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RV Living

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RV Living

VOA News
27 July 2018 (9:54AM)

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Imagine having a getaway everyday and constantly meeting new people. We take a look at the lives of those who live in an RV, or as they call it, their motorhomes. Reporter: Mariia Prus, Camera: Konstantyn Golubchik, Adapted By: Zdenko Novacki

((Banner: RV Living))
Mariia Prus))
Konstantyn Golubchik))
((Adapted by:
Zdenko Novacki))
((Map: Front Royal, Virginia))
((Mary Deguire Romagnoli, RV Owner))

This is my camper. I bought it in April. It has three parts. It has a bedroom. It has a kitchen and it has a bathroom. This is the bedroom and I add the curtains so you have privacy. Here is my little kitchen, enough room for two. Here is where we cook. Here we have our microwave and our refrigerator. Very small. You can run it off of electric or off of propane or off of the battery. So, it’s multiple power sources. And in here, if you come, it is the best part. Let me get the light ready for you. This is the luxury. And here is the camping luxury. As you can see, we have a full bath with a toilet, a sink and a shower. Its very, very nice. It’s very small but it is very good.
((RV Owner))
The thing about a motorhome, this is called a motorhome. It is not a camper, because it’s self-propelled. So, it’s got a big diesel in the back and it’s like a self-contained home. It’s got air conditioning, satellite TV, a washer and dryer, you know, refrigerator, sink, microwave, coffee pot, just like you would have in an apartment. So, it’s like a moving apartment.
((Julie Bound, RV Owner))
It is like having a vacation every weekend because, you know, you have your own camper. So, you pull it. It’s less, you know, it is less expensive. So, you know, we can camp every weekend. It’s a little bit of a getaway. It’s only an hour away.
((RV Owner))
It's like driving a car but it is such a big car, you have to be really careful because if you are not paying attention, you can’t stop a vehicle like this as quickly as you can a car.
((Janet E. Breeden, RV Owner))
Here you go in, go out and everybody gets together and shares camp fire stories and talk so your kids fall asleep and you carry them in. It is a lot better than a motel.
((Julie Bound, RV Owner))
We have more quality time. My boys grew up here, so they learned how to ride their bikes here, learning to fish, things like that. So, it just allows more family time.
((RV Owner))
So, it’s time to cook dinner.

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