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ISCARS and Shenandoah Speedway A Hit With Fans

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Shenandoah Valley 150

ISCARS and Shenandoah Speedway A Hit With Fans

July 25, 2005

Shenandoah, VA - On Saturday, July 23rd International Sport Compact Auto Racing Series (ISCARS) visited the three eighths mile speedway in Shenandoah, Virginia to open its 2005 five event season.

“Jeff Vaughn has built a first class speedway with a beautiful mountain setting in the background,” says ISCARS President, Randy Claypoole.

The Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia welcomed the visiting series along with showing strong support for the new speedway.

The ISCARS teams began arriving Friday afternoon. It was quite the family reunion, and everyone was eager to get back to racing. Track officials asked the teams to put on a ten lap exhibition event to promote Saturday’s 150 lap race. Justin Hobgood out dueled a charging Joey Miller for the win.

Eighteen cars were on hand when the gates opened Saturday. Joey Miller was the fastest qualifier breaking into the 15 second range during the two lap format.

“I am very pleased with the turnout,” said Claypoole. “We had six teams cancel at the last minute. This is the strongest turnout for a short track in three years for this group.”

ISCARS gave the teams the option of running a different carburetor and cross over exhaust combination that adds approximately 65 horsepower, and gives the cars a throatier sound. Considering the size and weight of the sport compact stock cars, these changes will allow them to run faster times than the local late models at every track they visit.

At the initial start, Wilmington, North Carolina driver, Joey Miller took command of the race with Virginia’s Wade Day in tow. Miller dominated the first half of the 150 lap event.

ISCARS mandated a 10 minute halfway break to allow the teams to check their Hoosier Tires and make minor adjustments. When the race restarted, Miller once again showed the way. Day continued to charge hard along with Zach Brewer and Brandon Ward.

Brewer assumed the lead when Miller slipped high exiting the turn two. Day moved to second while Miller and Brandon Ward raced for third. Ward got under Miller in three and the two slammed door panels entering the fourth turn. Miller’s car went sideways and Ward’s right front collected the nose piece of Miller’s car causing the sheet metal on ride side of Ward’s car to peel back like an opened can. At the caution Miller pitted for repairs and rejoined the field without losing a lap. On the restart, it was Brewer, Day, Mike Watts, Ward, and Scott Weaver in the top five. Wade Day looked high and low searching for an opening around Brewer. On lap 130, as the lead pack headed into turn three, Day was able to get a nose under Brewer’s car. Brewer attempted to block Day to the bottom and Day refused to yield. The two cars touched sending Brewer spinning.

Brewer came to the pits to make repairs and rejoined the field on lap 138 and immediately found the rear bumper of Day’s car, and turned him around. Brewer received the black flag and was held in the pits for two laps by ISCARS. After serving his penalty Brewer returned and once again made contact with Day. ISCARS parked Brewer as a result citing him for unsportsmanlike conduct. Unfortunately for Day, he forced to restart the race in ninth place.

With seven laps remaining, Ward, Watts, Weaver, Danny Bagwell, and Eric Wilson rounded out the top five. On lap 145 Bagwell and Weaver got together in turn three causing both cars to spin and giving a charging Wade Day the opportunity to move back into contention.

On the final restart (Lap 146), it was Ward, Watts, Wilson, Miller and Day shooting it out for the win. Ward held the bottom groove as Watts drove in deep trying to make the pass, but it would be Brandon Ward at the checkered flag, with Wade Day, Joey Miller, Danny Bagwell, Wally Leatherwood finishing on the lead lap.

Other Race Notes:

Johnny Chapman, driving for Mickey York, retired early with a broken rear end. Justin and Jake Hobgood, succumbed to overheating problems after running in the top five early in the event. Joey Jones from nearby Fredericksburg (VA) made his first series start. Following the event, Zach Brewer met with ISCARS Officials to apologize for his actions.

ISCARS next event will be held on Saturday, September 17th at Lonesome Pine Raceway in Coeburn, Virginia.

(A final 18-car finishing order will be released later this week.)

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