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HMS Asks ISCARS to Move Event to Another Date

Stock Car Racing Topics:  Bobby Isaac Memorial 200

HMS Asks ISCARS to Move Event to Another Date

Hickory Motor Speedway/ISCARS
September 18, 2009

ISCARS reschedules Hickory to November 14

As announced by Hickory Motor Speedway earlier today...

Bobby Isaac Memorial “200”

Hickory Motor Speedway’s 33rd Annual Bad Boy Mowers/Everything Attachments Bobby Isaac Memorial “200”, originally scheduled for Saturday, September 19th is facing almost certain interruption due to inclement weather throughout the region. With all of the travel involved with the race teams and this type of a weather forecast looming, Hickory Motor Speedway has opted to reschedule for Saturday, September 26th with Friday night practice on Sept. 25th. This gives competitors and fans plenty of time to adjust their plans. The Bobby Isaac Memorial is one of the Hickory Motor Speedways annual marquee events.

Weather is one element that raises the anxiety level for promoters. When the calculated odds increase the risk it simply makes sense to use wise judgment and make the necessary adjustments while there is still plenty of time to get the word out.

Hickory Motor Speedway has requested that ISCARS DASH Touring, sanctioned by ASA reschedule their event to Saturday, October 24th which became available Thursday when the ASA Southeast Asphalt cancelled the remainder of its 2009 season.

“Randy Claypoole and ISCARS have graciously agreed to work with us in the rescheduling of these two events,” states Kevin Piercy, General Manager of Hickory Motor Speedway. “We did discuss combining ISCARS with the Bobby Isaac Memorial event, but in the end agreed that the race day schedule would have been too difficult to manage efficiently.”

“Kevin and the staff at Hickory Motor Speedway have always been great to work with and this is just one of those instances where promotional cooperation is going to bring greater benefit to all involved when considering the bigger picture,” says Claypoole, ISCARS President and CEO.

With that said, the33rd Annual Bad Boy Mowers/Everything Attachments Bobby Isaac Memorial “200” will be rescheduled for Friday Sept.25th and Saturday, Sept. 26th and the ISCARS DASH Touring, Sanctioned by ASA event will be moved to Saturday, October 24th.

ADDITIONAL NOTES FROM ISCARS...after the announcement was made we realized that October 24 was the same date as Martinsville. Therefore we have scheduled Saturday, November 14th.

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