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Zizzo Racing
Racing Team

A rail drag racing team based in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

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Article Index

November 7, 2010TJ Zizzo: Vote Lagana for NHRA Hardworking Crew AwardBrandon W. Mudd
November 8, 2010Zizzo Ready for Visit to Historic PomonaBrandon W. Mudd
November 11, 2010Zizzo Racing with Provisional Eighth Day 1 at PomonaBrandon W. Mudd
November 11, 2010Zizzo Racing’s Dale a Proud VeteranBrandon W. Mudd
November 12, 2010Zizzo Racing Sees Improvement Friday at PomonaBrandon W. Mudd
November 13, 2010Zizzo Qualifies 12th in Pomona; Faces Cory Mac SundayBrandon W. Mudd
November 14, 2010Despite Disappointing First Round Loss at Pomona, TJ Zizzo Sees Positives of 2010Brandon W. Mudd
December 16, 2010Happy Holidays From Zizzo Racing!Brandon W. Mudd
January 27, 2011Zizzo: Off Season? What Off Season?Brandon W. Mudd
February 21, 2011Zizzo Picking Up Where He Left Off: PomonaBrandon W. Mudd
February 24, 2011Zizzo Racing Unveils New Kenny Youngblood Paint Scheme for ‘11Brandon W. Mudd
February 24, 2011First Run of ’11 for Zizzo Ends With a Provisional 7th-Place EffortBrandon W. Mudd
February 26, 2011Zizzo to Face Langdon After Qualifying 11th at WinternationalsBrandon W. Mudd
February 27, 2011Disappointing Rd. 1 Loss Sends Zizzo Racing Home EarlyBrandon W. Mudd
April 26, 2011Zizzo Racing in a Lone Star State of MindBrandon W. Mudd
April 27, 2011Kenny Youngblood to Focus on Texas Racers on Zizzo Racing Dragster in HoustonBrandon W. Mudd
April 29, 2011Zizzo Puts PEAK Motor Oil Dragster Sixth in HoustonBrandon W. Mudd
April 30, 2011Zizzo to Face Kalitta in Texas Showdown After Qualifying 7thBrandon W. Mudd
May 1, 2011Zizzo Finds Red Light District in HoustonBrandon W. Mudd
May 9, 2011Zizzo Featured on Internet Show Nitro RewindBrandon W. Mudd
June 3, 2011Zizzo Racing, PEAK Dragster Featured at Chicagoland Speedway NASCAR RaceBrandon W. Mudd
June 5, 2011Tony Zizzo Enjoys Return to Top AlcoholBrandon W. Mudd
June 30, 2011Zizzo Racing Welcomes INDAK as New Marketing PartnerBrandon W. Mudd
July 2, 2011MEDIA ALERT: Zizzo Racing on FOX ChicagoBrandon W. Mudd
July 5, 2011Sweet Home Chicago for Zizzo Racing, PEAKBrandon W. Mudd
July 6, 2011Zizzo Racing’s Kenny Youngblood Paint Scheme to Honor Karamesines, GarlitsBrandon W. Mudd
July 8, 2011Misix Named Official Marketing Agency of Zizzo RacingBrandon W. Mudd
July 8, 2011Zizzo Optimistic Despite Rough Day at Home TrackBrandon W. Mudd
July 9, 2011Zizzo to Face Massey in Joliet From 16thBrandon W. Mudd
July 10, 2011Zizzo Earns Upset Round Win at Home Against MasseyBrandon W. Mudd
August 30, 2011Big Momentum at the Big Go for ZizzoBrandon W. Mudd
September 2, 2011Solid A to B Run For PEAK Rail on Day 1 of U.S. NationalsBrandon W. Mudd
September 3, 2011Temps in the 100s, Zizzo’s in the .90s at IndyBrandon W. Mudd
September 4, 2011Zizzo Has a Big Boom at the Big Go; PEAK Machine in the Field of 16Brandon W. Mudd
September 5, 2011Zizzo Racing Makes Its Mark on Indy With Great RunBrandon W. Mudd
September 13, 2011Nothing Can Be Finer Than Zizzo in CarolinaBrandon W. Mudd
September 16, 2011Career Day for Zizzo, PEAK Motor Oil Team in the CarolinasBrandon W. Mudd
September 17, 2011Four Rounds, Four Strong Runs of Qualifying for Zizzo at zMAXBrandon W. Mudd
September 18, 2011Zizzo Gives a PEAK Performance at zMAXBrandon W. Mudd
October 27, 2011Zizzo, PEAK Motor Oil Team Ready to Cash In at VegasBrandon W. Mudd
October 28, 2011Up & Down Day Still Positive for PEAK Motor Oil TeamBrandon W. Mudd
October 29, 2011PEAK Motor Oil Team Have Their Game Face On in VegasBrandon W. Mudd
October 30, 2011PEAK Team Among Right Lane Victims at The StripBrandon W. Mudd
November 10, 2011Q1 a Learning Day for Zizzo Racing at PomonaBrandon W. Mudd
November 10, 2011Zizzo, Youngblood Honor Wally Parks at World FinalsBrandon W. Mudd
November 11, 2011Smooth Run For Zizzo Racing Back & Forth Weather ConditionsBrandon W. Mudd
November 12, 2011Zizzo to Face Bernstein Sunday in NHRA FinalsBrandon W. Mudd
November 13, 2011Part Failure Doesn’t Mean Team Failure for ZizzoBrandon W. Mudd
November 13, 2011Zizzo Racing Statement on the Retirement of NHRA Starter Rick StewartBrandon W. Mudd
February 13, 2013Mello Yello and Motor Oil: Zizzo Ready to PEAK at PomonaBrandon W. Mudd
February 18, 2013Zizzo: Despite Frustrating Weekend, PEAK Motor Oil Dragster Showing PromiseBrandon W. Mudd
March 13, 2013Zizzo Ready to Show What PEAK Motor Oil Team is Capable Of At GatorsBrandon W. Mudd
March 19, 2013Zizzo Upbeat Despite Second DNQ of ‘13Brandon W. Mudd
March 21, 2013PEAK Motor Oil Dragster Crew Chief Kern Meets President ObamaBrandon W. Mudd
April 16, 20134-Warned is 4-Armed at 4-Wide for Zizzo, PEAK TeamBrandon W. Mudd
April 19, 2013Mother Nature Takes Top Qualifier Friday at 4-WideBrandon W. Mudd
April 20, 2013It’s Saturday 4-Play for Sunday’s 4-Wide for Zizzo, PEAK TeamBrandon W. Mudd
April 21, 2013Zizzo, PEAK Team Move 4-Ward After 4-WideBrandon W. Mudd
April 24, 2013Zizzo, PEAK Team to Spring Into Action at NHRA Spring NationalsBrandon W. Mudd
April 26, 2013Zizzo, PEAK Team in the Dirty Dozen Going Into Saturday at BaytownBrandon W. Mudd
April 27, 2013Zizzo Faces Dixon Sunday After Saturday Wash OutBrandon W. Mudd
April 28, 2013Zizzo Falls in Rd. 1 Pedalfest to Dixon at HoustonBrandon W. Mudd
May 29, 2013Zizzo Looking for Another Personal Best at E-TownBrandon W. Mudd
June 1, 2013Zizzo Qualifies 9th at E-Town, Faces Langdon in E1Brandon W. Mudd
June 2, 2013Red Light Leads to Letdown in E-Town for ZizzoBrandon W. Mudd
June 27, 2013Giant Killer Zizzo Looking for More Hometown SuccessBrandon W. Mudd
June 28, 2013Zizzo With Solid A to B Pass After Rain Delay at Route 66Brandon W. Mudd
June 29, 2013Despite Improvements, Zizzo Misses the Cut at JolietBrandon W. Mudd
July 25, 2013Zizzo, PEAK Team Happy to Make NHRA Debut at SonomaBrandon W. Mudd
July 27, 2013Career Best For Zizzo in Wine Country Debut Puts PEAK Team in Top Half of the FieldBrandon W. Mudd
July 27, 2013Zizzo To Face Lucas in E1 Sunday in Sonoma From the Ninth SpotBrandon W. Mudd
July 28, 2013Career-Best Benchmarks Top a Big Weekend in Sonoma for ZizzoBrandon W. Mudd
July 31, 2013Another New Track? No Problem for Zizzo & PEAK RacingBrandon W. Mudd
August 2, 2013Day 1 of NHRA Northwest Nationals a Wash OutBrandon W. Mudd
August 3, 2013Zizzo to Face Sarge at Seattle SundayBrandon W. Mudd
August 4, 2013Zizzo Runs His Best in the West with Semi-Finals AppearanceBrandon W. Mudd
August 16, 2013Zizzo, PEAK Racing Continues Improvements at BrainerdBrandon W. Mudd
August 17, 2013PEAK Motor Oil Team Continues Strong Runs at Brainerd, Faces al Balooshi in E1Brandon W. Mudd
August 18, 2013Early Exit for Zizzo, PEAK Team No Indicator of Performance at BrainerdBrandon W. Mudd
August 31, 2013Zizzo 14th in Rain-Shortened Day of Big Go QualsBrandon W. Mudd
August 31, 2013Zizzo Reaches Out to Fans to Help Fight Ovarian CancerBrandon W. Mudd
September 1, 2013Zizzo Misses the Show at the Big GoBrandon W. Mudd
September 21, 2013Zizzo Pedals the PEAK Rail Into the Show in DallasBrandon W. Mudd
September 22, 2013Zizzo Comes Up Short Despite Strong RunBrandon W. Mudd
June 26, 2014Zizzo ‘Knocking Off the Rust’ this Weekend at Route 66Kurt Bali
July 9, 2015Rust-Oleum Kicks Off Second Year Sponsorship with TJ Zizzo, NHRA Top Fuel Dragster Driver of TJ Zizzo RacingKatelin Sieckman
July 9, 2015Zizzo, Rust-Oleum Kick Off 2015 Season at Home TrackBrandon Mudd
July 11, 2015Zizzo, Rust-Oleum Team, Shake the World (And Tires) in Return to TrackBrandon Mudd
July 12, 2015Zizzo Happy to Qualify Rust-Oleum Rail 15th at HomeBrandon Mudd
July 12, 2015Despite E1 Exit, Zizzo & Rust-Oleum Team Pleased with ProgressBrandon Mudd
September 3, 2015Zizzo Honored to Rep Rust-Oleum at the Big GoBrandon Mudd
September 4, 2015Mother Natures Takes the Early Win at IndyBrandon Mudd
September 5, 2015Zizzo, Rust-Oleum Team Make the Big Go After Rough SaturdayBrandon Mudd
September 7, 2015Rust-Oleum Team Finds Groove at IndyBrandon Mudd

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