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Brad Smith

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Brad Smith

Hometown:  Shelby Township, Michigan, USA

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

ARCA RE/MAX Series & ARCA Racing Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

February 6, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesLucas Oil Slick Mist 200 at DaytonaDaytona International SpeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com3724Running
February 27, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesTire Kingdom 150 presented by ModSpacePalm Beach International RacewayFord26ApplianceZone.com3027Running
April 11, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesKentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 presented by Appliancezone.comSalem SpeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com2723Out (Handling)
April 16, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesRattlesnake 150Texas Motor SpeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com1830Out (Rear End)
April 23, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesTalladega ARCA 250Talladega SuperspeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com3622Running
May 23, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesMenards 200 by Federated Car CareToledo SpeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com2918Running
June 5, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesMessina Wildlife Animal Stopper 200Pocono RacewayFord26ApplianceZone.com2816Running
June 11, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesRacing for Wildlife 200Michigan International SpeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com3424Running
July 10, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesPrairie Meadows 200Iowa SpeedwayFord26ApplianceZone.com2921Running
July 17, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesTim Richmond Memorial ARCA 200Mansfield Motorsports ParkFord26Copraya Computers & Web Design2519Running
July 31, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesWeis Markets 125Pocono RacewayFord26Copraya Computer & Web Designs3327Running
August 7, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesBerlin ARCA 200Berlin RacewayFord26Copraya Computers & Website Design2424Out (Engine)
August 15, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesGarden State ARCA 150 presented by American Red CrossNew Jersey Motorsports ParkFord26Copraya Computers & Website Design2826Out (Accident)
August 22, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesAllen Crowe 100Illinois State FairgroundsFord26Copraya Computers & Website Design2628Out (Handling)
August 27, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesAnsell Protective Gloves 150Chicagoland SpeedwayFord26Copraya Website Design3428Out (Steering)
September 6, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesSouthern Illinois 100DuQuoin State FairgroundsFord26Copraya Website Design2630Out (Rear End)
September 12, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesNorthwest Ohio Ford Dealers 200Toledo SpeedwayFord26Copraya Website Design1813Running
September 18, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesKentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA Fall ClassicSalem SpeedwayFord26Copraya Website Design2322Out (Engine)
September 30, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesKansas Lottery 150Kansas SpeedwayFord26Copraya.com3329Out (Handling)
October 9, 2010ARCA Racing SeriesAmerican 200 presented by Black's Tire & Auto ServiceRockingham SpeedwayChevrolet3541Copraya.com0Out (Handling)
April 15, 2011ARCA Racing Series3 Amigos 250Talladega SuperspeedwayDodge26BradSmithMotorsports.com2832Out (Transmission)
May 1, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesKentuckiana Ford Dealers 200Salem SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2325Out (Handling)
May 15, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesMenards 200 presented by Federated Car CareToledo SpeedwayFord94BradSmithMotorsports.com2728Out (Handling)
May 22, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesModSpace 150New Jersey Motorsports ParkFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3233Out (Handling)
June 4, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesThe Messina Wildlife Animal Stopper 150Chicagoland SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2826Out (Transmission)
June 11, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesPocono ARCA 200Pocono RacewayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2722Running
June 17, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesThe RainEater Wiper Blades 200Michigan International SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3823Running
June 25, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesWinchester ARCA 200 presented by Federated Auto PartsWinchester SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2424Out (Handling)
July 9, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesHantz Group 200Berlin RacewayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2223Out (Engine)
July 16, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesPrairie Meadows 200Iowa SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3733Out (Handling)
July 28, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesAnsell Protective Gloves 200Lucas Oil RacewayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.comDNQ
August 7, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesPennsylvania ARCA 125Pocono RacewayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3723Running
August 21, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesAllen Crowe 100Illinois State FairgroundsFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2119Running
August 26, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesHerr's Live Life with Flavor! 200Madison International SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3128Out (Handling)
September 5, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesSouthern Illinois 100 presented by Federated Auto PartsDuQuoin State FairgroundsFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3432Out (Handling)
September 17, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesKentuckiana Ford Dealers ARCA Fall Classic by Federated Car CareSalem SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com2625Out (Handling)
October 7, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesKansas Lottery 98.9Kansas SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3127Running
October 16, 2011ARCA Racing SeriesFederated Car Care 200Toledo SpeedwayFord26BradSmithMotorsports.com3432Out (Handling)

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