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Real Racing

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Real Racing
Video Game

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Release Date: 8 June 2009

A 2009 iOS game published by Firemint. A special edition called Real Racing GTI was releaseed October 22 to promote the new Volkswagen GTI.


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Real Racing page on 5 August 2020, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Real Racing is a 2009 racing game developed and published by Firemint for iOS. It was released on June 8, 2009 for iPhone and iPod Touch, and later a HD version was released for the iPad, which featured improved graphics to take full advantage of the iPad's capabilities. The game was a critical and commercial success, and has led to two sequels; Real Racing 2 in 2010 and Real Racing 3 in 2013.

The player is given five different control methods from which to choose: Method A features accelerometer steering (tilting the physical device to the left to turn left and to the right to turn right), auto accelerate and manual brake; Method B features accelerometer steering, manual accelerate and manual brake; Method C features touch to steer (where the player touches the left side of the touchscreen to turn left, and the right side to turn right), auto accelerate and manual brake; Method D features a virtual on-screen steering wheel to steer, auto accelerate and manual brake; Method E features a virtual steering wheel to steer, manual accelerate and manual brake. Within each of these options, the player can modify the amount of brake assist. In Methods A and B, the accelerometer sensitivity can also be modified.

In career mode, the player begins with only one available race; a "Hatch qualifier", in which they must complete a single lap in under one minute fifteen seconds to qualify for the next race. As each race is cleared, the next race becomes available. The game is divided into four sections, determined by the type of car; "Hatch", "Sedan", "Muscle" and "Exotic". Each section is further divided into three levels of difficulty; "Class C" is the easiest, followed by "Class B", with "Class A" being the hardest. Career races can include up to five AI opponents.

Other ways to play include a quick race, open time trials (which are connected to online leaderboards using Firemint's Cloudcell technology), local multiplayer and online trial leagues. A six player online multiplayer mode is also available.

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4 January 2010Slide to Play Announces Real Racing as 2009 iPhone Game of the YearSlide to Play

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