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Stock Car Racing 1976

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing 1976

Page Sections
1976's Series and Champions
NASCAR National Touring Series Drivers
Race Schedule
NASCAR Winston Cup Points Standings

1976's Series and Champions

SanctionSeriesDrivers' ChampionPoints Standings
NASCARWinston CupCale YarboroughNWC Schedule
NWC Points Standings
ARCAARCA Racing SeriesDave Dayton
NASCARThe Baby Grand SeriesDean Combs

NASCAR National Touring Series Drivers

Each of the drivers listed here has a Stock Car Racing Record on their page and includes results from series covered on the Stock Car Racing 1976 page.  You can see their race-by-race performance over the course of their careers including other series and years listed in the Stock Car Racing Record Notes page.  For those drivers with longer pages, the records are at the bottom so you can scroll down to find them more easily.  The Top 30 in Winston Cup points at season's end are in bold.

Grant Adcox, Bobby Allison, Donnie Allison, Buddy Arrington, Buck Baker, Buddy Baker, Walter Ballard, Sam Beler, Terry Bivins, Bruce Blodgett, Neil Bonnett, Chuck Bown, Eddie Bradshaw, Dick Brooks, Earl Brooks, Richard Brown, Darrell Bryant, Bob Burcham, Earle Canavan, Jimmy Lee Capps, Neil Castles, Bill Champion, Richard Childress, Dean Dalton, Jim Danielson, Bill Dennis, John Dineen, Jack Donohue, Dale Earnhardt, Sonny Easley, Ray Elder, Bill Elliott, Tommy Ellis, Larry Esau, Ron Esau, Doc Faustina, Gene Felton, AJ Foyt, Glen Francis, Joe Frasson, Tommy Gale, Harry Gant, Charlie Glotzbach, Cecil Gordon, Henley Gray, Janet Guthrie, Budd Hagelin, John Hamson, Jeff Handy, Ferrel Harris, John Haver, Jimmy Hensley, Bruce Hill, Mike Hiss, David Hobbs, Al Holbert, Bill Hollar, Jim Hurtubise, James Hylton, Jimmy Insolo, Bobby Isaac, Bruce Jacobi, Harry Jefferson, Gordon Johncock, Gary Johnson, Carl Joiner, John Kieper, Elmo Langley, Larry Lemay, Clyde Lynn, Skip Manning, Dave Marcis, Coo Coo Marlin, Sterling Marlin, Gary Matthews, Dick May, Glen McDuffie, J.D. McDuffie, Billy McGinnis, Hershel McGriff, Jimmy Means, Joe Mihalic, Harold Miller, Junior Miller, Gary Myers, Ed Negre, Rick Newsom, Richie Panch, Benny Parsons, David Pearson, Hugh Pearson, Richard Petty, Larry Phillips, Bill Polich, Lennie Pond, Baxter Price, Don Puskarich, Johnny Ray, Don Reynolds, Jackie Rogers, Earl Ross, Ricky Rudd, Johnny Rutherford, Terry Ryan, Rusty Sanders, Bill Schmitt, Tighe Scott, Ernie Shaw, Dave Sisco, Jerry Sisco, Dick Skillen, Roy Smith, Sam Sommers, G.C. Spencer, Ernie Stierly, Ramo Stott, Jim Thirkettle, Jabe Thomas, Travis Tiller, Dick Trickle, D.K. Ulrich, John A. Utsman, Jim Vandiver, Chuck Wahl, Walter Wallace, Salt Walther, Darrell Waltrip, Frank Warren, Bobby Wawak, Tom Williams, Cale Yarborough

Race Schedule

DateSeriesRaceTrackPoleWinnerWinner's Make
January 18Winston CupWinston Western 500Riverside International RacewayBobby AllisonDavid PearsonMercury
February 15Winston CupDaytona 500Daytona International SpeedwayRamo StottDavid PearsonMercury
February 29Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayDave MarcisRichard PettyDodge
March 7Winston CupRichmond 400Richmond International RacewayBobby AllisonDave MarcisDodge
March 14Winston CupVolunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayBuddy BakerCale YarboroughChevrolet
March 21Winston CupAtlanta 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayDave MarcisDavid PearsonMercury
April 4Winston CupGwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayDave MarcisCale YarboroughChevrolet
April 11Winston CupRebel 500Darlington RacewayDavid PearsonDavid PearsonMercury
April 25Winston CupVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayDave MarcisDarrell WaltripChevrolet
May 2Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayDave MarcisBuddy BakerFord
May 8Winston CupMusic City 420Nashville SpeedwayBenny ParsonsCale YarboroughChevrolet
May 16Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayDave MarcisBenny ParsonsChevrolet
May 30Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid PearsonMercury
June 13Winston CupRiverside 400Riverside International RacewayDavid PearsonDavid PearsonMercury
June 20Winston CupCAM2 400Michigan International SpeedwayRichard PettyDavid PearsonMercury
July 4Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayAJ FoytCale YarboroughChevrolet
July 17Winston CupNashville 420Nashville SpeedwayBobby AllisonBenny ParsonsChevrolet
August 1Winston CupPurolator 500Pocono RacewayCale YarboroughRichard PettyDodge
August 8Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayDave MarcisDave MarcisDodge
August 22Winston CupChampion 400Michigan International SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid PearsonMercury
August 29Winston CupSouthEastern 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDarrell WaltripCale YarboroughChevrolet
September 6Winston CupSouthern 500Darlington RacewayDavid PearsonDavid PearsonMercury
September 12Winston CupCapital City 400Richmond International RacewayBenny ParsonsCale YarboroughChevrolet
September 19Winston CupDelaware 500Dover International SpeedwayCale YarboroughCale YarboroughChevrolet
September 26Winston CupOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayDarrell WaltripCale YarboroughChevrolet
October 3Winston CupWilkes 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayDarrell WaltripCale YarboroughChevrolet
October 10Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDavid PearsonDonnie AllisonChevrolet
October 24Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina SpeedwayDavid PearsonRichard PettyDodge
November 7Winston CupDixie 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayBuddy BakerDave MarcisDodge
November 21Winston CupLos Angeles Times 500Ontario Motor SpeedwayDavid PearsonDavid PearsonMercury

Winston Cup Points Standings

Pos.DriverPointsBehindStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings
1Cale Yarborough4644Leader30292223$294,591
2Richard Petty4449-19530131922$295,074
3Benny Parsons4304-34030221823$209,459
4Bobby Allison4097-54730301519$184,544
5Lennie Pond3930-71430001019$122,379
6Dave Marcis3875-7693073916$181,025
7Buddy Baker3745-89930211616$200,894
8Darrell Waltrip3505-113930311012$178,385
9David Pearson3483-1161228101618$274,299
10Dick Brooks3447-11972800318$95,380
11Richard Childress3428-12163000011$72,105
12J.D. McDuffie3400-1244300018$70,865
13James Hylton3380-1264300025$68,280
14D.K. Ulrich3280-1364300002$59,760
15Cecil Gordon3247-1397300005$63,155
16Frank Warren3240-1404300003$61,515
17Dave Sisco2994-1650280007$56,905
18Skip Manning*2931-1713270004$45,820
19Ed Negre2709-1935280002$47,560
20Buddy Arrington2573-2071250003$50,930
21Terry Bivins2099-2545180016$44,070
22Bobby Wawak2062-2582190009$30,265
23Bruce Hill1995-2649220004$43,705
24Jimmy Means1752-2892190000$20,945
25Dick May1719-2925190000$29,425
26Walter Ballard1554-3090150003$16,380
27Henley Gray1425-3219150000$15,090
28Coo Coo Marlin1412-3232120006$39,485
29Gary Myers1296-3348150000$11,430
30Jackie Rogers1173-3471110003$21,215
31Grant Adcox1163-3481110002$25,715
32Neil Bonnett1130-3514130014$31,650
33Tommy Gale1005-3639120000$18,955
34Donnie Allison988-365690125$41,120
35Joe Mihalic981-366390000$12,925
36Elmo Langley824-382070001$7,515
37Travis Tiller816-382890000$6,310
38Sonny Easley772-387270002$11,290
39Joe Frasson707-393790001$12,075
40Jabe Thomas648-399660000$6,160
41Bill Elliott635-400980000$11,635
42Dean Dalton633-401160000$7,245
43Earle Canavan610-403470000$6,035
44Rick Newsom607-403770000$5,520
45Tighe Scott566-407860001$15,520
46Terry Ryan558-408650013$24,640
47Darrell Bryant546-409880001$11,775
48Buck Baker513-413180001$12,655
49Chuck Bown481-416350000$5,480
50Baxter Price479-416550000$3,010
51Dick Skillen455-418950000$8,250
52Sam Sommers412-423250001$8,780
53Ricky Rudd407-423740001$7,175
54Jimmy Lee Capps389-425540001$6,950
55Bob Burcham374-427050000$6,465
56John A. Utsman345-429940000$8,185
57Harold Miller333-431130000$4,885
58Ray Elder320-432420022$11,315
59G.C. Spencer319-432540000$4,965
60Jerry Sisco312-433230000$3,170
61Jimmy Insolo307-433730012$12,105
62Don Puskarich300-434430000$3,770
63Earl Brooks273-437140000$5,225
64Bill Champion270-437430000$2,185
65Jack Donohue261-438330000$2,680
66Richard Brown261-438330000$1,310
67Junior Miller239-440520000$1,325
68Jimmy Hensley234-441020001$2,150
69Roy Smith234-441030000$4,285
70Eddie Bradshaw227-441720000$2,685
71Chuck Wahl226-441820000$2,705
72Bill Schmitt219-442520001$3,360
73Bruce Jacobi213-443130000$3,385
74Bill Polich197-444720000$2,155
75Larry Lemay188-445620000$975
76Walter Wallace188-445620000$775
77Ron Esau179-446520000$2,310
78Carl Joiner173-447120000$2,155
79Gary Johnson170-447420000$1,855
80Ferrel Harris167-447720000$2,950
81Hugh Pearson164-448020000$1,930
82Budd Hagelin158-448620000$1,555
83Johnny Ray149-449520000$3,005
84Harry Gant138-450610001$5,430
85Neil Castles137-450730000$1,405
86Jim Thirkettle137-450720000$1,730
87Larry Esau124-452010000$1,745
88Jim Vandiver124-452010000$3,735
89Jim Hurtubise115-452910000$3,975
90Gene Felton115-452910000$1,635
91Gary Matthews112-453210000$1,395
92Don Reynolds109-453510000$1,140
93Tommy Ellis100-454410000$1,335
94Bill Dennis100-454410000$1,385
95Richie Panch100-454410000$1,035
96John Dineen97-454710000$1,040
97Doc Faustina91-455310000$735
98Clyde Lynn91-455310000$735
99Glen McDuffie82-456210000$730
100Jim Danielson79-456510000$890
101Glen Francis79-456510000$1,065
102Sterling Marlin76-456810000$565
103Hershel McGriff73-457120000$1,655
104Dale Earnhardt70-457420000$3,085
105Rusty Sanders70-457410000$815
106Dick Trickle67-457710000$1,225
107John Hamson67-457710000$790
108David Hobbs66-457820000$3,030
109Ernie Stierly64-458010000$765
110John Haver64-458010000$780
111Sam Beler61-458310000$585
112Charlie Glotzbach61-458310000$1,535
113Harry Jefferson58-458610000$535
114John Kieper58-458610000$710
115Tom Williams52-459210000$1,615
116Bobby Isaac49-459520001$4,190
117Earl Ross46-459810000$2,025
118Bill Hollar46-459810000$540
119AJ Foyt0-464451011$15,060
120Salt Walther0-464410000$5,880
121Larry Phillips0-464410000$1,990
122Janet Guthrie0-464450000$8,179
123Bruce Blodgett0-464410000$800
124Ernie Shaw0-464410000$700
125Johnny Rutherford0-464420000$2,745
126Mike Hiss0-464410000$1,365
127Ramo Stott0-464411000$6,830
128Jeff Handy0-464410000$370
129Billy McGinnis0-464410000$805
130Gordon Johncock0-464410000$870
131Al Holbert0-464410000$855

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