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Sovran Bank 500

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Sovran Bank 500

A former NASCAR Winston Cup race held in the spring.  The race was run at Martinsville Speedway from 1984 to 1986 and then at North Wilkesboro in 1987.

DateWinnerWinner's Car
29 April 1984Geoff BodineChevrolet1984 Race Information & Results
28 April 1985Harry GantChevrolet1985 Race Information & Results
27 April 1986Ricky RuddFord1986 Race Information & Results
5 April 1987Dale EarnhardtChevrolet1987 Race Information & Results

1984 Results

April 29, 1984
Martinsville Speedway
Time of race 3:35:23
Average speed 73.264 mph
Margin of victory 6 seconds

1Geoff BodineChevrolet
2Ron BouchardBuick
3Darrell WaltripChevrolet
4Bobby AllisonBuick
5Neil BonnettChevrolet
6Joe RuttmanChevrolet
7Bill ElliottFord
8Kyle PettyFord
9Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
10Buddy BakerFord
11Dick BrooksFord
12Richard PettyPontiac
13Harry GantChevrolet
14Dale JarrettChevrolet
15Rusty WallacePontiac
16Phil ParsonsChevrolet
17Greg SacksChevrolet
18Ricky RuddFord
19Dave MarcisPontiac
20Jimmy HensleyFord
21Clark DwyerPontiac
22Trevor BoysChevrolet
23Tim RichmondPontiac
24Terry LabonteChevrolet
25Buddy ArringtonChrysler
26Morgan ShepherdBuick
27Dean CombsOldsmobile
28Doug HeveronChevrolet
29Tommy EllisChevrolet
30Ronnie ThomasChevrolet
31Mike AlexanderOldsmobile

1985 Results

April 28, 1985
Martinsville Speedway
Time of race 3:36:06
Average speed 73.022 mph
Margin of victory 3 seconds

1Harry GantChevrolet
2Ricky RuddFord
3Geoff BodineChevrolet
4Bobby AllisonBuick
5Neil BonnettChevrolet
6Terry LabonteChevrolet
7Richard PettyPontiac
8Lake SpeedPontiac
9Phil ParsonsChevrolet
10Rusty WallacePontiac
11Kyle PettyFord
12Buddy BakerOldsmobile
13Bill ElliottFord
14Jimmy MeansPontiac
15Buddy ArringtonFord
16Ken SchraderFord
17Clark DwyerFord
18Bobby Hillin, Jr.Chevrolet
19Don HumeChevrolet
20Eddie BierschwaleChevrolet
21Tim RichmondPontiac
22Brent ElliottBuick
23Darrell WaltripChevrolet
24J.D. McDuffiePontiac
25Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
26Dave MarcisOldsmobile
27Morgan ShepherdChevrolet
28Ron BouchardBuick
29Mike AlexanderChevrolet
30Ronnie ThomasChevrolet

1986 Results

April 27, 1986
Martinsville Speedway
Time of race 3:25:15
Average speed 76.882 mph
Margin of victory 24 seconds

1Ricky RuddFord
2Joe RuttmanBuick
3Terry LabonteOldsmobile
4Alan KulwickiFord
5Kyle PettyFord
6Bobby Hillin, Jr.Buick
7Ken SchraderFord
8Bobby AllisonBuick
9Derrike CopeFord
10Jody RidleyPontiac
11Michael WaltripPontiac
12Jimmy MeansPontiac
13Jerry CranmerChevrolet
14Trevor BoysChevrolet
15Buddy ArringtonFord
16Dave MarcisChevrolet
17Geoff BodineChevrolet
18J.D. McDuffiePontiac
19Morgan ShepherdPontiac
20Tim RichmondChevrolet
21Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
22Mike SkinnerPontiac
23Jimmy HinsleyFord
24Tommy EllisChevrolet
25Harry GantChevrolet
26Neil BonnettChevrolet
27Darrell WaltripChevrolet
28Richard PettyPontiac
29Doug HeveronChevrolet
30Rusty WallacePontiac
31Bill ElliottFord

1987 Results

April 5, 1987
North Wilkesboro
Time of race 3:36:44
Average speed 72.808 mph
Margin of victory 2.73 seconds

1Dale EarnhardtChevrolet
2Rusty WallacePontiac
3Geoff BodineChevrolet
4Phil ParsonsOldsmobile
5Terry LabonteChevrolet
6Bill ElliottFord
7Ken SchraderFord
8Bobby AllisonBuick
9Neil BonnettPontiac
10Michael WaltripChevrolet
11Buddy ArringtonFord
12Kyle PettyFord
13Derrike CopeChevrolet
14Jimmy MeansPontiac
15Bobby Hillin, Jr.Buick
16Ricky RuddFord
17Morgan ShepherdBuick
18Tony SpanosChevrolet
19Sterling MarlinOldsmobile
20Jerry CranmerFord
21Darrell WaltripChevrolet
22Richard PettyPontiac
23Dave MarcisChevrolet
24Eddie BierschwaleFord
25Steve ChristmanPontiac
26Benny ParsonsChevrolet
27Harry GantChevrolet
28Alan KulwickiFord
29Dale JarrettChevrolet
30Slick JohnsonOldsmobile
31J.D. McDuffiePontiac

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