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Online Car Dealers

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Online Car Dealers

Elizabeth Morgan
March 13, 2006

Automobile dealers are increasingly using the Internet to market new and used cars. Through web sites, consumers can easily access vehicle reviews, view pictures of vehicles, and compare models, features, and prices. Many web sites also allow consumers to research insurance, financing, leasing, and warranty options. As a result, consumers are generally better informed and spend less time meeting with salespeople.

Online car dealers work with an authorized network of car dealers all over the country. This makes it easier for them to find the vehicle the customer is looking for, locally. They search the inventory of all the network dealers in the customer’s area to find the right vehicle for their customers.

Their extensive network of car dealers also ensures that the consumer has one of the largest selections of makes and models available to choose from. Online car dealers offer nearly every type of car and truck available for sale. They also offer extended warranty contracts.

When a factory-certified car is bought from an online dealer, the customer can still have warranty service performed by any car dealership certified by the manufacturer. That means the customer gets all the convenience of buying a car online, and can still take advantage of the manufacturer-certified service available at the local car dealer. Due to their experience in the auto industry, online car dealers know who many of the most competitive suppliers in the industry are. They will also always spend time researching new suppliers and confirming their status and their ability to deliver.

Online car buying has seen a prominent upsurge in recent years. Most families, however, still want to "kick the tires" before purchasing a car. The information that is provided online is an excellent tool to help make better choices but it does not replace a test drive. Therefore, many consumers will research and buy online but still go into a dealership to test drive the cars.

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