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Open Wheel Racing 1950

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Open Wheel Racing

Open Wheel Racing 1950

Grand Prix racing had been around in Europe since the early days of the automobile, but separate rules for each country's Grand Prix would finally be unified for the 1950 season with the beginning of the Formula 1 racing series.  Alfa Romeo would pick up where it left off before World War II and win every event of the season.  For 1950-1960, the Indianapolis 500 would be awarded Formula 1 points, serving as the not-actually-named United States Grand Prix, however, almost no European entries would be made in the American race during the decade and it was dropped from the calendar after 1960.

SanctionSeriesDrivers' ChampionPoints Standings
FIAFormula 1Nino FarinaF1 Drivers' Championship

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Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Car
13 May 1950Formula 1III RAC British Grand Prix/XI Grand Prix d'EuropeSilverstone CircuitNino FarinaNino FarinaAlfa Romeo
21 May 1950Formula 1XI Grand Prix Automobile de MonacoCircuit de MonacoJuan Manuel FangioJuan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
30 May 195034th International 500-Mile Sweepstakes RaceIndianapolis Motor SpeedwayWalt FaulknerJohnnie ParsonsKurtis Kraft-Offenhauser
4 June 1950Formula 1X Gro├čer Preis der SchweizBremgarten CircuitJuan Manuel FangioNino FarinaAlfa Romeo
18 June 1950Formula 1XII Grote Prijs Van BelgieCircuit de Spa FrancorchampsNino FarinaJuan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
2 July 1950Formula 1XXXVII Grand Prix de l'A.C.F.Circuit de ReimsJuan Manuel FangioJuan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
3 September 1950Formula 1XXI Gran Premio d'ItaliaAutodromo Nazionale di MonzaJuan Manuel FangioNino FarinaAlfa Romeo

1950 Formula 1 Drivers' Championship

1Nino FarinaItalianAlfa Romeo30
2Juan Manuel FangioArgentinianAlfa Romeo27
3Luigi FagioliItalianAlfa Romeo24
4Louis RosierFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot13
5Alberto AscariItalianFerrari; Ferrari-Jaguar11
6Johnnie ParsonsAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins; Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser9
7Bill HollandAmericanDiedt-Offenhauser6
8Prince BiraThaiMaserati; Maserati-Milano; Maserati-Offenhauser5
9Peter WhiteheadBritishFerrari; Ferrari-Jaguar4
10Louis ChironMonegasqueMaserati; Maserati-Milano; Maserati-Offenhauser4
11Reg ParnellBritishAlfa Romeo4
12Mauri RoseAmericanDiedt-Offenhauser4
13Dorino SerafiniItalianFerrari; Ferrari-Jaguar3
14Yves Giraud CabantousFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot3
15Raymond SommerFrenchFerrari; Ferrari-Jaguar3
16Robert ManzonFrenchSimca-Gordini3
17Cecil GreenAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins; Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser3
18Philippe EtancelinFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot3
19Felice BonettoItalianMaserati; Maserati-Milano; Maserati-Offenhauser2
20Joie ChitwoodAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins; Kurtis Kraft-Offenhauser1
21Eugene ChaboudFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot1
22Tony BettenhausenAmericanDiedt-Offenhauser1
23Tuolo de GraffenriedSwissMaserati-Milano0
24Bob GerardBritishERA0
25Luigi VilloresiItalianFerrari-Jaguar0
26Charles PozziFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
27Lee WallardAmericanMoore-Offenhauser0
28Johnny ClaesBelgianTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
29Pierre LaveghFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
30Cuth HarrisonBritishERA0
31Nello PaganiItalianMaserati-Milano0
32Walt FaulknerAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
33David MurrayFrenchMaserati-Milano0
34Harry SchellAmericanTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
35George ConnorAmericanLesovsky-Offenhauser0
36David HampshireBritishMaserati-Milano0
37Geoff CrossleyBritishAlta0
38Paul RussoAmericanNichels-Offenhauser0
39Toni BrancaSwissMaserati-Milano0
40Jose Froilan GonzalezArgentineanMaserati-Milano0
41Brian Shawe TaylorBritishMaserati-Milano0
42Pat FlahertyAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
43Myron FohrAmericanMarchese-Offenhauser0
44Guy MairesseFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
45Franco RolItalianMaserati-Milano0
46Duane CarterAmericanStevens-Offenhauser0
47Mack HellingsAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
48Piero TaruffiItalianAlfa Romeo0
49Joe KellyIrishAlta0
50Eugene MartinFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
51Jack McGrathAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
52Troy RuttmanAmericanLesovsky-Offenhauser0
53Maurice TrintignantFrenchSimca-Gordini0
54Gene HartleyAmericanLangley-Offenhauser0
55Jimmy DaviesAmericanEwing-Offenhauser0
56Johnny McDowellAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
57Clemente BiondettiItalianFerrari-Jaguar0
58Henri LouveauFrenchTalbot-Lago-Talbot0
59Walt BrownAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
60Franco ComottiItalianMaserati-Milano0
61Peter WalkerBritishERA0
62Spider WebbAmericanMaserati-Milano0
63Jerry HoytAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
64Leslie JohnsonBritishERA0
65Walt AderAmericanRae-Offenhauser0
66Jackie HolmesAmericanOlson-Offenhauser0
67Consalvo SanesiItalianAlfa Romeo0
68Jim RathmannAmericanWetteroth-Offenhauser0
69Paul PietschGermanMaserati-Milano0
70Bill SchindlerAmericanSnowberger-Offenhauser0
71Bayliss LevrettAmericanAdams-Offenhauser0
72Fred AgabashianAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
73Jimmy JacksonAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
74Sam HanksAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0
75Dick RathmannAmericanWatson-Offenhauser0
76Duke DinsmoreAmericanKurtis Kraft-Cummins0

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