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Sports/Touring Car Racing Topics:  Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000


Stone Brothers Racing
October 8, 2009

Stone Brothers Racing’s solid start on track at the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 will “only boost our existing confidence” said Alex Davison after both IRWIN/SP Tools Racing FG Falcons finished sixth and sixteenth in today’s opening practice sessions. The #9 combination of van Gisbergen and Davison were on song early when Davison was quickest in Part A of Practice posting a time of 2:09.7175 after only nine laps around the 6.2km circuit.

In Part B van Gisbergen made good pace early, particularly on the top of the mountain when he posted the sessions quickest second sector time. The #9 IRWIN/SP Tools Racing Falcon remained strong for the rest of the day with van Gisbergen finishing 2nd in Part B and Davison returning to drive 6th fastest in Part C of Practice.

Alex Davison – Driver, IRWIN/SP Tools Racing Car #9

“We made a good start today, the car was great straight away which meant we only made little changes throughout the sessions as the car was pretty close anyway.

“I love coming to Bathurst, every time you come here it gets a little bit easier, you can go straight out of the gate and it all comes back to you, you feel like you were only here yesterday, so I was able to get into it reasonably quickly today. I have raced at some amazing circuits in my career overseas but there is just something special about this place.

“The car I drove today was the best car I’ve driven around here before, we were confident even before the weekend about how we were going to go here and we have even more reason to feel that way after today.”

Shane van Gisbergen – Driver, IRWIN/SP Tools Racing Car #9

“It took me a little while to get into it today as I was just building up and up. We put on a better set of tyres, went quicker and I ended up in second, then Alex jumped in and we ended up 6th which is a great result.

“Over the top of the mountain the car is really stable and still has good turn on the low speed corners but its all driver stuff over the top there so there is more to come as I get better and better over the weekend.

“Alex and I are not really considered a threat this weekend but we are both really confident, it’s kind of nice to be able to do your own thing and hopefully prove the critics wrong at the end of the weekend!”

John McIntyre made his return to the mountain today after a one year hiatus and impressed when he also showed good speed in the second sector sitting sixth quickest over the top of the mountain and 14th overall in Part B of Practice.

John McIntyre – Driver, IRWIN/SP Tools Racing Car #4

“It was amazing to be here today, it doesn’t matter how much research you do with data and videos you go over there is nothing like getting in the car, when we were doing the debrief my hands were shaking it’s that exciting and scary up there!

“Car #4 was really good today, after having a year off it was great to feel so confident in a stable car and push on in the harder parts of the circuit.

“There is nothing like Bathurst, all the fans are here from Wednesday to Sunday and there is a lot of passion here, I am just proud to be here with SBR.”

Daniel Gaunt got his first taste of a V8 Supercar on the Bathurst circuit when he took to the track for this morning’s Fujitsu Series practice session. Gaunt’s busy race weekend schedule of balancing both series drives is seen as beneficial and a great way for the young kiwi to get more track time and build up confidence on the demanding circuit.

Daniel Gaunt – Driver, IRWIN/SP Tools Racing Car #4

“What a day! The track is just unreal it’s everything and a whole heap more than what you expect. I am really excited and happy to have made it through the first day unscathed and learnt a lot.

“This place is unreal it’s like a rollercoaster every time you come down that hill. It’s hard to explain, I am very fortunate to have raced at some great circuits all over the world but to come here and do this, I mean everyone builds it up to be a special place and it really is.

“I think John and I have a good show of qualifying in the top 15 for Sunday. John proved that the car is quick on new tyres today and we should really be in the mix. If we can get our qualifying right and hang in there all day there is no reason why we can’t sneak into the top then at the end, John is doing a superb job and I’d like to think I can step up to the plate and match him.”

Results – Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, Thursday

Practice Part C

1 #888 TeamVodafone Jamie Whincup/Craig Lowndes 15 2:07.3745
2 #3 Sprint Gas Racing J.Bargwanna/M.Noske 2:07.9918
3 #17 Jim Beam Racing J.Courtney/S.Johnson 2:08.0277
4 #6 Ford Performance Racing S.Richards/M.Winterbottom 2:08.0842
5 #8 Team BOC C.McConville/J.Richards 2:08.1048
6 #9 IRWIN/ SP Tools Racing Alex Davison/Shane van Gisbergen 2:08.1491
7 #51 Sprint Gas Racing G.Murphy/M.Skaife 2:08.2931
8 #18 Jim Beam Racing Warren Luff/Jonathon Webb 2:08.5636
9 #25 Fujitsu Racing J.Bright/K.Reindler 2:08.6165
10 #111 Wilson Team McGrath F.Coulthard/M.Patrizi 2:08.8214
11 #34 Garry Rogers Motorsport Lee Holdsworth/Michael 2:08.8497
12 #7 Jack Daniel's Racing R.Kelly/T.Kelly 2:08.9163
13 #88 TeamVodafone A.Simonsen/J.Thompson 2:08.9741
14 #33 Garry Rogers Motorsport David Besnard/Mark Noske 2:09.1753
15 #55 The Bottle-O Racing Team Tony D'Alberto/Andrew Thompson 2:09.4281
16 #4 IRWIN/ SP Tools Racing Daniel Gaunt/John McIntyre 2:09.5476

Practice Part B

1 #8 Team BOC C.McConville/J.Richards 2:08.6080
2 #9 IRWIN/ SP Tools Racing Shane Van Gisbergen/Alex Davison 2:08.9504
3 #25 Fujitsu Racing J.Bright/K.Reindler 2:09.5978
4 #39 Supercheap Auto Racing Russell Ingall 2:09.6877
5 #34 Garry Rogers Motorsport Michael Caruso 2:09.7295
6 #888 TeamVodafone C.Lowndes/J.Whincup 2:10.0575
7 #111 Wilson Team McGrath Fabian Coulthard 2:10.1430
8 #3 Sprint Gas Racing J.Bargwanna/M.Noske 2:10.1494
9 #5 Ford Performance Racing D.Canto/L.Youlden 2:10.1514
14 #4 IRWIN/ SP Tools Racing Daniel Gaunt/John McIntyre 2:10.7969

Practice Part A

1 #9 IRWIN/ SP Tools Racing Alex Davison 9 2:09.7175
2 #17 Jim Beam Racing/Warren Luff 2:10.0411
3 #33 Garry Rogers Motorsport/David Besnard 2:10.8361
4 #25 Fujitsu Racing/Jason Bright 2:10.8827
5 #8 Team BOC C.McConville/J.Richards 2:10.9279
6 #18 Jim Beam Racing/Jonathon Webb 2:11.2263
7 #3 Sprint Gas Racing J.Bargwanna/M.Noske 2:11.4497
8 #22 Toll Holden Racing Team/Craig Baird 2:11.5951
9 #55 The Bottle-O Racing Team/Andrew 2:11.6129
10 #7 Jack Daniel's Racing/Todd Kelly 2:11.8094
16 #4 IRWIN/ SP Tools Racing Daniel Gaunt 2:13.0492

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