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The Crittenden Automotive Library Update: December 2006

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The Crittenden Automotive Library Update: December 2006

Bill Crittenden
The Crittenden Automotive Library
December 18, 2006

This newsletter is out a little late this month, due in part to it being a busy month for new material, particularly photographs.

Northern Illinois Streeters

Right now I'm working with Joe Salzburg, freelance automotive artist and writer and the unofficial information guy for the Streeters car club, on putting together a little website for the group.  It's not done yet, but you can see it at streeters.carsandracingstuff.com

NASCAR Photographs

I would like to thank the United States military, not only for honorably serving and protecting our nation but also for their participation in racing, including sponsorships of NASCAR cars and their photographs of the vehicles.

Works of the United States government are public domain/uncopyrightable, so the photographs I've obtained for the site aren't unique in any way.  I've used quite a bit of U.S. Government information on the site already.  But perhaps the coolest works of the federal government are the photographs of military sponsored race cars taken by the men & women of the armed forces' journalism groups.

The first major batch to go online was from the Air Force last month, including many photos of Ken Schrader, Ricky Rudd, action from the races and flyovers and more from the pre-race ceremonies.  One set of photographs is of Ken Schrader's flight with the Air Force Thunderbirds.

This month I finished the Air Force batch and added the Army's photos.  One photo from the Coast Guard's collection is also online, and that leaves 128 left to go, and I haven't even begun with the Navy or the Marines.

Other Photographs

Thanks to Rich Daswick for photographs from the Free State Corvette Show in Maryland.  The first 5 photos are online, with more to come soon.  Since I was editing the Corvette page anyway, I added more photographs from other sources to it as well.

The Nissan Skyline page finally has pictures, and other pages were created for new pictures from other sources.  All told, December was a great month for photographs, due in part to some extra time and opportunities to work with my laptop.

Other Stuff

Well, it's the offseason for racing.  I know there are cars elsewhere in the world going fast for trophies, but the major series-F1, NASCAR, IRL, and others-are done for the year.  That doesn't mean we're done for the season here at CarsandRacingStuff.com. We're still working here, because I've only been at since February 2006, and there's 110 years of automotive and racing history to cover, from Karl Benz's first car to Jimmie Johnson hoisting the 2006 Nextel Cup.

The Year Ahead

I can't tell you now what the next year will bring.  All I can say is that we'll still be here, adding information and photos to the site.

Last year the Encyclopedia (the predecessor to the Library) was brand new and largely unformed when I traveled to the Chicago Auto Show.  This year I'm going all out at the show, getting more photos and material for the site.  February and March should be great months for photos of new cars and concept cars.

©2006 Bill Crittenden

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