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Driving Instructor v Test Examiner

Driving Instructor v Test Examiner

Kacy Carr
September 21, 2005

To get into a car along side a complete novice who has no knowledge whatsoever of handling a vehicle, let alone handle other drivers on our busy roads takes some guts. (Instructor) Knowing how to drive is simple? Knowing the high way code is even more simple, what isn't so simple is not knowing what the other driver is going to do. The roads would be much safer if we were mind readers but unfortunately no glass ball to check out what lies ahead. The more lessons the more in take of rules and regulations.

Instructors who EARN to drive

Over a period of time the driving instructor that was once a stranger is now your friendly passenger who wants you to excel in your need to get a pass... Helping you to build up confidence in your self will be one of his main priorities.

Your friendly passenger has now become your companion, who throughout all your lessons has got to know you personally and corrected any bad habits you may have picked up while learning to drive

The magic moment has arrived to put in for your test, how do you know when the time is right? Simple, when the stalling or buck jumping of the car is all in the past, no more silly questions like where the clutch is. No more accidental kerb mounting. If any one should know you are ready to take that god fearing test, it has to be the stranger your friend your companion. (You're Instructor)

He was the one who had the guts to get in beside you ignoring the dangers that lay ahead. He was with you throughout the teething stages, pampering you like a mother would with her child. The driving instructor makes the final decision that you are ready to take to the highways. Education can go no further because he has taught you all there is to know. If this stranger your friend your companion your instructor had any doubts he would not allow you to put yourself and that of other motorists in danger.

The Test

Why so many fails. The answer is nerves

They send in an official type looking geezer with a clipboard. Another stranger, only this one is never to become you're your friend your companion. He is out to pass judgment before the key is turned in the ignition

You may guarantee if some one is waiting for you to make a mistake then the inevitable happens.

This geezer's decision also undermines the driving instructor's better judgment. Instructors do the dirty work but when it comes to dishing out the filth leave that to the examiners

(Earn to drive) Become a driving Instructor in your spare time. It does have its benefits and rewards.


About The Author:

Consider taking the exam in your own car. This worked for me, it may work for you. Fnd a cheap car, Best confidence booster you could have on the day of your test. http://www.benidormbeaches.com

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