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Stock Car Racing: 1949 Season

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Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing: 1949 Season

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Race Schedule
NASCAR Strictly Stock Points Standings
1949 National Series Champions
NASCAR Strictly Stock: Red Byron (Oldsmobile)
Stock car racing began before World War II and continued when the war ended, but 1949 would be the beginning of stock car racing history as a nationally organized professional sport.  The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, better known as NASCAR, had begun operating the year before, sanctioning a series of Modified races.  1949 would mark the beginning of NASCAR's premiere stock car series, founded as Strictly Stock.  The name Strictly Stock would only be used for 1949, as it was decided that it sounded too much like a rules interpretation and not a racing series, becoming Grand National in 1950.  This would be the series that would eventually become the Winston Cup, Nextel Cup, and finally the Sprint Cup, becoming the top form of stock car racing in the world and setting the standards by which all other major American stock car racing series operated.

Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
June 19Strictly StockCharlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayBob FlockJim Roper1949 Lincoln
July 10Strictly StockDaytona Beach CourseDaytona Beach CourseGober SosebeeRed Byron1949 Oldsmobile
August 7Strictly StockOcconeechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayBob FlockBob Flock1948 Oldsmobile
September 11Strictly StockLanghorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayRed ByronCurtis Turner1949 Oldsmobile
September 18Strictly StockHamburg SpeedwayHamburg SpeedwayGlenn DunawayJack White1949 Lincoln
September 25Strictly StockMartinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayCurtis TurnerRed Byron1949 Oldsmobile
October 2Strictly StockHeidelberg RacewayHeidelberg RacewayAl BonnellLee Petty1949 Plymouth
October 16Strictly StockWilkes 200North Wilkesboro SpeedwayKenneth WagnerBob Flock1949 Oldsmobile

Strictly Stock Points Standings

1Red Byron842.562$5,800
2Lee Petty72561$3,855
3Bob Flock70462$4,870
4Bill Blair567.560$1,280
5Fonty Flock554.560$2,015
6Curtis Turner43061$2,675
7Ray Erickson42240$1,460
8Tim Flock42150$1,510
9Glenn Dunnaway38460$810
10Frank Mundy37040$1,160
11Bill Snowden31540$660
12Bill Rexford28630$785
13Sara Christian28260$760
14Clyde Minter28000$760
15Gober Sosebee26530$1,305
16Jim Raper25321$2,130
17Sam Rice23120$680
18Jack White20011$1,580
19Dick Linder180.530$1,305
20Billy Rafter16010$480
21Archie Smith14520$225
22Joe Littlejohn14010$300
23Jack Russell14030$175
24Mike Eagan14010$300
25Herb Thomas13240$225
26Sterling Long10020$150
27Frank Christian10010$175
28Frankie Schneider10010$150
29Lloyd Moore10010$150
30Roy Hall10010$150
31Slick Smith9940$275
32Al Keller9010$200
33John Wright8010$100
34Al Bonnell8020$150
35Otis Martin69.540$200
36Jimmy Thompson6520$175
37Charles Muscatel6010$75
38Raymond Lewis6010$75
39Al Wagoner6010$75
40George Lewis4010$50
41Lou Volk3010$125
42Buddy Helms27.510$75
43Bob Apperson2530$150
44Bill Bennett2410$100
45Ted Chamberlain2420$100
46Buck Baker2020$50
47Jack Etheridge2010$75
48Ellis Pearce2010$50
49Bobby Greene19.520$50
50Ken Wagner1930$100

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