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Auction: 1978 International Harvester Loadstar 1750

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

American Government Topic Page:  International Harvester Loadstar

1978 International Harvester Loadstar 1750
Vehicle For Sale

1978 International Harvester Loadstar 1750 1978 International Harvester Loadstar 1750 1978 International Harvester Loadstar 1750 1978 International Harvester Loadstar 1750
Lot Number: 41QSCI20078008
Auctioneer: GSA Auctions
Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina
Auction Posted: 9 April 2020 06:22 PM CT
Auction Close: 16 April 2020 06:22 PM CT

Auction Page at GSA Auctions

Note: Bidders wanting the Title, SF97, issued in their business/company name MUST register as a company. No changes will be made after award. We have recently learned that some Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Justice owned vehicles may have a Confidential Hold on them. We are working with these agencies to ensure any Confidential Holds are removed prior to sales. During this transition, if you'd like additional information, contact the Sales Contracting Officer listed below.

Year: 1981
Make: General Motors Corp
Model: Topkick
Vin: 1GTL7D1G2BV562189
Mileage: 26147

1981 Tan GMC Topkick, serial: 1GTL7D1G2BV562189, F461630, 570079, diesel, 8 cylinders, mileage: 26,147, Manual Transmission, ***Repairs required but not limited to: Needs new batteries, Needs brake work, Smokes, needs exhaust work, rust on exterior and dump bed*** Inspections during normal business hours, by appointment only. 14435200380005

Read Terms and Conditions. Inspect before bidding. CONDITION IS NOT WARRANTED. Defects may exist and repairs may be needed. Buyer must pack, load, and remove. Inspection/removal by appt only.

Click here for pricing guides.

Special Inspection Information

Access to some federal facilities is now impacted by the Real ID Act. If using a drivers license or state issued identification card as identification, it will need to comply with the requirements of the Real ID act at those locations. Refer to www.dhs.gov/real-id-public-faqs for more information on the REAL ID Act. Individuals without licenses from compliant jurisdictions may present alternative forms of identification - such as a U.S. Passport - accepted by the agency. Some agencies may have additional processes to accommodate individuals lacking the prescribed identification documents.

Please contact the custodian for inspection dates and times and for removal arrangements.

PROPERTY REMOVAL: Due to security issues at property locations, successful bidders are required to contact the custodian prior to entering the facility to remove property, and at times, they are not permitted to use security phones. Therefore, successful bidders must communicate with the custodians in advance to make arrangements for removal and/or have a cell phone with them to contact them once they arrive at the secured location.

Successful bidders are cautioned that they will be responsible for loading, packing and removal of any and all property awarded to them from the exact place where the property is located, as indicated below.
Property Location and inquiries/questions regarding property inspection and/or removal:

Peedee Nwr
5770 US Highway 52 North
Wadesboro, NC 28170

Contact: Greg Walmsley
Phone: 704-694-4424
Fax: 704-694-6570
For inquiries/questions regarding payment, contact the following sales office:

ATLANTA , GA 30303

Phone: 404-331-0040
Fax: 404-331-7584
For inquiries/questions regarding contractual issues, contact the following sales contracting officer/property disposal specialist:

tommy Pruitt
Phone: 404-215-8679

(*) Possible Extension. See Bidding Rules.

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