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SUV Vans

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SUV Vans

Jason Gluckman
March 13, 2006

SUV vans, also known as off-roader or four-wheel drive vans, are designed for both on- and off-road travel. They are used for transporting people and goods. They provide comfortable cabins, safety, and recreational possibilities and this has made it popular among automobile enthusiasts. Their four-wheel-drive system gives more traction in slippery conditions. Most SUV vans have ample head clearance and wide rear and front doors, which help in easy exit and entry.

SUV vans are available in different sizes with varying prices. The features and seating capacities of SUV vary from model to model. Mid-sized model offer engine power, fuel economy, best balance of interior space, and price. Smaller versions are less expensive and give better fuel efficiency. However, they have less cargo space and passenger capacity. Large models provide more room and towing capacity; but offer poor gas mileage. Some mid and large sized SUV vans have a third-row of seating and this increases passenger capacity. But these seats are usually tight and are only suitable for children.

Most SUV vans come with a six-cylinder engine; this efficiently balances between fuel economy and power. In addition, it also provides overall flexibility. Compared with mini vans, SUV are fuel-efficient and environment friendly and safer. SUV vans provide versatile cargo-carrying space and varying amounts of towing capacity. It has a suspension designed for giving ground clearance for off-road driving. The design of the van also allows a huge engine compartment. SUV vans, when compared to other vehicles in the category, offer better power, sightlines, performance, luxury, cargo room, and safety. The main advantage of SUV vans is their higher seating, which gives the driver the ability to see past traffic in certain situations.

Before buying SUV vans, always look into its safety features such as safety-belt pretensions, tire-pressure monitors, traction control, daytime running lights, and occupant-sensing air-bag systems. Online information provided by the manufacturers gives a comprehensive view of SUV vans.

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