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Stock Car Racing: 1964 Season

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Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing: 1964 Season

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Race Schedule
NASCAR Grand National Points Standings
1964 National Series Champions
NASCAR Grand National: Richard Petty (Plymouth)
The 1964 season was the longest in NASCAR history in terms of races, with 62 events beginning in late 1963.

Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
November 10Grand NationalTextile 250Concord SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1963 Ford
November 17Grand NationalAugusta International RacewayAugusta International RacewayFred LorenzenFireball Roberts1963 Ford
December 1Grand NationalSpeedway ParkSpeedway ParkJack SmithWendell Scott1962 Chevrolet
December 29Grand NationalSunshine 200Savannah SpeedwayNed JarrettRichard Petty1963 Plymouth
January 19Grand NationalMotor Trend 500Riverside International RacewayFred LorenzenDan Gurney1964 Ford
February 21Grand NationalDaytona 500 100 Mile Qualifying Race #1Daytona International SpeedwayPaul GoldsmithJunior Johnson1964 Dodge
February 21Grand NationalDaytona 500 100 Mile Qualifying Race #2Daytona International SpeedwayRichard PettyBobby Isaac1964 Dodge
February 23Grand NationalDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayPaul GoldsmithRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
March 10Grand NationalRichmond 250Atlantic Rural FairgroundsNed JarrettDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
March 22Grand NationalSoutheastern 500Bristol International SpeedwayMarvin PanchFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
March 28Grand NationalGreenville 200Greenville-Pickens SpeedwayDick HutchersonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
March 30Grand NationalBowman-Gray StadiumBowman-Gray StadiumMarvin PanchMarvin Panch1964 Ford
April 5Grand NationalAtlanta 500Atlanta International RacewayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
April 11Grand NationalAsheville-Weaverville SpeedwayAsheville-Weaverville SpeedwayMarvin PanchMarvin Panch1964 Ford
April 12Grand NationalJoe Weatherly 150Orange SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
April 14Grand NationalPiedmont Interstate FairgroundsPiedmont Interstate FairgroundsDick HutchersonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
April 16Grand NationalColumbia 200Columbia SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
April 19Grand NationalGwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
April 26Grand NationalVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
May 1Grand NationalSavannah 200Savannah SpeedwayJimmy PardueLeeRoy Yarbrough1963 Plymouth
May 9Grand NationalRebel 300Darlington RacewayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
May 15Grand NationalTidewater 250Langley SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
May 16Grand NationalHickory 250Hickory SpeedwayJunior JohnsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
May 17Grand NationalSouth Boston SpeedwaySouth Boston SpeedwayMarvin PanchRichard Petty1963 Plymouth
May 24Grand NationalWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayJimmy PardueJim Paschal1964 Plymouth
May 30Grand NationalPickens 200Greenville-Pickens SpeedwayMarvin PanchLeeRoy Yarbrough1963 Plymouth
May 31Grand NationalNew Asheville SpeedwayNew Asheville SpeedwayRichard PettyNed Jarrett1964 Ford
June 7Grand NationalDixie 400Atlanta International RacewayJunior JohnsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
June 11Grand NationalConcord SpeedwayConcord SpeedwayRichard PettyRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
June 14Grand NationalMusic City 200Nashville SpeedwayDavid PearsonRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
June 19Grand NationalConfederate 300Boyd SpeedwayRichard PettyDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
June 21Grand NationalFairgrounds RacewayFairgrounds RacewayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
June 23Grand NationalValdosta SpeedwayValdosta SpeedwayNed JarrettBuck Baker1964 Dodge
June 26Grand NationalPiedmont Interstate FairgroundsPiedmont Interstate FairgroundsDavid PearsonRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
July 4Grand NationalFirecracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayDarel DieringerA.J. Foyt1964 Dodge
July 8Grand NationalOld Dominion 400Old Dominion SpeedwayNed JarrettNed Jarrett1964 Ford
July 10Grand NationalFireball Roberts 200Old Bridge StadiumBilly WadeBilly Wade1963 Mercury
July 12Grand NationalBridgehampton RacewayBridgehampton RacewayRichard PettyBilly Wade1964 Mercury
July 15Grand NationalIslip SpeedwayIslip SpeedwayBilly WadeBilly Wade1964 Mercury
July 19Grand NationalThe Glen 151.8Watkins Glen InternationalBilly WadeBilly Wade1964 Mercury
July 21Grand NationalPennsylvania 200Lincoln SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
July 26Grand NationalVolunteer 500Bristol International SpeedwayRichard PettyFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
August 2Grand NationalNashville 400Nashville SpeedwayRichard PettyRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
August 7Grand NationalRambi RacewayRambi RacewayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
August 9Grand NationalWestern North Carolina 500Asheville-Weaverville SpeedwayJunior JohnsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
August 13Grand NationalMoyock 300Dog Track SpeedwayNed JarrettNed Jarrett1964 Ford
August 16Grand NationalMountaineer 500West Virginia International SpeedwayBilly WadeRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
August 21Grand NationalSandlapper 200Columbia SpeedwayNed JarrettDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
August 22Grand NationalMyers Brothers 250Bowman-Gray StadiumJunior JohnsonJunior Johnson1964 Ford
August 23Grand NationalStarkey SpeedwayStarkey SpeedwayGlen WoodJunior Johnson1964 Ford
September 7Grand NationalSouthern 500Darlington RacewayRichard PettyBuck Baker1964 Dodge
September 11Grand NationalBuddy Shuman 250Hickory SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid Pearson1964 Dodge
September 14Grand NationalCapital City 300Virginia State FairgroundsNed JarrettCotton Owens1964 Dodge
September 18Grand NationalOld Dominion SpeedwayOld Dominion SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
September 20Grand NationalOrange SpeedwayOrange SpeedwayDavid PearsonNed Jarrett1964 Ford
September 27Grand NationalOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayFred LorenzenFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
October 9Grand NationalSavannah SpeedwaySavannah SpeedwayNed JarrettNed Jarrett1964 Ford
October 11Grand NationalWilkes 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayJunior JohnsonMarvin Panch1964 Ford
October 18Grand NationalNational 400Charlotte Motor SpeedwayRichard PettyFred Lorenzen1964 Ford
October 25Grand NationalHarris SpeedwayHarris SpeedwayBilly WadeRichard Petty1964 Plymouth
November 1Grand NationalJaycee 300Augusta SpeedwayNed JarrettDarel Dieringer1964 Mercury
November 8Grand NationalJacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville SpeedwayDoug YatesRichard Petty1964 Ford

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