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Get Your CPA To Buy A New Car For You

Get Your CPA To Buy A New Car For You

Scooter Davis
September 12, 2012

Taking the time to go shop for a new car can be a job in itself. Honestly, you would like to think it's something you could do on your lunch hour or while waiting for your kid's dance lesson to be over. Nope.

It takes a big chunck of time and if you've already got a full schedule, an eye catching headline like the one up there will at least make you hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So, can you really have your CPA buy a car for you? The answer may surprise you.Our sources with a professional money manager, also known as a numbers guy, or certified public accountant, can not only buy your next car for you, but can possibly strike a better deal than you could on your own.

If your CPA is happy to sit in a cacoon all day and never come out to check his shadow even on ground hogs day, maybe it's time to find a more aggressive number cruncher. A certain CPA we know buys cars by the hundreds and has been doing so for years.

Here's how it works. You figure out what general type of car you want, make, model, color, and gas mileage. Tell your financial advisor all about it and let him go to town doing his job-- saving you money.A few well placed calls to his contacts, a dealership or two, and you've got yourself a deal.Whether or not your CPA will think outside the box and get in the transaction game remains to be seen. But it makes sense to have your financial consultant, coach, and counselor get involved and help smooth the edges of an otherwise rough ride.

A dealership can do well with a CPA as a customer. Repeat business is a good thing, there's a win- win, a new car in your drivewayand savings in your profit column.This CPA has literally helped matchmake about a thousaand cars for his accounting customers. Since all parties are satisfied, it's just another day at the office for the CPA , and, sigh of relief, you.

Why spend your time and effort doing the solo gig of trying to piece together a new car deal when you can ask your friendly neighborhood CPA to get in there and take one for the team. Next time you need new wheels, pull in the first string, pencil power, and sit back.

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