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Travis Tiller

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

Stock Car Racing

Travis Tiller

A race car driver.

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Racing Record

Racing Record

Racing Record Notes

Winston Cup Career Statistics

YearPos.PointsStartsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Winnings

Race-by-Race Record

March 2, 1975Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayDodge46Precision Engine Machine2816Running115/0$1,300
March 16, 1975Winston CupVolunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge46Precision Engine Machine2021Out (Head Gasket)100/0$465
April 6, 1975Winston CupGwyn Staley 400North Wilkesboro SpeedwayDodge46Precision Engine Machine2621Running100/0$410
April 27, 1975Winston CupVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayDodge46Precision Engine Machine3024Out (Overheating)91/0$560
May 4, 1975Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayDodge46Tiller Racing4623Out (Oil Leak)94/0$1,575
May 10, 1975Winston CupMusic City 420Nashville SpeedwayDodge46Tiller Racing1926Out (No Oil Pressure)85/0$325
May 19, 1975Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge46Skip's Auto Parts3224Running91/0$700
May 25, 1975Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDodge46Skip's Auto Parts3630Running73/0$1,165
June 15, 1975Winston CupMotor State 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge46Skip's Auto Parts3623Out (Engine Failure)94/0$850
November 2, 1975Winston CupSouthEastern 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge46Skip's Auto Parts1928Out (Transmission)79/0$430
February 29, 1976Winston CupCarolina 500North Carolina SpeedwayDodge46Little B Coal3018Running109/0$1,180
March 7, 1976Winston CupRichmond 400Richmond International RacewayDodge46Little B Coal2617Running112/0$650
March 14, 1976Winston CupVolunteer 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge46Little B Coal2618Out (Engine Failure)109/0$600
April 25, 1976Winston CupVirginia 500Martinsville SpeedwayDodge46Little B / C&K Coal2926Out (Oil Leak)85/0$590
May 16, 1976Winston CupMason-Dixon 500Dover International SpeedwayDodge46Little B / C&K Coal3423Running94/0$760
June 20, 1976Winston CupCAM2 400Michigan International SpeedwayDodge46Little B / C&K Coal3022Out (Overheating)97/0$890
August 1, 1976Winston CupPurolator 500Pocono RacewayDodge46Little B / C&K Coal3233Out (Engine Failure)64/0$615
September 12, 1976Winston CupCapital City 400Richmond International RacewayDodge46Little B / C&K Coal3028Running79/0$400
October 24, 1976Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina SpeedwayDodge46Little B / C&K Coal3332Out (Blown Head Gasket)67/0$625
August 28, 1977Winston CupSouthEastern 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge46Little B Coal2421Out (Overheating)100/0$465
September 25, 1977Winston CupOld Dominion 500Martinsville SpeedwayDodge46Little B Coal3029Out (Radiator)76/0$560
October 23, 1977Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina SpeedwayChevrolet46Little B Coal3332Out (Broken Rocker Arm)67/0$590
April 8, 1979Winston CupCRC Rebel 500Darlington RacewayDodge46Little B Coal3236Out (Engine Failure)55/0$900
May 6, 1979Winston CupWinston 500Talladega SuperspeedwayDodge46Riley Racing3940Out (Did Not Start)PE$1,255
May 27, 1979Winston CupWorld 600Charlotte Motor SpeedwayDodge46Ring Enterprises2835Out (Overheating)58/0$1,315
July 4, 1979Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayDodge46Ring Enterprises3936Out (Broken Valve)55/0$1,025
October 21, 1979Winston CupAmerican 500North Carolina Motor SpeedwayBuick46Ring Enterprises2434Out (Broken Rotor)61/0$570
March 30, 1980Winston CupValleydale Southeastern 500Bristol Motor SpeedwayDodge79Warren Racing2728Out (Lost Oil Pressure)79/0$770
July 27, 1980Winston CupCoca-Cola 500Pocono RacewayOldsmobile46Ring Enterprises3940Out (Ignition)PE$910
September 14, 1980Winston CupCRC Chemicals 500Dover International SpeedwayOldsmobile46Ring Enterprises2726Out (Engine Failure)85/0$650
November 2, 1980Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayOldsmobile46Ring Enterprises3930Out (Radiator)73/0$720
November 8, 1981Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayChevrolet46Ring Enterprises3832Out (Engine Failure)67/0$850
July 4, 1982Winston CupFireCracker 400Daytona International SpeedwayBuick46Ring Enterprises3226Out (Exhaust Pipe)85/0$1,860
August 1, 1982Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayBuick46Ring Enterprises3328Running79/0$2,085
October 10, 1982Winston CupNational 500Charlotte Motor SpeedwayBuick46Ring Enterprises3540Out (Accident)43/0$1,050
November 7, 1982Winston CupAtlanta Journal 500Atlanta Motor SpeedwayBuick46Ring Enterprises3218Running109/0$1,400
April 10, 1983Winston CupTranSouth 500Darlington RacewayBuick46Morgan-McClure Chevrolet3415Running118/0$2,750
July 31, 1983Winston CupTalladega 500Talladega SuperspeedwayChevrolet46Intermountain Video Systems4039Out (Accident)46/0$1,610

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