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Race Win Plus Hobgood’s Early Exit Equals Points Cushion for Wilson

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Peggy Torbert Memorial 150, Eric Wilson

Race Win Plus Hobgood’s Early Exit Equals Points Cushion for Wilson

Tony Stevens/ISCARS PR
September 7, 2006

Ormond Beach, FL (September 7, 2006) – Eric Wilson said he wanted to “survive Florence” after his win at Nashville three weeks ago in ISCARS Dash Touring Series competition. He did more than survive the race at he newly repaved .400 mile facility, he came home with the trophy as well as maximum points after the event.

Wilson currently holds a 65 point lead over Danny Bagwell who stands second in the championship standings with only three races remaining. An misfortune by former runner-up Jake Hobgood early in the stages of the Peggy Torbert Memorial 150 presented by 5 Brothers Produce gave Wilson the in-race cushion he needed to take his lead into the home stretch of the ISCARS season.

“My strategy all night long was to stay with Jake,” said Wilson, driver of the No. 4 Huntington House/John Boy & Billy Pontiac. “When he got the pole that was five points he gained on us. I thought he was going to dominate the race, so I wanted to make sure I at least led a lap. When he broke, I backed off and started pacing myself. I even told my spotter that if anyone got inside of me to let me know quick so I could give them all of the room I could without getting wrecked.

“It's funny how we just paced ourselves and rode around all night long and ended up winning the race,” continued the Hickory, N.C., driver. “The win was a big surprise. We're going to try to do that the rest of the year; being smooth, patient, and everything to be there at the end of the race and get top fives. Hopefully it will work out like it did at Florence.”

Hobgood, who stands sixteenth on the all-time ISCARS Dash Touring win list, won the pole for the Florence event but broke a track bar less than ten laps into the race. The rear end and axle housing were subsequently damaged beyond at-track repair and Hobgood finished last on the field. Danny Bagwell, who inherited the second place points position after Florence, was in position to win the event until a late race spin out of turn four cost him the lead. He made a comeback in the final thirty laps to finish second.

The Dash Series will continue its season at Hickory Motor Speedway on October 7 for the ISCARS 150. This event will be the first of three in a four-week home stretch for the ISCARS Dash title, making it that much more pivotal for those chasing the season championship. For more information on ISCARS, visit http://www.iscarsonline.com and be sure to catch ISCARS Full Throttle on local Comcast, America One, and Cox Communications affiliates or online at www.theautochannel.com.


* Joey Jones extended his Rookie of the Year points lead by finishing seventh at Florence. Jones now leads second place Perry Nantz by 20 points and third place Frank Lile, Jr., by 28 markers. The driver of the No. 53 Jones Sitework/James River Equipment Pontiac can clinch the season long honors by finishing ahead of Nantz at Hickory.
* ISCARS officials found the No. 4 car of Eric Wilson to be ¼ inch lower than the minimum measurement in post-race tech inspection after the Florence race. Because there was visible damage on the car and the tires were considerably worn, ISCARS President Randy Claypoole penalized Wilson $1000 in prize money from his victory. “The measurement is taken at the frame rail located behind the front left tire. The pre-race measurements were within the requirements. Taking into consideration the loss of rubber over 150 laps and some damage to the front left of the car, we determined a monetary penalty was sufficient. The $1000 will be added to the purse at Hickory.” Claypoole said.
* Scott Krehling, appeared to have the race in hand when he was penalized for passing the pace car on a restart with only a few laps remaining. “Scott is a good race car driver and finally had an opportunity to show his skill behind the wheel of a new car,” stated Claypoole. “He drove a great race showing savvy and determination. Undoubtedly his excitement and perhaps a tinge of nervous anticipation caused him to start too early instead of maintaining pace speed until the pace car was on pit road, which led to the infraction of passing the pace car. Subsequently, the race director called for the black flag and moved Krehling to the tail end of the lead lap. A tough lesson, no doubt, and very disappointing to Scott.”
* Eric Wilson’s dream season may be in jeopardy on October 14th. Wilson, the jackman and shop foreman for the No. 32 Tide Chevrolet fielded by PPI Racing in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, has a schedule conflict on that date as the NNC Series will be racing at Lowe’s Motor Speedway the same night as the ISCARS race at Shenandoah. During all previous ISCARS races this year, Wilson has been able to fly in for the Dash Series event and back to the NASCAR race the same night.


1. Eric Wilson 890 Leader
2. Danny Bagwell 825 -65
3. Jake Hobgood 808 -82
4. Johnny Chapman 756 -134
5. Mike Watts 744 -146
6. Ned Combs 727 -163
7. Joey Jones 695 -195
8. Scott Krehling 589 -301
9. Scott Weaver 490 -400
10. Randy Humphrey 467 -423
11. Perry Nantz 399 -491
12. Robert Bruce 272 -618
13. Frank Lile, Jr 266 -624
14. Mark Howard 258 -632
15. Buster Bennet 170 -720
16. Justin Hobgood 165 -725
17. Darren Holler 138 -752
18. Davis Myers 130 -760
19. Joe Seago 127 -763
20. Wally Leatherwood 127 -763
21. Danny Keaton 124 -766
22. Bert Belter 121 -769
23. Phillip McGilton 118 -772

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