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Jeremy T. Sellers

Stock Car Racing

Jeremy T. Sellers

A NASCAR commentary writer and owner of a stock car racing themed bar named Jerm's Joint.

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Article Index

22 August 2006EA Sports/Car of TomorrowJeremy T. Sellers
7 February 2007NASCAR and RetirementJeremy T. Sellers
February 21, 2007Living Legend, Russ TrueloveJeremy T. Sellers
2 March 2007Washington ApplesJeremy T. Sellers
9 March 2007The Expanding Market of NASCARJeremy T. Sellers
16 March 2007Definitely More Patient OFF the Track!Jeremy T. Sellers
19 March 2007The Phantom CautionJeremy T. Sellers
1 April 2007Response to "Gordon more like Earnhardt than fans will admit"Jeremy T. Sellers
1 April 2007There WERE 43 Cars in Today's Race, Right?Jeremy T. Sellers
13 April 2007Grass RootsJeremy T. Sellers
23 April 2007Marvin Panch, Legend and GentlemanJeremy T. Sellers
16 May 2007NASCAR's eternal swell of inconsistancyJeremy T. Sellers
31 May 2007Adding to the Collection of Legends: Rex WhiteJeremy T. Sellers
6 June 2007Commentary on Bill France Jr, Rest in PeaceJeremy T. Sellers
13 June 2007I've been sick all week...Jeremy T. Sellers
Bill Crittenden
13 June 2007What do we do now?Jeremy T. Sellers
27 June 2007Finally, A Wedge of Consistence?Jeremy T. Sellers
9 July 2007Unsteady Ground, The Future of NASCARJeremy T. Sellers
24 July 2007Challenging the NASCAR Race FanJeremy T. Sellers
2 August 2007Bill beat me to the punch on this one guys!Jeremy T. Sellers
14 August 2007Sponsorship, Making the NASCAR World Go Around, So Why the Fuss?Jeremy T. Sellers
18 August 2007Uneducated Spectator or New NASCAR Student?Jeremy T. Sellers
21 August 2007Rest in Peace Number 8Jeremy T. Sellers
26 August 2007Humorous Commentary, Chimps and Orangutans in NASCAR?Jeremy T. Sellers
29 August 2007R.I.P. N.W.O.Jeremy T. Sellers
4 September 2007Learning a Lesson?Jeremy T. Sellers
16 September 2007High Octane AngerJeremy T. Sellers
25 September 2007Toying with Disaster, NASCAR's UnhingingJeremy T. Sellers
1 October 2007Venting AngerJeremy T. Sellers
4 October 2007Nationwide Insurance Series...Are You Kidding Me?Jeremy T. Sellers
22 October 2007'07 and the Tidy Bowl Man Part IJeremy T. Sellers
22 October 2007'07 and the Tidy Bowl Man Part IIJeremy T. Sellers
25 October 2007'07 and the Tidy Bowl Man Set Sail (Part III)Jeremy T. Sellers
6 November 2007Surely I Have Not the Only Tired Ass!Jeremy T. Sellers
23 November 2007Too Early for Optimism? Looking to '08.Jeremy T. Sellers
5 December 2007Am I Still "Complaining"?Jeremy T. Sellers
February 24, 2008"Mad Marion" MacDonald...the Reason Behind the Name Will Stir A ChuckleJeremy T. Sellers
February 26, 2008Johnny Allen, Another Unknown from NASCAR's Hay DayJeremy T. Sellers
February 26, 2008Speeding Turds, TheJeremy T. Sellers
9 March 2008Sushi Anyone?Jeremy T. Sellers
18 March 2008Daytona International Speedway's huge set of Juevos!Jeremy T. Sellers
2 April 2008Yet Another Kick in the Juevos!Jeremy T. Sellers
2 May 2008RichmondJeremy T. Sellers
5 May 2008You've Been Waiting For This!Jeremy T. Sellers
30 May 2008Fire Fat TonyJeremy T. Sellers
13 June 2008Pretty Boys vs. Good Ol' Boys, Part I (a collaboration)Jeremy T. Sellers
17 June 2008When They Use To Earn ItJeremy T. Sellers
19 June 2008NASCAR and the Iron CurtainJeremy T. Sellers
2 July 2008As Dirty As It May Seem...Jeremy T. Sellers
8 July 2008The Cooch of NASCARJeremy T. Sellers
13 July 2008"Grand" MarshalsJeremy T. Sellers
3 August 2008Stay Tuned...Jeremy T. Sellers
18 August 2008Toyota Cheated?! No!? Really!?Jeremy T. Sellers
19 August 20082009 Schedule: Adios Amigos, Rebuilding the Chase, and MoreJeremy T. Sellers
24 August 2008There Once Was An Angry ElfJeremy T. Sellers
28 August 2008Parental Advisory: Explicit ContentJeremy T. Sellers
30 September 2008You Need A Binky You Big Baby?Jeremy T. Sellers
27 October 200886 Turds and CountingJeremy T. Sellers
10 November 2008It's The End of the Year, Time to Play With Our Johnson!Jeremy T. Sellers
25 November 2008James Hylton to Try Again!Jeremy T. Sellers
9 January 2009The Countdown is OnJeremy T. Sellers
26 January 2009"He's back, he's the man behind the mask...Jeremy T. Sellers
26 January 2009The Day Racing DiedJeremy T. Sellers
13 February 2009Vicki Wood, the Lady LegendJeremy T. Sellers
14 February 2009Day TwoJeremy T. Sellers
16 February 2009I Swore I Was Going to Enjoy the Last Two Days of VacationJeremy T. Sellers
23 February 2009California, Another Wasted WeekendJeremy T. Sellers
5 March 2009We Are Jr. Fans Because...Jeremy T. Sellers
24 March 2009Richard Petty and the Quarter MileJeremy T. Sellers
22 April 2009The Silver Tongue Beast Known As NASCARJeremy T. Sellers
24 May 2009NASCAR and School Buses?Jeremy T. Sellers
14 June 2009The Weekend Fruit SaladJeremy T. Sellers
26 July 2009Before I Part For Vacation, Was This Really The Brickyard?Jeremy T. Sellers
19 August 2009Remembering Why We Became Race FansJeremy T. Sellers
25 August 2009The Doctor is OutJeremy T. Sellers
26 August 2009After This Season, I Need A "Chaser"Jeremy T. Sellers
9 September 2009The Angry FanJeremy T. Sellers
15 September 2009Chase Wonders?Jeremy T. Sellers
28 September 2009Cooked! (Confessions Of A Hard-Boiled Fan)Jeremy T. Sellers
13 October 2009NAPCARJeremy T. Sellers
2 November 2009Talla"draga"Jeremy T. Sellers
18 November 2009The Doctor Is In...The Driver's Seat!Jeremy T. Sellers
27 November 2009The Grinch Who Stole NASCARJeremy T. Sellers
2 December 2009Inaugural JJ AwardsJeremy T. Sellers
30 December 2009Daytona Super Stretch to close for Camping World 300Jeremy T. Sellers
19 January 2010Preseason Preview and more news...Jeremy T. Sellers
4 February 20102010 Fearless ForecastsJeremy T. Sellers
13 February 2010Feburrrrrary in DaytonaJeremy T. Sellers
14 February 2010The Daytona 520Jeremy T. Sellers
19 February 2010More Than A RaceJeremy T. Sellers
11 April 2010Racing...Something We Watch Between Commercials...Jeremy T. Sellers
22 April 2010This Week's "WTF" AwardJeremy T. Sellers
19 May 2010Doin' Dega!Jeremy T. Sellers
31 May 2010The Marriage of NASCAR and Tree HuggersJeremy T. Sellers
22 June 2010Seriously?Jeremy T. Sellers
6 July 2010Patriotism or Burritos?Jeremy T. Sellers
8 August 2010The Greatest Driver Who Ever LivedJeremy T. Sellers
15 August 2010The fastest half-mile plus 210 feetJeremy T. Sellers
13 September 2010"Heaven 500"Jeremy T. Sellers
13 September 2010Seriously?Jeremy T. Sellers
9 November 2010You May Not Agree, but I Don't Care!Jeremy T. Sellers
20 May 2011Kyle/Kevin, UpdatesJeremy T. Sellers
2 June 2011Heartbreak!Jeremy T. Sellers
15 June 2011The Keebler Elf and Eldora (A short report)Jeremy T. Sellers
11 July 2011Kentucky Should Stick to Bourbon!Jeremy T. Sellers
7 November 2011Early Darkness/Kyle BuschJeremy T. Sellers
16 November 2011Coming to an EndJeremy T. Sellers
16 December 2011'Twas the Night Before ChristmasJeremy T. Sellers

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