7Danny Sullivan107
8Scott Pruett101
9Bobby Rahal88
10Arie Luyendyk75

1990 Standings

1Al Unser, Jr.210
2Michael Andretti181
3Rick Mears168
4Bobby Rahal153
5Emerson Fittipaldi144
6Danny Sullivan139
7Mario Andretti136
8Arie Luyendyk90
9Eddie Cheever80
10John Andretti51
11A.J. Foyt, Jr.42
12Raul Boesel42
13Scott Goodyear36
14Teo Fabi33
15Scott Brayton28
16Roberto Guerrero25
17Mike Groff17
18Didier Theys15
19Dominic Dobson12
20Pancho Carter9
21Jon Beekhuis7
22Jeff Wood7
23Kevin Cogan4
24Tony Bettenhausen4
25Dean Hall4

Collectible Cards


1991 1991 All World Racing

Single Cards

YearSet#NameCar #SponsorNotes
1991All World Racing42'90 P.P.G. Indy Driver Standings22Amway

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