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Scott Speed

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Open Wheel Racing Stock Car Racing

Scott Speed

Hometown:  Manteca, California, USA

A NASCAR driver and former Formula 1 driver.

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Racing Record


2009 Coca-Cola 600 - Scott Speed 2009 Coca-Cola 600
Photo courtesy Tequila Mike
View photo of 2009 Coca-Cola 600 - Scott Speed - 2.1MB
This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) License.

Article Index

June 29, 2006Formula 1: United States Grand PrixScott Speed
April 26, 2009NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Aaron's 499Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Ryan Newman
Scott Speed
June 30, 2009NASCAR Media ConferenceScott Speed
January 16, 2010NASCAR Preseason Thunder Fan FestScott Speed
February 11, 2010NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Gatorade Duel 2Scott Speed
May 11, 2011Indy Racing League Media ConferenceBertrand Baguette
Jay Howard
Bobby Rahal
Scott Speed

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

ARCA RE/MAX Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Craftsman Truck Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Sprint Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Nationwide Series Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Win List

April 25, 2008ARCA RE/MAX SeriesKansas Lottery $150 GrandKansas Speedway
May 30, 2008Craftsman Truck SeriesAAA Insurance 200Dover International Speedway
July 18, 2008ARCA RE/MAX SeriesKentucky ARCA RE/MAX 150Kentucky Speedway
July 26, 2008ARCA RE/MAX SeriesBerlin ARCA RE/MAX 200Berlin Raceway
August 9, 2008ARCA RE/MAX SeriesToyota 150Nashville Superspeedway

Race-by-Race Record

March 12, 2006Formula 1Bahrain Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull16130
March 19, 2006Formula 1Malaysian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull12Retired0
April 2, 2006Formula 1Australian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull1890
April 23, 2006Formula 1San Marino Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull18150
May 7, 2006Formula 1European Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull17110
May 14, 2006Formula 1Spanish Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull16Retired0
May 28, 2006Formula 1Monaco Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull18130
June 11, 2006Formula 1British Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull15Retired0
June 25, 2006Formula 1Canadian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull17100
July 2, 2006Formula 1United States Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull13Retired0
July 16, 2006Formula 1French Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull14100
July 30, 2006Formula 1German Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull19120
August 6, 2006Formula 1Hungarian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull20110
August 27, 2006Formula 1Turkish Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull17130
September 10, 2006Formula 1Italian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull15130
October 1, 2006Formula 1Chinese Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull11140
October 8, 2006Formula 1Japanese Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull19180
October 22, 2006Formula 1Brazilian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull16110
March 18, 2007Formula 1Australian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull17Retired0
April 8, 2007Formula 1Malaysian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull17140
April 15, 2007Formula 1Bahrain Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull19Retired0
May 13, 2007Formula 1Spanish Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull22Retired0
May 27, 2007Formula 1Monaco Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull1890
June 10, 2007Formula 1Canadian Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull16Retired0
June 17, 2007Formula 1United States Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull20130
July 1, 2007Formula 1French Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull15Retired0
July 8, 2007Formula 1British Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull14Retired0
July 22, 2007Formula 1European Grand PrixSTR-CosworthRed Bull18Retired0
February 7, 2009Sprint CupBudweiser ShootoutDaytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull425Out (Accident)PE
February 12, 2009Sprint CupGatorade Duel 2Daytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull925Out (Handling)PE
February 15, 2009Sprint CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3835Running58/0$268,763
February 22, 2009Sprint CupAuto Club 500Auto Club SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull941Out (Engine)40/0$94,498
February 28, 2009Nationwide SeriesSam's Town 300Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull140Out (Accident)48/5$31,298
March 1, 2009Sprint CupShelby 427Las Vegas Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull4221Running100/0$111,198
March 8, 2009Sprint CupKobalt Tools 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2635Out (Accident)58/0$85,413
March 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesScotts Turf Builder 300Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull198Running142/0$32,663
March 22, 2009Sprint CupFood City 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1128Running79/0$101,873
March 29, 2009Sprint CupGoody's Fast Pain Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3639Running51/5$81,923
April 5, 2009Sprint CupSamsung 500Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red BullDNQ
April 18, 2009Sprint CupSubway Fresh Fit 500Phoenix International RacewayToyota82Red Bull1834Running61/0$80,798
April 26, 2009Sprint CupAaron's 499Talladega SuperspeedwayToyota82Red Bull85Running160/5$144,798
May 1, 2009Nationwide SeriesLipton Tea 250Richmond International RacewayToyota99Red Bull2127Running82/0$21,718
May 2, 2009Sprint CupCrown Royal presents the Russ Friedman 400Richmond International RacewayToyota82Red Bull833Running64/0$80,298
May 8, 2009Nationwide SeriesDiamond Hill Plywood 200Darlington RacewayToyota99Red Bull2413Running124/0$22,418
May 9, 2009Sprint CupSouthern 500 presented by GoDaddy.comDarlington RacewayToyota82Red BullDNQ
May 9, 2009Sprint CupSouthern 500 presented by GoDaddy.comDarlington RacewayToyota87NEMCO Motorsports3226Running85/0$75,325
May 16, 2009Sprint CupSprint ShowdownLowe's Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1819RunningPE
May 23, 2009Nationwide SeriesCarquest Auto Parts 300Charlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull1411Running130/0$19,375
May 25, 2009Sprint CupCoca-Cola 600Lowe's Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1818Running109/0$116,648
May 30, 2009Nationwide SeriesHeluva Good! 200Dover International SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull47Running146/0$18,285
May 31, 2009Sprint CupAutism Speaks 400Dover International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2337Out (Engine)52/0$90,328
June 7, 2009Sprint CupPocono 500Pocono RacewayToyota82Red Bull3732Running67/0$78,298
June 14, 2009Sprint CupLifeLock 400Michigan International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2137Running52/0$85,948
June 21, 2009Sprint CupToyota/SaveMart 350Infineon RacewayToyota82Red BullDNQ
June 21, 2009Sprint CupToyota/SaveMart 350Infineon RacewayToyota87NEMCO Motorsports3137Running57/5$72,750
June 27, 2009Nationwide SeriesCamping World RV Sales 200 presented by Turtle WaxNew Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull48Running142/0$18,150
June 28, 2009Sprint CupLenox Industrial Tools 301New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3736Out (Accident)55/0$84,298
July 4, 2009Sprint CupCoke Zero 400 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3731Out (Accident)70/0$101,698
July 11, 2009Sprint CupLifeLock.com 400Chicagoland SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull236Out (Accident)55/0$94,773
July 26, 2009Sprint CupAllstate 400 at the BrickyardIndianapolis Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2631Running70/0$155,898
August 3, 2009Sprint CupSunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500Pocono RacewayToyota82Red Bull3723Running94/0$89,023
August 8, 2009Nationwide SeriesZippo 200 at The GlenWatkins Glen InternationalToyota99Red Bull410Running139/5$17,975
August 10, 2009Sprint CupHeluva Good! at The GlenWatkins Glen InternationalToyota82Red Bull2622Running102/5$83,323
August 16, 2009Sprint CupCarfax 400Michigan International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1134Running61/0$88,448
August 22, 2009Sprint CupSharpie 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull315Running118/0$119,498
September 6, 2009Sprint CupPep Boys Auto 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3224Running91/0$102,973
September 11, 2009Nationwide SeriesVirginia 529 College Savings 250Richmond International RacewayToyota99Red Bull810Running134/0$17,575
September 12, 2009Sprint CupChevy Rock & Roll 400Richmond International RacewayToyota82Red Bull2036Running55/0$80,498
September 20, 2009Sprint CupSylvania 300New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2731Running70/0$85,373
September 26, 2009Nationwide SeriesDover 200Dover International SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull58Running142/0$17,645
September 27, 2009Sprint CupAAA 400Dover International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3925Running88/0$87,898
October 3, 2009Nationwide SeriesKansas Lottery 300Kansas SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull118Running142/0$28,325
October 4, 2009Sprint CupPrice Chopper 400 presented by Kraft FoodsKansas SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1027Running82/0$101,648
October 10, 2009Nationwide SeriesCopart 300Auto Club SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull427Running82/0$22,800
October 11, 2009Sprint CupPepsi 500Auto Club SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2121Running100/0$109,373
October 17, 2009Sprint CupNASCAR Banking 500 only from Bank of AmericaLowe's Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1628Running79/0$82,173
October 25, 2009Sprint CupTums Fast Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1831Out (Accident)70/0$81,698
November 1, 2009Sprint CupAmp Energy 500Talladega SuperspeedwayToyota82Red Bull3827Out (Accident)82/0$94,573
November 8, 2009Sprint CupDickies 500Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3118Running109/0$119,148
November 15, 2009Sprint CupChecker O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 presented by PennzoilPhoenix International RacewayToyota82Red Bull3733Running64/0$79,148
November 21, 2009Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayToyota99Red Bull99Running138/0$25,425
November 22, 2009Sprint CupFord 400Homestead-Miami SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull227Running82/0$84,898
February 11, 2010Sprint CupGatorade Duel 2Daytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull614Running0
February 14, 2010Sprint CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3019Running111/5$296,893
February 21, 2010Sprint CupAuto Club 500Auto Club SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1311Running135/5$117,023
February 28, 2010Sprint CupShelby AmericanLas Vegas Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2322Running102/5$108,048
March 7, 2010Sprint CupKobalt Tools 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3210Running134/0$97,398
March 21, 2010Sprint CupFood City 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2931Running70/0$95,648
March 29, 2010Sprint CupGoody's Fast Pain Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull18133Running64/0$83,173
April 10, 2010Sprint CupSubway Fresh Fit 600Phoenix International RacewayToyota82Red Bull221Running100/0$91,798
April 19, 2010Sprint CupSamsung Mobile 500Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2316Running115/0$132,473
April 25, 2010Sprint CupAaron's 499Talladega SuperspeedwayToyota82Red Bull2015Running118/0$111,823
May 1, 2010Sprint CupCrown Royal Presents The Heath Calhoun 400Richmond International RacewayToyota82Red Bull1235Running58/0$78,173
May 8, 2010Sprint CupShowtime Southern 500Darlington RacewayToyota82Red Bull1628Running84/5$92,423
May 16, 2010Sprint CupAutism Speaks 400 presented by Hershey's Milk & MilkshakesDover International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2923Running94/0$102,823
May 22, 2010Sprint CupSprint ShowdownCharlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1814Running
May 30, 2010Sprint CupCoca-Cola 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2130Running73/0$104,648
June 6, 2010Sprint CupGillette Fusion ProGlide 500 presented by TargetPocono RacewayToyota82Red Bull3120Running103/0$89,246
June 13, 2010Sprint CupHeluva Good! Sour Cream Dips 400Michigan International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2928Running79/0$92,298
June 20, 2010Sprint CupToyota/Save Mart 350Infineon RacewayToyota82Red Bull2318Running109/0$96,348
June 27, 2010Sprint CupLenox Industrial Tools 301New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1527Running82/0$91,498
July 3, 2010Sprint CupCoke Zero 400 powered by Coca-ColaDaytona International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2710Running134/0$121,573
July 10, 2010Sprint CupLifeLock.com 400Chicagoland SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3930Running73/0$101,198
July 25, 2010Sprint CupBrickyard 400Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3025Running88/0$161,296
August 1, 2010Sprint CupSunoco Red Cross Pennsylvania 500Pocono RacewayToyota82Red Bull2726Running85/0$87,148
August 8, 2010Sprint CupHeluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the GlenWatkins Glen InternationalToyota82Red Bull843Out (Engine)34/0$72,501
August 15, 2010Sprint CupCarfax 400Michigan International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3125Running88/0$92,773
August 21, 2010Sprint CupIrwin Tools Night RaceBristol Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2333Running64/0$100,618
September 5, 2010Sprint CupEmory Healthcare 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2034Out (Engine)61/0$97,148
September 11, 2010Sprint CupAir Guard 400Richmond International RacewayToyota82Red Bull3124Running91/0$87,998
September 19, 2010Sprint CupSylvania 300New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2836Running55/0$81,898
September 26, 2010Sprint CupAAA 400Dover International SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2032Running67/0$82,498
October 3, 2010Sprint CupPrice Chopper 400 presented by Kraft FoodsKansas SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull3319Running106/0$109,798
October 10, 2010Sprint CupPepsi Max 400Auto Club SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2924Running91/0$93,798
October 16, 2010Sprint CupBank of America 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2119Running106/0$87,323
October 24, 2010Sprint CupTums Fast Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull1423Running94/0$89,198
October 31, 2010Sprint CupAmp Energy Juice 500Talladega SuperspeedwayToyota82Red Bull2929Running76/0$94,196
November 7, 2010Sprint CupAAA Texas 500Texas Motor SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull2327Running82/0$113,273
November 14, 2010Sprint CupKobalt Tools 500Phoenix International RacewayToyota82Red Bull2735Running58/0$79,598
November 21, 2010Sprint CupFord 400Homestead-Miami SpeedwayToyota82Red Bull4123Running94/0$87,673
July 31, 2011Sprint CupBrickyard 400 presented by BigMachineRecords.comIndianapolis Motor SpeedwayFord37Green Stuff Absorbent3439Out (Rear Gear)0$133,325
August 7, 2011Sprint CupGood Sam RV Insurance 500Pocono RacewayFord37Max Q Motorsports4040Out (Electrical)0$64,075
August 15, 2011Sprint CupHeluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the GlenWatkins Glen InternationalFord37Green Stuff Absorbent2939Out (Suspension)0$61,975
August 20, 2011Nationwide SeriesNAPA Auto Parts 200Circuit Gilles VilleneuveChevrolet33Rheem Heating, Cooling & Water Heating46Running39/1$33,143
August 27, 2011Sprint CupIrwin Tools Night RaceBristol Motor SpeedwayFord46Green Stuff / Engine Parts Plus3642Out (Brakes)0$85,635
September 6, 2011Sprint CupAdvoCare 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayFord46Property Masters3032Out (Handling)0$84,750
September 10, 2011Sprint CupWonderful Pistachios 400Richmond International RacewayFord46Green Stuff Absorbent4143Out (Accident)0$66,860
September 19, 2011Sprint CupGeico 400Chicagoland SpeedwayFord46Red Line Oil / International Trucks3535Running0$80,175
September 25, 2011Sprint CupSylvania 300New Hampshire Motor SpeedwayFord46Red Line Oil4341Out (Brakes)0$69,525
October 2, 2011Sprint CupAAA 400Dover International SpeedwayFord46Red Line Oil / International Trucks2942Out (Brakes)0$66,995
October 9, 2011Sprint CupHollywood Casino 400Kansas SpeedwayFord46www. ordergreenstuff.com2533Running0$81,550
October 14, 2011Nationwide SeriesDollar General 300 Miles of CourageCharlotte Motor SpeedwayChevrolet47Curtis Key Plumbing2141Out (Vibration)3/0$9,160
October 15, 2011Sprint CupBank of America 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayFord46www.ordergreenstuff.comDNQ
October 23, 2011Sprint CupGood Sam Club 500Talladega SuperspeedwayFord46Red Line OilDNQ
October 30, 2011Sprint CupTums Fast Relief 500Martinsville SpeedwayFord46Green Stuff Absorbent3937Out (Rear Gear)0$68,600
November 5, 2011Nationwide SeriesO'Reilly Auto Parts ChallengeTexas Motor SpeedwayChevrolet47Curtis Key Plumbing3543Out (Electrical)1/0$11,218
November 6, 2011Sprint CupAAA Texas 500Texas Motor SpeedwayFord46Green Stuff Absorbent3939Out (Rear Gear)0$89,900
November 12, 2011Nationwide SeriesWypall 200Phoenix International RacewayChevrolet47Curtis Key Plumbing1637Out (Brakes)7/0$14,975
November 13, 2011Sprint CupKobalt Tools 500Phoenix International RacewayFord46Green Stuff Absorbent2439Out (Electrical)0$65,325
November 19, 2011Nationwide SeriesFord 300Homestead-Miami SpeedwayChevrolet42Curtis Key Plumbing2641Out (Overheating)3/0$13,625
November 20, 2011Sprint CupFord 400Homestead-Miami SpeedwayFord46Green Stuff AbsorbentDNQ

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