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Saturn SC

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Wikipedia: Saturn S-Series

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A sporty coupe produced by Saturn.  Produced for the 1991-1992 model years.  For the 1993 model year Saturn added a new version, the SC1, at which time the SC became the SC2.

Awards and acknowledgements include:
A Complete Guide to Used Cars (1995 Edition) Best Late-Model Bet in the Sporty Coupe category (model years 1991-1992)


The following section is an excerpt from Wikipedia's Saturn S-Series page on 6 July 2016, text available via the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

First generation SC

The first generation SC was made from model year 1991 to 1996. Originally only one trim level, SC, was available, with a DOHC 1.9 L I4 LL0 engine that was rated at 124 hp (92 kW). For 1993, the original SC trim level was renamed SC2, and an SC1 trim level was introduced. For 1994, the SC1/SC2 got revised power door locks and a recalibrated automatic transmission. The first generation SC2 received a minor refresh for 1995 in which the lower front bumper, and taillights were redesigned, and the interior got a new dashboard with dual airbags.

The SC1 featured an SOHC 1.9 L I4 LK0 engine that rated at 85 hp (63 kW). The SC1 engine was later upgraded to the 100 hp (70 kW) L24 engine for the 1995 model year. The first generation SC1 shared its front fascia with the SL and SW rather than the SC2, and also lacked a trunk lid reflector and a rear stabilizer bar.

Second generation SC

The second generation SC was made from model year 1997 to late 1999. The second generation SC also moved to the longer wheelbase of the SL/SW models, resulting in an equal wheelbase across all models. The redesign resulted in a more curved look for the SC, which gave a slight increase in interior room and doorway size as well as an updated appearance. Mechanically for 2000, the coupes also saw the introduction of the plastic intake manifold. For the 1999 model year, a small rear-hinged third door was added to the driver's side. Although the third door allows passengers to enter and exit the rear seat without sliding the driver's seat forward, it was intended to provide easier access to the rear seat for parcels as the door's latch is on its front edge, and is thus inaccessible unless the front door is open. This prohibits a user from opening (or closing) the rear door if the front door is not open, the SC1 also lacked a rear sway bar.

Third generation SC

The third generation of Saturn SC maintained the familiar SC1 and SC2 monikers. They were essentially identical to the second generation SC in all terms except appearance where minor updates were done to improve the lines and a PCM and BCM were added. For the final generation a special suite of options called the Saturn Expression Series was introduced. These options included a HKS intake and exhaust, American Racing Wheels 15 inch alloys, GT Styling ground effects and rear spoiler,and Progress Group suspension springs.

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