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Stock Car Racing

Random Lugnuts

A semi-regular column about stock car racing written by Bill Crittenden.

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Article Index

August 1, 2007Random Lugnuts: MWR's Future, The Stewart Storm, and My Own Personal Sponsor TroublesBill Crittenden
August 5, 2007Random Lugnuts: Chevy Dominance and Gordon's GoofBill Crittenden
August 13, 2007Random Lugnuts: Kangaroo Meat & Other RookiesBill Crittenden
August 22, 2007Random Lugnuts: NASCAR Actually Makes Some Good CallsBill Crittenden
September 1, 2007Random Lugnuts: Money Makes the Wheels Go RoundBill Crittenden
September 10, 2007Random Lugnuts: Paying Dues?Bill Crittenden
September 15, 2007Random Lugnuts: Model Drivers and Model CarsBill Crittenden
September 15, 2007Paying Their DuesJoe Dudas
October 19, 2007Random Lugnuts: This Ain't Your Older Brother's NASCARBill Crittenden
November 3, 2007Random Lugnuts: Illinois, Amp, Hockey and Wet TowelsBill Crittenden
December 31, 2007Random Lugnuts: Same Old Story...Bill Crittenden
January 19, 2008Random Lugnuts: Tony Stewart, Russ Wicks and Rolling DebrisBill Crittenden
February 8, 2008Random Lugnuts: 2008 Sprint Cup PreviewBill Crittenden
February 16, 2008Random Lugnuts: Michael Waltrip at The Daytona 500Bill Crittenden
February 18, 2008Random Lugnuts: The Day After YesterdayBill Crittenden
February 21, 2008Random Lugnuts: Don't Move the 500Bill Crittenden
March 3, 2008Random Lugnuts: Candy and Race Car DriversBill Crittenden
March 6, 2008Random Lugnuts: NASCAR's Backwards PunishmentBill Crittenden
March 17, 2008Random Lugnuts: Carbon Footprints Can Take a HikeBill Crittenden
March 20, 2008Random Lugnuts: Sponsors, Fords and SurprisesBill Crittenden
June 17, 2008Random Lugnuts: Dale Jr., Complaining & SchedulesBill Crittenden
June 23, 2008Random Lugnuts: The Camping World RV Sales 200Bill Crittenden
June 25, 2008Random Lugnuts: Can the Sprint Cup Race in Milwaukee?Bill Crittenden
July 17, 2008Random Lugnuts: NASCAR's Top 60 at 60 YearsBill Crittenden
July 23, 2008Random Lugnuts: NASCAR's Embarrassments go NationwideBill Crittenden
January 6, 2009Random Lugnuts: It's the Stupid EconomyBill Crittenden
February 9, 2009Random Lugnuts: The Shootout, The Stig, and Jiminy JohnsonBill Crittenden
April 1, 2009Random Lugnuts: Desperate Times for NASCARBill Crittenden
May 4, 2009Random Lugnuts: Pontiac, Safety, and FiatBill Crittenden
July 2, 2009Random Lugnuts: Mayfield's Case About More Than Drug TestingBill Crittenden
July 22, 2009Random Lugnuts: Indianapolis and Unconventional WinsBill Crittenden
September 5, 2009Random Lugnuts: Danica in NASCARBill Crittenden
September 18, 2009Random Lugnuts: NASCAR Teams and Sponsorship MoneyBill Crittenden
September 29, 2009Random Lugnuts: Beyond the HoodBill Crittenden
October 27, 2009Random Lugnuts: Chad KnausBill Crittenden
November 14, 2009Random Lugnuts: Zombie SponsorshipsBill Crittenden
December 28, 2009Random Lugnuts: NASCAR Isn't BrokenBill Crittenden
January 12, 2010Random Lugnuts: Danica, Spoilers and 2010Bill Crittenden
February 7, 2010Random Lugnuts, ARCA Edition: DaytonaBill Crittenden
February 11, 2010Random Lugnuts: Let's Race TwoBill Crittenden
February 13, 2010Random Lugnuts: Before The Big RaceBill Crittenden
February 16, 2010Random Lugnuts: Waving a Caution Flag on OptimismBill Crittenden
February 21, 2010Random Lugnuts: NASCAR Drivers, Raindrops, and RCRBill Crittenden
March 22, 2010Random Lugnuts: The Wing is Gone but Anger Management ReturnsBill Crittenden
April 17, 2010Random Lugnuts, ARCA Edition: TexasBill Crittenden
April 20, 2010Random Lugnuts: Much Ado About NothingBill Crittenden
April 29, 2010Random Lugnuts: Harvick's Gotta StayBill Crittenden
May 2, 2010Random Lugnuts, ARCA Edition: Scheduling, Broadcasting and HistoryBill Crittenden
June 20, 2010Random Lugnuts: Happy Father's Day!Bill Crittenden
July 11, 2010Random Lugnuts: 2011 Hall of Fame NomineesBill Crittenden
July 17, 2010Random Lugnuts: Dale Earnhardt's Legacy was in Victory Lane This JulyBill Crittenden
July 27, 2010Random Lugnuts: Keselowskis, Johnsons, and the ScheduleBill Crittenden
August 25, 2010Random Lugnuts: Budweiser, Momentum, and a Ford GuyBill Crittenden
Septmeber 10, 2010Random Lugnuts: The Intersection of NASCAR and HockeyBill Crittenden
October 15, 2010Random Lugnuts, ARCA Edition: The Sum of the Parts is a Championship for Patrick SheltraBill Crittenden
October 28, 2010Random Lugnuts: Selling Cars and NASCAR FansBill Crittenden
November 14, 2010Random Lugnuts: Rutledge, Points, and More PointsBill Crittenden
March 19, 2011Random Lugnuts: Couch Potato NASCAR FansBill Crittenden
August 16, 2011Random Lugnuts: Marcos Ambrose! (and Rain Dates)Bill Crittenden
January 18, 2012Random Lugnuts: NASCAR's "Home Teams" and Kyle Friggin' BuschBill Crittenden
February 20, 2012Random Lugnuts: Roger Penske and LoyaltyBill Crittenden
February 20, 2012Random Lugnuts: The Busches are BackBill Crittenden
March 9, 2012Random Lugnuts & Dream Cars: NASCAR EditionsBill Crittenden
November 27, 2012Random Lugnuts: National Pride and NASCARBill Crittenden
September 10, 2013Random Lugnuts: Making Sure Racing Doesn't Become BasketballBill Crittenden
October 3, 2013Random Lugnuts: Google and NASCAR SponsorshipBill Crittenden
November 16, 2013Random Lugnuts: Fox Sports 1 Disrespects NASCAR. Surprised? I'm not.Bill Crittenden
February 22, 2014Random Lugnuts: Danica and RickyBill Crittenden
March 3, 2014Random Lugnuts: A Tale of Two FoxesBill Crittenden
March 4, 2014Random Lugnuts: "The Double" is back!Bill Crittenden
May 15, 2014Random Lugnuts: NASCAR to Automate Pit OfficiatingBill Crittenden
August 16, 2014Random Lugnuts: I Call Bullshit on NASCAR FansBill Crittenden
August 30, 2014Random Lugnuts: The Man on the Not at All Grassy KnollBill Crittenden
September 5, 2014Random Lugnuts: The NASCAR Xfinity SeriesBill Crittenden
February 24, 2015Random Lugnuts: We Need More Short Tracks, Less DaytonaBill Crittenden
April 11, 2015Random Lugnuts: Trying Too Hard (A Defense of Brian France and NASCAR)">Bill Crittenden

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