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Stock Car Racing


May 11, 2011

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - International Sport Compact Auto Racing Series (ISCARS) DASH Touring, Sanctioned by the American Speed Association (ASA) is ready to kick off their long anticipated 2011 season this coming Saturday, May 14th at ASA Sanctioned Dillon Motor Speedway.

ISCARS and teams have worked hard throughout the off season to further transition into the new body style that has been enthusiastically promoted at Performance Racing Industry (PRI) for the last two years. For 2011 all of the teams participating are required to have their cars outfitted with the new look.

ISCARS has reached out to the racing community through an extensive ad campaign which has been featured in several industry related magazines, such as PRI, SEMA and Performance Auto and Sound in addition to event programs for Formula Drift, XDC Drift and Redline Time Attack.

“Twenty-eleven will be a continuation of a growth process for ISCARS DASH Touring,” states Randy Claypoole, President/CEO of ISCARS. “The calls and emails we are receiving are coming from throughout the country. We have collectively and strategically integrated modern technologies by opening the series to fuel injection and also a concise research and development program for a turbo application. Granted, this has been a big undertaking for a single racing series operating at a grass roots level. But, we believe that we are making good on our promise to offer something unique and fresh to track promoters and competitors alike.”

As a part of the extensive marketing campaign, ISCARS has branded itself as America’s Premiere Stock Car Tuner Series.

“Comments have been interesting. Our older and more traditional stock car colleagues have certainly challenged our sanity. But I can tell you that the response from so many more has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” adds Claypoole. “I am committed to reaching out to the youth, which is our future. ISCARS is positioning its brand to connect with a younger demographic that is geared more to Sport Compacts with a Tuner emphasis.”

Dillon Motor Speedway is situated near the infamous “South of the Border” amusement stop along the I-95 corridor at the North and South Carolina border. Ron Barfield, a seasoned racer himself, is the owner and operator of the track.

ISCARS will feature two Championship Points races in one evening along with Several of Dillon’s local divisions including the Late Model Series.

Also featured will be Hollywood Stuntman James A Smith driving his ISCARS Stunt car on two wheels around the track. He’ll finish the event with a 60 foot car jump and barrel roll. Smith is best known for driving Bumble Bee in Transformers I along with his stunt work in several television shows.

For more information log on to www.iscarsonline.com or www.dillonmotorspeedway.com.

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