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The Porsche® tradition of quality Performance

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The Porsche® tradition of quality Performance

Chris Casarez
February 14, 2006

Since the introduction of the Porsche 356® in 1948(1), Porsche has enjoyed a proud tradition of quality production and a reputation for high performance, as well as lasting reliability. In addition to its continued financial success, Porsche plays a leading role in the automotive industry by offering consulting services to other auto manufacturers. Its amazing performance in various races such as the Carrera Panamerica and Targa Florio, has certainly helped create and maintain the reputation that Porsche now enjoys.

Because of the continued popularity of the Porsche, parts and accessories are made by a number of aftermarket and OEM parts suppliers. What’s more is that these aftermarket and OEM products tend to have a certain level of quality akin to that of Porsche. Wheels, car covers, and floor mats for Porsche come from a number of quality aftermarket part and accessory manufacturers like Wheelskins, Coverking, and Lloyd. Floor mats come in different shapes and sizes and can be custom ordered to include the Porsche emblem. Coverking, known for its fine crafted car covers, offers Porsche owners a variety of customization options.

The broad range of aftermarket performance parts available to Porsche owners is also rather impressive. Many suspension options from racing standards such as Bilstein and H&R allow for better handling, increased tire performance and longer intervals between tire swap-outs. Technological advances in chip design from Powerchip and Unichip provide increased horsepower range with increased fuel economy. Freer exhaust flow from companies such as Danske, Borla, and Billy Boat Exhaust supplements chip design and increase the power range while maintaining legal ranges of emitted exhaust.

What’s more, is that this line of quality parts and accessories are available for your Porsche, whether you own a Porsche 911®, Boxster®, Cayenne®, and of course, the highly anticipated Porsche Cayman®. In fact, parts and accessories are already available for the newly introduced Cayman from companies like Performance Products®.

(1) Some consider the first Porsche to be the Porsche 64®, created in 1938, while others believe that the Porsche 64 was in fact a VW, and that the 356 was the first true Porsche.

Chris Casarez was born, raised, and currently resides in Southern California. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communication from Lindenwood University and has worked in several fields including internet marketing, direct marketing, web design, and non-profit volunteer work. He now works for Automotion, also known as Performance Products, a Porsche parts and accessories supplier.

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