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The 2007 Volvo S80 at Par with the Best in Its Class

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The 2007 Volvo S80 at Par with the Best in Its Class

Glady Reign
January 26, 2007

February of this year will signal the introduction to the market of the newest luxury sedan from the world’s leader in automotive safety - Volvo. The luxury vehicle is the 2007 version of the company’s best selling Volvo S80. The car, just like its predecessor, promises to give the best safety features available in any vehicle out there. Along with that, the vehicle also is expected to come bearing the high quality of performance that can be expected from a Volvo. The Volvo S80 will be up against some tough competition like the Audi S6, the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz’ E-Class. The competition may be tough but the car packs a really great performance and an even luxurious interior so as to be a serious competitor in their class.

The interior design of the car shows off the “Scandinavian luxury” design concept which shows the company’s loyalty to its roots. The entire concept is based on the simplicity and functionality of the interior which in reality gives the interior a very luxurious feel that only Volvo can offer. The wood grain strip paneling looks immaculate and very much in tune with the rest of the interior. Controls and handles inside the vehicle are designed to be attractive yet also very functional. One such design is the functional graphic which can be found at the center of the climate controls that allows the occupant to choose the direction of airflow through its stylized head, torso and legs.

Buyers can opt for the trim package which includes a V8 engine for the Volvo S80. Such an option allows the company to be capable to drive the car against the best in its class. The quad-cam, 32-valve, 4.4-liter V8 engine can churn out 311 units of horsepower. The powerplant transfers the power of those 311 horses to all the four wheels of the car for this car has an all-wheel drive configuration. The configuration gives the car a better traction especially during nasty bouts of weather. The power finds their way to the wheels via a six speed automatic transmission that provides a smooth transfer of gear ratios and can thus give the car a decent acceleration. The precise engineering of the gearbox allows the car to go from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in just 6.5 seconds. The car’s engine is also equipped with a Volvo oxygen sensor to increase its fuel efficiency by keeping the air and fuel mixture at the standard combination.

Safety features are abundant in the car - after all, it comes from Volvo which is known the world over in their effort to provide safety for their car’s users. It employs the Whiplash Protection System of the company which allows the seat to move back with the occupant to absorb much of the energy in cases of rear collisions.

Aside from the standard airbags, which are the most advanced being employed by any car in the market, there are a lot more of the safety features that Volvo is known for. Take for instance, the blindspot warning device which is a set of cameras that alerts the driver if any vehicle has entered his blindspot. The car also has swiveling headlights which can enable the driver to see better when turning.

The car itself is designed to react during a collision so as to protect the passengers and the driver inside - it is made up of four different grades of strength of steel used in different zones that have different reactions during crashes. To protect the vehicle, it has a personal safety system that allows the owner to check from afar if the doors are locked or unlocked and can even detect the presence of a person inside the car by sensing the person’s heartbeat.

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