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Stock Car Racing: 1951 Season

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Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing: 1951 Season

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Race Schedule
NASCAR Grand National Points Standings
1951 National Series Champions
NASCAR Grand National: Herb Thomas (Hudson/Plymouth)
The 1951 season saw NASCAR branch out westward with 5 races in California and one in Arizona.  The Great Lakes were also visited frequently, with five events in Ohio and two in Michigan.

One of those Michigan events was held in Detroit.  The race in the Big 3's proverbial backyard gave many in the automakers their first personal experience with NASCAR.  The 250-mile race was also part of Detroit's 250th anniversary celebration.

The series continued its move to paved tracks, albeit slowly, as three paved tracks hosted a total of four Grand National races in 1951.

In the era when NASCAR competitors were not expected to race all events, even when racing for the championship, it was not uncommon to have more than one Grand National race on the same date.  April 8, April 29, September 23, and November 11 all had two events scheduled, and three were held on October 14.

Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
February 11Grand NationalDaytona Beach CourseDaytona Beach CourseTim FlockMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
April 1Grand NationalCharlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayFonty FlockCurtis Turner1951 Nash
April 8Grand NationalNew Mobile SpeedwayNew Mobile SpeedwayRed HarrelsonTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
April 8Grand NationalCarrell SpeedwayCarrell SpeedwayAndy PierceMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
April 15Grand NationalOcconeechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
April 22Grand NationalArizona State FairgroundsArizona State FairgroundsFonty FlockMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
April 29Grand NationalWilkes County 150North Wilkesboro SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
May 6Grand NationalMartinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayTim FlockCurtis Turner1950 Oldsmobile
May 30Grand NationalPoor Man's 500Canfield SpeedwayBill RexfordMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
June 10Grand NationalColumbus SpeedwayColumbus SpeedwayGober SosebeeTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
June 16Grand NationalColumbia SpeedwayColumbia SpeedwayFrank MundyFrank Mundy1951 Studebaker
June 24Grand NationalDayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayTim FlockCurtis Turner1951 Oldsmobile
June 30Grand NationalCarrell SpeedwayCarrell SpeedwayLou FigaroLou Figaro1951 Hudson
July 1Grand NationalGrand River SpeedromeGrand River SpeedromeMarshall TeagueMarshall Teague1951 Hudson
July 8Grand NationalBainbridge SpeedwayBainbridge SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1950 Oldsmobile
July 15Grand NationalHeidelberg RacewayHeidelberg RacewayFonty FlockHerb Thomas1951 Oldsmobile
July 29Grand NationalAsheville-Weaverville SpeedwayAsheville-Weaverville SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
July 31Grand NationalMonroe County FairgroundsMonroe County FairgroundsFonty FlockLee Petty1951 Plymouth
August 1Grand NationalAltamont-Schenectady FairgroundsAltamont-Schenectady FairgroundsFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
August 12Grand NationalMotor City 250Michigan State FairgroundsMarshall TeagueTommy Thompson1951 Chrysler
August 19Grand NationalFort Miami SpeedwayFort Miami SpeedwayFonty FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
August 24Grand NationalMorristown SpeedwayMorristown SpeedwayTim FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
August 25Grand NationalGreenville-Pickens SpeedwayGreenville-Pickens SpeedwayTim FlockBob Flock1951 Oldsmobile
September 3Grand NationalSouthern 500Darlington RacewayFrank MundyHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
September 7Grand NationalColumbia SpeedwayColumbia SpeedwayTim FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
September 8Grand NationalCentral City SpeedwayCentral City SpeedwayBob FlockHerb Thomas1951 Plymouth
September 15Grand NationalLanghorne SpeedwayLanghorne SpeedwayFonty FlockHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
September 23Grand NationalCharlotte SpeedwayCharlotte SpeedwayBilly CardenHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
September 23Grand NationalDayton SpeedwayDayton SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
September 30Grand NationalWilson SpeedwayWilson SpeedwayFonty FlockFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
October 7Grand NationalOcconeechee SpeedwayOcconeechee SpeedwayHerb ThomasHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
October 12Grand NationalThompson SpeedwayThompson SpeedwayNeil ColeNeil Cole1950 Oldsmobile
October 14Grand NationalPine Grove SpeedwayPine Grove SpeedwayTim FlockTim Flock1951 Oldsmobile
October 14Grand NationalMartinsville SpeedwayMartinsville SpeedwayHerb ThomasFrank Mundy1951 Oldsmobile
October 14Grand NationalOakland StadiumOakland StadiumDick RathmanMarvin Burke1950 Mercury
October 21Grand NationalWilkes 200North Wilkesboro SpeedwayHerb ThomasFonty Flock1951 Oldsmobile
October 28Grand NationalMarchbanks SpeedwayMarchbanks SpeedwayDick RathmanDanny Weinberg1951 Studebaker
November 4Grand NationalSpeedway ParkSpeedway ParkHerb ThomasHerb Thomas1951 Hudson
November 11Grand NationalLakewood SpeedwayLakewood SpeedwayFrank MundyTim Flock1951 Hudson
November 11Grand NationalCarrell SpeedwayCarrell SpeedwayFonty FlockBill Norton1950 Mercury
November 25Grand NationalNew Mobile SpeedwayNew Mobile SpeedwayFrank MundyFrank Mundy1951 Studebaker

Grand National Points Standings

1Herb Thomas4,208.45357$20,850
2Fonty Flock4,062.25348$15,200
3Tim Flock3,722.57$14,545
4Lee Petty2,392.25321$7,340
5Frank Mundy1,963.5273$7,085
6Buddy Shuman1,368.7570$2,830
7Jesse James Taylor1,214100$3,750
8Dick Rathmann1,040150$3,225
9Bill Snowden1,009.25120$2,640
10Joe Eubanks1,005.5120$3,415
11Lloyd Moore996.5220$2,600
12Fireball Roberts93090$1,190
13Jimmie Lewallen874.25120$2,430
14Bob Flock869171$3,680
15Jim Paschal858.5160$2,450
16Bill Blair840180$2,710
17Gober Sosebee784100$2,710
18Erick Erickson723.5120$2,435
19Tommy Thompson75551$5,510
20Donald Thomas743.5170$2,060
21Johnny Mantz72560$2,025
22Lou Figaro684.2131$2,135
23Buck Baker644.5110$1,650
24Dick Meyer626.560$1,650
25Harold Kite62520$800
26Billy Carden509.75110$1,460
27Jimmy Florian462.590$1,100
28Jim Fiebelkorn455170$1,355
29Ronnie Kohler43250$1,100
30Danny Weinberg423.561$1,470
31Pappy Hugh42391$760
32Woody Brown42130$1,125
33Neil Cole38251$2,050
34Paul Newkirk3750$500
35John McGinley372.560$1,300
36Marvin Panch371.530$1,075
37Oda Greene366.560$825
38Jack Goodwin362.530$725
39Jack Smith360.570$1,275
40Robert Caswell35030$1,325
41Lloyd Dane323.570$975
42Cotton Owens312.550$225
43Fred Steinbroner306.560$700
44Ewell Weddle293.570$435
45George Seeger27890$910
46Sam Hawks262.530$650
47Don Bailey239.5100$625
48Bud Farrell227.550$700
49Harvey Riley80$475
50Fred Lee22460$450

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