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The Crittenden Automotive Library

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The Crittenden Automotive Library

Bill Crittenden
September 5, 2006

The Crittenden Automotive Library, launched September 5, 2006, is the final step in an evolving online information resource.

CarsandRacingStuff.com started on December 12, 2005.  It was formed with the intention of being a site to sell automotive collectibles.  The Forum was the first main section online, and the only current part of the website that has existed since the beginning.

I decided to include some automotive information, and the first part online was the Vehicle List, a huge list of model names used throughout history, who used them, what years they were used and a few words on some vehicles.

The next information resource online was the Model Kits and Collectibles Database.  It contained lists of model kits and collectibles organized by manufacturer, vehicle, and driver (for racing).  It was not a true database, however, and was known for a short time as the Model Kits and Collectibles Guide until I converted the lists into a true database.  A Photos section also was added to the site.

The limitations of the Vehicle List and Database resulted in the creation of the Cars and Racing Stuff Encylopedia.  The Encyclopedia eventually consoidated information from the Vehicle List, Database, and Photos section.

With the addition of documents to the Encyclopedia and the need for a name separate from the domain name CarsandRacingStuff.com, the Articles section was consolidated into the Encyclopedia and it was renamed the Crittenden Automotive Library.

The launch of the Crittenden Automotive Library also seemed to be a good time for a refreshing of the site's design, and the site went from dark blue with orange to green with dark blue.

©2006 Bill Crittenden

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The Crittenden Automotive Library

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