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Stock Car Racing 1950

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Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing 1950

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1950's Series and Champions
NASCAR National Touring Series Driver List
Race Schedule
NASCAR Grand National Points Standings
Having decided that the name Strictly Stock sounded more like a rules interpretation than a racing series, NASCAR changed the name of its top stock car series to Grand National for 1950.

The 1950 season, the first with the new Grand National name, featured the inaugural Southern 500, a huge event on Labor Day weekend the new paved Darlington racetrack, the first 500-mile stock car race had a huge 75 car field and an at-the-time NASCAR record $25,000 purse.  It would be the only paved track race of the 19 event schedule.

1950's Series and Champions

SanctionSeriesDrivers' ChampionPoints Standings
NASCARGrand NationalBill RexfordNGN Points Standings

Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
February 5Grand NationalDaytona Beach CourseDaytona Beach CourseJoe LittlejohnHarold Kite1949 Lincoln
April 2Grand NationalCharlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayRed ByronTim Flock1949 Lincoln
April 16Grand NationalLanghorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayTim FlockCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
May 21Grand NationalMartinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayBuck BakerCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
May 30Grand NationalCanfield SpeedwayCanfield SpeedwayJimmy FlorianJimmy Florian1950 Oldsmobile
June 18Grand NationalVernon FairgroundsVernon FairgroundsChuck MahoneyBill Blair1950 Mercury
June 25Grand NationalDayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayDick LinderBill Blair1950 Ford
July 2Grand NationalMonroe County FairgroundsMonroe County FairgroundsCurtis TurnerCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
July 23Grand NationalCharlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayCurtis TurnerCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
August 13Grand NationalOcconeechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayDick LinderFireball Roberts1949 Oldsmobile
August 20Grand NationalDayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayCurtis TurnerDick Linder1950 Oldsmobile
August 27Grand NationalHamburg SpeedwayHamburg SpeedwayDick LinderDick Linder1950 Oldsmobile
September 4Grand NationalSouthern 500Darlington RacewayCurtis TurnerJohnny Mantz1950 Plymouth
September 17Grand NationalLanghorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayWally CampbellFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
September 24Grand NationalWilkes 200North Wilkesboro SpeedwayFireball RobertsLeon Sales1950 Plymouth
October 1Grand NationalVernon FairgroundsVernon FairgroundsDick LinderDick Linder1950 Oldsmobile
October 15Grand NationalMartinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayFonty FlockHerb Thomas1950 Plymouth
October 15Grand NationalWinchester SpeedwayWinchester SpeedwayDick LinderLloyd Moore1950 Mercury
October 29Grand NationalOcconeechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayFonty FlockLee Petty1949 Plymouth

NASCAR National Touring Series Driver List

The Top 10 in Grand National points at season's end are in bold.

Weldon Adams, Buck Baker, Buck Barr, Bill Blair, Dick Burns, Dick Clothier, Neil Cole, Pepper Cunningham, Jim Delaney, Bob Dickson, Ray Duhigg, Bob Flock, Fonty Flock, Tim Flock, Jimmy Florian, Al Gross, George Hartley, Red Harvey, Jack Holloway, Pappy Hough, Chuck James, Harold Kite, Art Laney, Jimmie Lewallen, Dick Linder, Chuck Mahoney, Johnny Mantz, Clyde Minter, Lloyd Moore, Frank Mundy, Cotton Owens, Paul Parks, Jim Paschal, Lee Petty, Carl Renner, Bill Rexford, Jack Reynolds, Fireball Roberts, Bucky Sager, Leon Sales, Jack Smith, Bill Snowden, Ted Swaim, Donald Thomas, Herb Thomas, Jimmy Thompson, Curtis Turner, J.C. Van Landingham, Gayle Warren, Ewell Weddle, Jack White

Grand National Points Standings

1Bill Rexford1,959171$5,750
2Fireball Roberts1,848.591$6,800
3Lee Petty1,590171$7,120
4Lloyd Moore1,398161$5,235
5Curtis Turner1,375.5164$8,080
6Johnny Mantz1,28231$10,810
7Chuck Mahoney1,217.5110$2,250
8Dick Linder1,121133$5,695
9Jimmy Florian801101$2,730
10Bill Blair766161$4,400
11Herb Thomas590.5131$2,645
12Buck Baker531.590$2,145
13Cotton Owens50030$1,100
14Fonty Flock458.571$2,195
15Weldon Adams44040$1,205
16Tim Flock437.5121$3,980
17Clyde Minter42780$1,155
18Dick Burns341.580$780
19Art Laney32040$655
20Bob Flock31440$1,155
21George Hartley29880$875
22Gayle Warren287100$550
23Frank Mundy275.580$550
24Jim Paschal220.560$850
25Jack White211.570$525
26Pappy Hough207.550$325
27Ray Duhigg202.550$450
28Leon Sales20020$1,000
29Jimmy Thompson20040$525
30Harold Kite18731$1,550
31Neil Cole183.520$300
32Jack Smith18030$775
33Bucky Sager18020$750
34Red Harvey18010$750
35Ted Swaim18010$750
36Buck Barr18020$575
37Pepper Cunningham177.520$300
38Ewell Weddle173.530$600
39Donald Thomas16420$300
40Bill Snowden16340$325
41Jimmie Lewallen14030$400
42Chuck James14010$400
43Dick Clothier133.550$350
44Paul Parks124.560$375
45Al Gross12430$550
46Jack Reynolds12020$300
47Jim Delaney11420$175
48Carl Renner10820$250
49Jack Holloway107.520$225
50Bob Dickson10560$275
51J.C. Van Landingham10510$450

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