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Essential Trailer Hitch Accessories

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Essential Trailer Hitch Accessories

Elizabeth Morgan
March 1, 2006

There are a number of trailer hitch accessories that make the hitches easier to operate safely. Some accessories, like trailer hitch balls, ball mounts and hitch receivers are necessary for the hitch to be usable. Other trailer hitch accessories, like hitch locks are convenient and make the hitches easier to use and maintain.

The hitch ball is the part of the trailer hitch that the cargo is attached to. Hitch balls are usually made of chrome or another strong metal. Bigger, heavier hitch balls can bear more weight than smaller ones. Hitch balls are removable and can be changed if another size is needed.

The hitch ball is usually connected to a ball mount. The ball mount is a hollow metal square that slides into the trailer hitch receiver opening. Trailer hitch ball mounts come in a variety of sizes to fit different trailer hitch receiver openings. Some ball mounts are curved to let the user attach the ball lower or higher than the trailer hitch opening to accommodate trailers with different socket heights. Other ball mounts are extra long and come in handy when hauling horse trailers and other irregularly shaped trailers.

Trailer hitch receivers are similar to bumpers. They are horizontal bars fastened to the rear of the truck. They have an opening that accommodates the ball mount. Once the ball mount is locked in the receiver opening, the trailer hitch can be attached to its cargo.

Trailer hitch locks are similar to hitch covers except that they can be locked into place and only taken off with a key. These are useful for security and can keep water and debris out of the hitch receiver opening.

Some trailer hitch accessories are needed for the hitch to work properly, while others merely make it easier and more convenient to use the hitch.

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