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Vehicle Marque

Vehicle names used by Smart currently and throughout history include:  City-Coupé, ForJoy, and fortwo.

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Lindt Gold Bunny Smart Car Lindt Gold Bunny
Photo ©2011 Heidi Walczak
2011 Walmart Shareholders' Meeting

View photo of Lindt Gold Bunny Smart Car - 1,667KB


Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #14
January 3, 2007
Duration: 7:02

The last of the year, but db was late in getting in posted.
Robert gets a chance to drive a Smart. The grandfather of the lads owns one. 3 cylinder diesel, incredible mileage and quite peppy. Plus, it has the cutest little horn. Awwww.
This isn’t the car he drove, but it looked way cooler. Also to note is the lack of snow on the ground. Robert says:
Note the complete lack of snow in Toronto. It’s almost balmy outside. Methinks we’re going to pay for this come February!
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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DateDocument Name & DetailsDocuments
20 November 2012Design for Vehicle, Toy, and/or Replicas Thereof
United States Patent US D671,043
Michael Frei, Klaus Frenzel, and Gorden Wagener for Daimler AG

- 262KB - 3 pages

Article Index

6 April 2005DaimlerChrysler podría cerrar fábrica en Brasil Wikinoticias
July 5, 2006Daimler-Chrysler Seeks Big Profits with Small Smart Car George Dwyer
8 October 2007New Smart Car To Be Launched In CanadaAnthony Fontanelle
12 June 2008Daimler kündigt das Modell „Smart“ als Elektroversion an Wikinews
11 July 2008Are Smart Cars Safe?Jason Crawford
16 January 2009Tesla Motors wird Batterienlieferant für Daimler Wikinews
14 April 2015Petition for Exemption From the Vehicle Theft Prevention Standard; Mercedes-Benz Usa, LLCRaymond R. Posten

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