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Connie Saylor

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Connie Saylor

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Racing Record


1987 Connie Saylor Car at the 1987 Champion Spark Plug 400 1987 Champion Spark Plug 400
Photo courtesy Photo ©John Walczak.  All Rights Reserved.  Used with permission.
View photo of Connie Saylor Car at the 1987 Champion Spark Plug 400 - 1,155KB

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series/
Busch Late Model Sportsman Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

March 19, 1978Winston CupAtlanta 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayDodge49Lady & Son328Out (Accident)142/0$4,010
May 28, 1978Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDodge49Lady & Son1834Out (Engine Failure)61/0$1,315
October 8, 1978Winston CupNational 400Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDodge49Lady & Son3216Running115/0$3,790
May 6, 1979Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayOldsmobile6Mitco Fil1118Out (Accident)109/0$2,970
May 27, 1979Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile6Lady & Son1634Out (Accident)61/0$1,465
May 25, 1980Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet4Mitco1919Out (Oil Pump)PE$3,450
July 4, 1980Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet4Mitco1239Out (Burned Piston)46/0$1,010
September 1, 1980Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayChevrolet4Spencer Racing2214Out (Engine Failure)PE$3,425
October 5, 1980Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet4Mitco3823Running94/0$1,400
November 2, 1980Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet4Mitco2127Out (Engine Failure)87/5$1,750
May 3, 1981Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayOldsmobile4Mitco1937Out (Accident)52/0$1,345
May 24, 1981Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing3212Running127/0$5,225
July 4, 1981Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing3514Running121/0$3,160
August 2, 1981Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayOldsmobile4Ball Equipment Company2933Out (Broken Rocker Arm)64/0$1,450
September 7, 1981Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing3140Out (Engine Failure)43/0$1,200
October 11, 1981Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile4Apache Stove2111Running130/0$3,850
November 8, 1981Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing3312Running127/0$2,550
February 13, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesGoody's 300Daytona International SpeedwayPontiac4CMT829Out (Engine)76/0$1,195
March 21, 1982Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing3831Out (Engine Failure)70/0$1,435
May 29, 1982Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesMello Yello 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayPontiac411Running130/0
May 30, 1982Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile4Mitchell Industrial Tire2815RunningPE$4,475
July 4, 1982Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing2739Out (Piston)46/0$1,220
August 1, 1982Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing2137Out (Engine Failure)52/0$2,365
August 28, 1982Winston CupBusch 500Bristol International SpeedwayBuick4Lady & Son2020RunningPE$925
September 6, 1982Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayOldsmobile4Connie Mining Tires3012Running132/5$4,750
October 10, 1982Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile4Spencer Racing3139Out (Water Pump)46/0$1,055
May 1, 1983Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayOldsmobile4Morgan-McClure Chevrolet3340Out (Engine Failure)43/0$1,985
July 4, 1983Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet6Native Tan1718RunningPE$4,875
September 4, 1983Budweiser Late Model Sportsman SeriesDarlington 250Darlington RacewayPontiac932429Out (Engine)76/0$560
February 18, 1984Busch Late Model Sportsman SeriesGoody's 300Daytona International SpeedwayPontiac93Bunton Chevrolet3032Out (Fuel Pump)67/0$1,505
February 19, 1984Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet29Adcox Racing3622Out (Overheating)PE$6,900
March 4, 1984Winston CupHodgdon Carolina 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayPontiac37Lain Racing3233Out (Head Gasket)PE$1,050
April 15, 1984Winston CupTranSouth 500Darlington RacewayPontiac37Lain Racing3225Out (Cylinder Head)93/5$1,400
May 27, 1984Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayPontiac37Diet Connection4039Out (Engine Failure)46/0$1,310
July 4, 1984Winston CupPepsi FireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayChevrolet6U.s. Racing3327Running82/0$4,330
July 22, 1984Winston CupSummer 500Pocono RacewayPontiac37Diet Connection2629Out (Oil Leak)76/0$1,750
September 2, 1984Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayChevrolet23Bahre Racing3131Out (Engine Failure)70/0$1,845
October 7, 1984Winston CupMiller 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet23Bahre Racing1934Out (Transmission)PE$1,090

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