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After all this time, you would think..... An Opinion

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Toyota

After all this time, you would think..... An Opinion

Chris Martin
NASCAR World Order
January 13, 2009

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I've been a NASCAR fan for a long time. I've made some friends over the years and even made enemies over the years over my opinions. I just tell the way I see it and leave it at that. I participated in a poll question concerning Toyota at a friend's discussion group and it got me to thinking about this whole issue over why people still hate Toyota after all this time. My question is, what are you all afraid of? Have they won any Cup Championships? Hell, NASCAR has to regulate them in the Nationwide series so they don't get a power advantage. My favorite driver switched back to Chevy with his new team and I'm cool with that. But I personally don't have a problem with NASCAR expanding. Look at Dodge. When was the last time they won a Cup Championship? Does everyone here like the Chevy/Ford Show year after year. Doesn't that get boring to you? It does to me. I will go out and say that I still see no problem with the effort Toyota is putting out there. If you want to say they are throwing their money around to get business done, so be it. Those factories that build the Toyota's here in the USA still employ hard working Tax Paying citizens. Why do they exceed the big 3 in sales? Maybe it's a better product? Maybe it's better gas mileage? You tell me. I can bet over half the people here have a foreign car sitting in their drive way right now.

So go ahead, bash Toyota, but really think about what you say. Most of the Fords you drive are made in Mexico. Most of the Chevy parts in your GM car are made overseas. Dodge is a German company. The computer you are looking at this second, about 95% of it's components are made in China and Taiwan. It's really too late to complain, most of the United States is already outsourced.

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