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Vigilante 8: Second Offense

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Vigilante 8: Second Offense

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A vehicular combat for the Nintendo 64, DreamCast, and PlayStation. Released in 1999-2000 (depending on system & market).

3/5 by Official PlayStation Magazine (Issue 29)


At the Title Scree, select Options. Highlight Game Status and press X. Press X again at Player 1, and X once more to highlight Sheila. Press R1 & L1 simultaneously and you can then enter the following codes:

RAPID_FIRE - remove delay between weapon firing
UNDER_FIRE - difficulty increased to maximum
BLAST_FIRE - interceptor missiles have an extra explosion
GO_SLOW_MO - slow-motion play
GO_RAMMING - heavy-duty vehicle
Press X when done entering the code. A female voice will confirm a correct code.

Nintendo 64-Specific Codes

At the main menu, choose Options. Highlight Game Status and press A, A, then L&R simultaneously to access the cheat passwords screen. When a passcode is entered correctly, a voice will say "funky."

All Characters - LLA_KCOLNU
Attract Enemies - UNDER_FIRE
Big Wheels - GO_MONSTER
Faster Cars - MORE_SPEED
Faster Weapons Fire - RAPID_FIRE
Heavier Cars - GO_RAMMING
High Suspensions - JACK_IT_UP
Invincibility - ELBICNIVNI
Maximum Stats - LLA_DORTOH
No Enemies - HOME_ALONE
No Gravity - NO_GRAVITY
Quick Start in Arcade Mode - QUICK_PLAY
Slow Motion - GO_SLO_MO
Super Missiles - BLAST_FIRE

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