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Football Legend Visits Pearl Harbor

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Football Legend Visits Pearl Harbor

Daniel Calderon, Commander, Navy Region Hawaii Public Affairs
U.S. Navy
September 15, 2004

PEARL HARBOR, Hawaii (NNS) -- National Football League (NFL) Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw took time to visit with Sailors stationed at Naval Station Pearl Harbor Sept. 2.

Bradshaw and his entourage toured Pearl Harbor aboard the Commander, Navy Region Hawaii barge before having lunch with Sailors at the Silver Dolphin Bistro aboard Naval Station Pearl Harbor.

Bradshaw and Armando Fitz, co-owners of Fitz-Bradshaw Racing, the team that races the Navy’s NASCAR vehicle, were guests of the Navy during their time here.

"It’s a huge honor to have the Navy logo on our car,” said Fitz.  “We have an unbelievable amount of respect for these men and women, for what they do and what they represent.  Terry and I are both huge fans of the Navy and have a tremendous amount of pride to have the U.S. Navy on our car.”

Bradshaw, Fitz and their group also visited USS Port Royal (CG 73), where they toured the ship and talked with crew members.  Bradshaw stopped at the Combat Information Center and signed several autographs, including one for Chief Warrant Officer 2 Larry Sharp.

“I got an autograph for my son’s autograph book,” explained Sharp about the signature in the Harry Potter-covered autograph book.  “My son woke me up this morning and told me I’d better have him [Terry Bradshaw] sign it.”

Bradshaw also stopped at the chiefs’ mess and received a shirt and a coin from the assembled chiefs.

“Hold, hold it,” joked the Hall of Fame quarterback.  “This shirt is too little.  I’m a full-grown man."

"Our dad was a Navy guy,” Bradshaw said on a more serious note while gesturing to his brother, who was part of the group.  “We don’t wear this.  We treasure it, and we’ll keep it safe.”

After joking around with the chiefs for a few minutes, Bradshaw visited members of the crew, who had an impromptu assembly on the mess decks.

“Our family has always been a part of a Navy base,” Bradshaw remarked.  “We are all in awe of what you do on a day to day basis.  Don’t think you’re not loved.  You truly are, and we genuinely appreciate everything you do.”

For related news, visit the Commander, Navy Region Hawaii Navy NewsStand page at http://www.news.navy.mil/local/cnrh/.

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