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Official Site: TrapTap.com

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An indicator that a driver is approaching a speed trap, red light camera, or school zone.

Company Profile

The following section is from a 2016 press release.

We started this project because each member of the TrapTapteam had a unique problem and there wasn't a simple, legal and cheap way to fix all of them. We are of course talking about the expensive and dreaded speeding ticket,that comes in many different forms. Getting upwards of 5 speeding tickets a year can add up in a hurry. In fact, drivers in North America spend 8 billion dollars a year on speeding tickets. Whether cruising too fast on the highway, zipping through a school zone or unknowingly getting clocked by a red light camera, TrapTap helps keep its users safe by warning them of upcoming zones where drivers need to slow down. TrapTap makes the roads safer and the people behind the wheel more aware of what's ahead and helps keep money in their pocket. Our team has spent months building, testing and perfecting TrapTap to the design we have today. In October, we partnered with a design firm that has built products sold in Apple stores with manufacturing facilities in Winnipeg. We spent numerous hours testing and recalibrating. After finding the right design and sourcing out the correct components and LED's, we finally had a product ready for production. With TrapTap you're now ready for the road.

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12 April 2016TrapTap, the Wireless Speed Trap Indicator, Speeds Past Kickstarter Goal and Revs Up Over $135,000 CAD To Help Save Lives And Prevent Speeding TicketsTrapTap
16 May 2016TrapTap, the Revolutionary Speed Trap Indicator to Eliminate Speeding Tickets, Finishes Kickstarter Campaign by Raising Over $373,527 (CAD)TrapTap

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