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The Crittenden Automotive Library Update: October 2006

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The Crittenden Automotive Library Update: October 2006

Bill Crittenden
The Crittenden Automotive Library
October 9, 2006

Formula 1

Last week's project, now completed, was to enter all of the race results for the 1953 Formula 1 season.  This includes entering the data into each driver's Formula 1 race history.  F1 information now runs from 1950-1953, with more to come.

Indy Cars

Much of the rest of the month was spent entering information from the 1991 All World Racing Indy Car card set.  The card set list was in the Library, but now the cards are listed on each driver's entry, and from the cards we obtained 1990 PPG Indy Car World Series race results and the birthdates of many drivers.

Morris Lions Fall Classic Car Show

October 8 was this year's Morris Lions show.  My estimate, based on registration numbers called for door prizes, places participation at over 1,000 cars.  John Walczak's 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Intimidator joined Northern Illinois Streeters in a little corner of the big show.

While the club enjoyed the cars, I went to work.  I went to the swap meet first, and for $15 walked away with a milk crate full and a box overflowing with car magazines.  Information from these magazines will eventually find its way online.

Once all my money was spent, it was time for a quick bratwurst lunch, and then I got to work with the camera.  Even leaving early, I still came home with over 180 photos for the web site.  The first of the photos are online now, and can be found on new entries American, Karmann Ghia, and Morris Lions Fall Classic Car Show.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons, the multimedia section of Wikipedia, has been a major source of photographs for the Library.  I've decided to give back to the Wikipedia community, and to help spread the word about the Library, by releasing certain photographs for use under Creative Commons and GNU FDL licenses.

©2006 Bill Crittenden

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