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A New Mack Truck in the Construction Segment

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A New Mack Truck in the Construction Segment

Glady Reign
January 26, 2007

A subsidiary of AB Volvo in the truck department is the world renowned Mack Trucks Incorporated and it sits on top of the construction trucks market in the United States. The brand is known for producing high quality trucks which are very dependable and is centered in productivity and driver comfort. And the brand is expanding its lineup of such great trucks in the shape of the TerraPro Cabover which will be launched at the opening of the World of Concrete trade show in Las Vegas. The new truck carries with it the traits which its forerunners carry too, these being the optimum performance of the trucks and its ability to perform its intended purpose efficiently.

The truck’s design has been done with the driver’s comfort in mind. This is a characteristic in the design common to all vehicles produced by brands affiliated with the AB Volvo company. Aside from designing ergonomic and comfortable seats for the driver, the interior is spacious for more legroom and headspace and a bigger breathing room for the operator. It also boasts of a very effective climate-control system that has the capacity to further increase the comfort level for anyone on board the truck. The instrument and control panels are designed to be easily accessible for convenience thus making the performance of the truck’s task much easier. Effort is also exerted to reduce noise and vibration produced while the truck is performing its task.

The truck’s powerplant is a massive 11-liter MP7 engine which can attain a maximum of 405 horsepower. The awe-inspiring engine is approved in accordance with the EPA 07 emissions standard, thanks to its high quality exhaust parts which works well just like the Volvo muffler and catalytic converter. An alternative engine is an even bigger 13-liter MP8 engine also clearing the emission standard while producing up to 485 horsepower. That is enough oomph to power the TerraPro Cabover to do whatever task it is given to perform with great efficiency. The production of these workhorses will be surely welcomed especially by the drivers who will be raring to jump into its seat and get the truck working.

The Volvo group, which controls the Mack Truck Inc., is the world’s second largest manufacturer of buses, coaches, and trucks which are employed and used the world over. The group also produces drive systems for industrial and marine applications. The group is also active in the production of aerospace components making the company a huge earner in all means of transportation from land to sea to air. To carry the loads of producing various components for any type of vehicle they are currently employing about 82,000 people in 25 countries worldwide. The Sweden-based group of companies has posted annual sales of 20 billion Euros.

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